As a box of surprises, Kerala is eminent among tourists who try to explore its surprises. Some of them say they prefer Kerala tourism to others because of the greenery and backwaters they come to its lap. The historic past and its shreds of evidence make some others explore Kerala. Many are attracted by its festivals and culture....


With an equable climate, culturally and naturally rich Kerala has achieved an inevitable position on the worldwide tourism map. All the 14 districts of Kerala have something to show you and tell you as a tourist place and have the magical power to make you revitalized on your Kerala tour. This travel guide is an...


The term tourism is meant by the movement of people to a place away from they reside for enjoyment and job-related purposes. The tourist will not be salaried at the destination, but the destination will economically develop. This economical development is dependent on the quality of tourism that is safety and security of tourists and...

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