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A Voyage Across the Islands

Travelling between the Godly Islands in Andaman has become easier and luxurious with different ferry services. Macruzz and Green Ocean are two main ferries preferred by tourists visiting Andaman. Macruzz which was launched before a decade and the Green Ocean launched in 2015 has been making the rides more beyond satisfactory till today. The major Islands in Andaman are the Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island. It takes almost two and a half hours for the ferries to travel between Port Blair to Havelock, Havelock to Neil and Neil to Port Blair. Also there will be ferry arrangements for people travelling from Havelock to Port Blair, Neil to Havelock and Port Blair to Neil. The below table will give you the price details of different classes in Macruzz and Green Ocean.

Green Ocean Timing

Green Ocean

Makruzz Timing


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Details about Government Ferry and Private Ferry

As you already do know, Andaman is a group of Islands compelling you to sail across the ocean during several times of your vacation here. Nevertheless, as far as you are holidaying in these splendid Islands, you are never going to get bored of cruising across these crystalline ocean waters. Now, for acquiring different sorts of cruising experiences, you only need to select which sort of Andaman ferry services you are going to make use of. Most generally, there are two major classifications, namely government ferry services and other private ferries.

Government ferries are different from private in many aspects such as the types of passengers who are relying on, the mode of booking tickets, the locations they would take to and many more. As mentioned earlier, it is generally the islanders who rely on government ferry services in Andaman, the charges here are much reasonable than private ferries. Moreover, the tickets for private ferries can be booked online, while the other had to be booked online quite effortlessly. Nevertheless, the fares of the government-run vessels are much lower than that of their luxurious counterpart, i.e. private ferries. Also, the ferry timings of these two kinds of ferry services too are different. When the details regarding the time schedules of private ferries are made available on their company website, the time table of government services will not be that easily accessible, unless you refer to them in any regional newspaper.

Government Ferry

The government ferries plying to different islands of Andaman is as crucial as those of private ferries but is different for the fact that the islanders are more depended on them rather than the tourists. They could be