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Andaman and Nicobar Island Group is such places that any nature lover would like to go there for a trip and he/she will never regret that decision. This Indian Union territory has diverse flora and fauna that make it exquisite among the other tourist places in the world. In addition to that, there are many historic structures also. Showcasing all these beauties that they preserve, andaman & nicobar tourism has developed a lot in recent times. The unending list of wonders will never tire you; never mind how many times you visit these wonders.

On the 550 islands in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Groups, there are many fantastic beaches. Some of them are still unknown to the public. If you want to get away with your companions on a lonely beach to enjoy with them, then this Amkunj Beach in Rangat Island is the perfect spot. An 8-kilometer travel from Rangat will take you to this unpolluted beach. It is located in the village named Nimbutala.

The spectacular sceneries and the tranquillity prevailing in the environment will de-stress you with its positive vibes. This is not a white sand beach. The slightly big black pebbles and sand give a new perspective to this beach. Because of this rocky coastline, you should be careful while walking around the beach. However, it is worth walking around to behold its beautiful environment.

On the shore, you can see oysters, crabs, snails, and other creatures wandering around. On the beach side, a lot of bushes and big trees are there that provide shade. For attracting tourists to this beach, the government developed this beach after the calamity tsunami. The Forest Department has converted the uprooted trees into sit-outs, rounded tables, swings, dustbins, and eco huts as the first step for promoting eco-tourism.

This wood-carved furniture is the amazing and unique thing that calls everybody’s attention to this beach. This beach has transformed into an eco-park to safeguard the environment and marine life. There is a naturally-built freshwater origin in this park and this is the cause behind the concept of establishing an eco-park here.

Sitting comfortably on these nature-friendly wooden benches, you can enjoy the stunning view of the vast ocean and blue sky and also count the waves hitting on its rugged terrain. The sights of the sun setting and rising are enormously beautiful. There are toilet facilities at this beach. This beach is not safe for swimming because of the presence of dead coral rocks and pebbles. Adjacent to this beach, there are outlets for coconut selling. You can do picnicking on this beach. If you want to do so, bring some food and water with you. This is a perfect pitstop en route to Diglipur. On a dusty and hot day, you can get down at this beach to get relaxed by stretching your legs and cooling your eyes. You will be startled to see the stunning beauty of a beach even with the presence of rocks. It should say that there is not much to do at this beach but yes, the beautiful sea views are enough. From the main road, it is approximately 90 meters to reach this beach, and is close to its shoreline. Natives of Nimbutala Village also visit this place on weekend days.

What to do:

This Amkunj beach is shallow. You can play with these shallow waves. Chasing the sea waves is a classic beach activity. By guessing how far these waves can come up, you can some extra elements in this beach game. If you are with your kids, then you can enjoy this game much more. To get a panoramic view of this site, you can climb on the tree house on one side of the beach. There you will get an absolutely stunning view. You shall feel that you are in the air to experience the beauty. While touring here, you will completely forget about the other stunning beaches that you have viewed before and you will feel that this is the best beach that you have seen in your Andaman and Nicobar tour and get lost in this black sand beach. Those beaches may be far superior in natural beauty than this one but you feel more comfortable here on this beach. In fact, the reason behind that thought is that you are surrounded only by your loved ones and pure nature only. The footfall is less here as the majority of travelers are busy hanging out on the beaches of the southern part. Enjoy it to the maximum.

Clicking photos with these amazing backdrops of black sand, blue sea, blue sky, green forest, and the bright sun will give you some memories to keep in your album. You can splash in this greenish-blue water and sit on this black beach and spend time in contemplation. Due to the presence of boulders on the seabed, it is not safe to swim in this ocean. Snorkeling can be done here but only with the presence and advice of your guide. Use some sunscreen lotions to avoid sunburns if you visit on summer days. Keep some snacks with you while arriving here as there are not many shops adjacent to this beach.

Varieties of birds can be seen here as the Dhaninallah Mangrove is close to this beach. If you are an ornithologist, this is really a great opportunity for you to behold those exotic birds.

Time to visit:

The last and the starting three months of the year are the best time for Andaman tour and to visit this Amkunj Beach. The temperature and humidity will be low in these months and nature will be in a pleasant mood to surprise its guests. Those who do not want to be scorched by the sunlight of summer days can choose these winter days to pay a visit to this wonderful tourist destination to embrace nature. The exotic tree groves on the beachside capture the attention of many research and educational travelers. During summer days, you can use these tree groves as a shelter if your visit is at midday. Sunblock is required on these days.

Nearby Hotels:

This Amkunj beach is located in the rural region of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. So do not expect 5-star facilities while visiting here. Here are some names of hotels close to this beachside: Hawksbill Nest Hotel, Hotel Avis, Hotel UK Nest, Hotel Priya International, Hotel Laxmi Villa, and Hotel Ross and Smith. These are some decent hotels and hygienic places for your short stay. Royal Restaurant, Bodhi Bengali Restaurant, Aroma Restaurant, and Sai Kripa are restaurants close to this beach from where you can have Indian food.

From the main road, approximately a 100-meter distance is there to reach this beach. Only five minutes is the travel time. Therefore, you can use private vehicles to go to this beach.

Rangat Island is a large island with an area of 1070 sq. km., which is stationed in the middle region of the Andaman. It comprises 13 villages and a town. Around 39000 people live in this very beautiful tehsil. Its population is highly comprised of Tamils and Bengalis who migrated from the mainland. Despite its large population, this island is able to preserve its pure natural form with the aid of its natives and the Andaman authorities. The majority of tourists may not be heard about the phenomenal beauty of this island. However, with its pristine beaches, clean environment, unpolluted air, greenery, and waterfall this island undoubtedly has the potential to be the best island destination. Without any doubt or delay, you can add this island in your itinerary on your next vacation in Andaman and Nicobar Islands to have a lifetime tour experience.

It is located around 210 km from the capital city Port Blair and 70 km from Mayabunder and can be accessed easily thru the ocean and road with several options to eat out and stay in.

To come to Rangat, you can take a private cab from Port Blair. So there is no need to bother about your return option and no other vehicle with a driver is needed for sightseeing on this Rangat Island. You can arrive at your hotel in your private cab without any worries and can go wandering around this beautiful island. Since your driver is from Andaman itself, he is aware of all the main tourist spots on this island. He can tell you all the details about the particular spot that you visit and can take you to the adjacent attractions also. From him, you can understand about the nearby eat outs and can taste all the varieties of this place. With his help of him, you can return to your hotel on time without any difficulties. The private cab is the most appropriate option for the ones who come to this island for a short period and within that short period, they can visit maximum spots leisurely.

The greatest bliss is that you can avail of this option online when you start to plan your Andaman and Nicobar tour. Without any hesitation, you can choose Urtripadvisor to get amazing tour packages.

The moonrise in this Rangat Island is an intoxicating view to beholden during your visit here. The spectacle of the rising moon following the setting of the sun on the skyline is really bewitching. This site can only be witnessed by your eyes as it is not possible to capture in your normal camera. You require an expensive camera with high-resolution properties to capture this beautiful sight. Soon after the sunset, the moon appears in the sky where stars have already been twinkling. At the skyline, a dazzling orange spot comes out of the sea.

The dazzling is only in the area where the moon appears and the remaining sky will be in dark. Beach tourism in Andaman and Nicobar islands is really successful. The unpolluted beaches and the coast offer plenty of recreational activities to its visitors. Fishing, swimming, boating, sunbathing, and walking are some of them experienced by beachgoers. These andaman nicobar beaches are the habitats for numerous animals and plants. In the tropical climate of these islands, mangrove forests dominate estuarine sandy beaches. In the severe climate, beaches have only a few hardy kinds of grass, bushes, and trees that can resist the intensity of the summer sun and the strong winds. This special ecosystem has high scope for beach tourism. The tourism department authorities had realized this truth and took the necessary steps to improve beach tourism in these island groups.

Long Island is an offbeat spot in this Andaman archipelago near Amkunj beach. Poor road connectivity is one of the reasons why this island is not discovered by tourists. We can say that the accommodation facilities are not sufficient for its visitors. If one chooses to visit this island, he/she needs more than two days to wander around and visit most of the tourist spots on this island. Not any blacktop road to connect with the outside of the island is present. Only concrete footpaths and mud roads are there. These roads are not motorable. This mud road leads to a forest. The network connectivity of this island was very poor. This island is a village with modern facilities. Island has a feeding center, boatbuilding yard, high school, wireless facilities, bank, hospital, police outpost, and forest office.

For an outsider, this will make you awestruck. Erstwhile, this Long Island flourished with the presence of a Kitply industry. Most of the members of the family who lived here were working in this industry. Many people from mainland India immigrated to this island to have a better life. But in 2002, after the shutting down of this industry, the condition of this island became pathetic and people left this area. The central and northern part of this island is covered with evergreen tropical forests and the southern part is composed of agricultural farms and forest plantations. On the western and northern coasts, this island has mangrove forests. During monsoon season, there appear small streams inside the forests. Other than that there is not any perennial stream on this island. Andaman’s government promotes eco-tourism on this island to improve the lifestyle of the settlers here. Long Island is one of the best island in Andaman.

Raman Bagicha is a beach with greenish-blue seawater. From Rangat Bazar, you can easily reach this beach by road. Approximately 8-kilometer travel is needed to reach here. Log seating and eco huts are present on the beaches which give a unique look to this beach. A floating jetty can be seen here. You can use this for fishing when you visit here. You can do swimming and diving in this ocean. Whenever you want you can kick, jump and splash into this sea without any fear. Play with the waves here and it will really make your mind free from worries. Watching the setting sun relaxingly, you can go for a stroll on the shores of this beach. This beach is appropriate for picnicking with your companions. Raman Bagicha beach side is covered with coconut trees and other trees and it gives a relaxing sight to the visitors’ eyes. Delicious sea foods are available here. Some of the scenery of this clean beach really need your appreciation.

Dhanni Nalah walkway is a 1–km long wooden walkway thru mangrove creeks. Definitely, this walkway will surprise you with its structure and beauty. As you tread via the twists of this walkway, you can experience the marvelous beauty of this mangrove ecosystem. From a mangrove filial called Dhanipatti, this walkway got Dhanni Nalah name. This boardwalk was built with wood ends at Dhaninallah Beach which is famous as the ground for sea turtles. During the nesting season, you can see many turtles on this beach. If you are lucky, you can witness small sea turtles paddling on this beach towards the sea after hatching in the winter months. In Cuthbert Bay Sanctuary, an artificial hatchery is there to save turtle eggs and babies from their enemies. The majority of tourists stay here overnight to get the sight of turtle nesting. To those who wait for watching this sight, the natives of this area advise not to use flashlights or torches while watching sea turtles and not to disturb them while paddling on the beach for nesting. Forest Department built a watchtower on this beach to view the beauty of this area with a bird’s eye. There are a lot of shades on the shore to watch the beauty of the sea comfortably. The deserted beach is always okay for a long walk and whenever you want you can swim on this beach. You can see tree-top huts, round huts, easy chairs, log sofas, dining facilities, and changing rooms on this beach. This beach is safe for bathing in seawater and bathing in sunlight. Windsurfing can be done here because this area is windy. At present there are no facilities to do windsurfing, so you have to bring the needed equipment for that. Bamboo towers and swings are present on the beach from where you can enjoy the atmosphere with swaying trees. However, neither shops nor toilets are there on this beachside. On the sides of this walkway, you can see all the species of mangroves that can be found in these scattered islands on the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. This eco-friendly walkway does not create any harm to nature but it is an add-on to these enchanting green surroundings. These mangroves create a habitat for birds and animals. You can see diverse birds while walking on the wooden path. Rich marine creatures are also present in these mangroves including shrimps, fish, and crabs. Crocodiles are also present in this mangrove water. If you need any information about the mangroves and their inhabitants, you can approach the Panel for Mangrove Interpretation formed by Andaman Forest Department. Your guide will explain to you the significance of these mangrove forests and how they serve Mother Nature. There is an eco-hut with the name Olive Ridely on the side of this wooden way. Olive Ridley is the sea turtle category that can be seen on Dhaninallah Beach. The Dhaninallah walkway is near Yeratta Jetty. So you can easily reach here to spend some hours here to know more about these mangroves. Add this Dhaninallah Beach to your itinerary to experience the best andaman tour.

Cuthbert Bay beach is another beach in Rangat. This lesser-known beach with a delightful environment has become a favorite of its visitors. This lengthy beach is not a crowded beach. On the days between November and March, it is not emptied. You can see fast-dying sea turtles on this beach for nesting in the ending months of the year and in the starting months of the year, you can see babies of sea turtles rushing to this Cuthbert Bay. These sights will really exalt your thoughts. Eco-huts on the beach are attracted many tourists as they can have some private moments. You can play volleyball and frisbee on this empty beach. Keep your food with you while planning a picnic on this beach. This astonishing tourist spot has many epic perspectives according to the nature lovers who visited this place. The enormity of the shoreline and skyline, and the behemoth ocean will prompt you to question the aesthetics that we have already set up in our minds about a beach. On the weekend days, locals of this area also visit this place. Wildlife Sanctuary on the beachside also attracts tourists. The fauna of this sanctuary includes Ipmea species. Casuarina trees of this area create a pleasant and scenic environment for visitors. The deciduous, semi-evergreen, and mangrove forests can be seen in this sanctuary. The species which are commercially valuable including Thipok, Padauk, and Gurjan can be seen in this sanctuary. A walk through this sanctuary will offer stunning sights to capture with your camera.

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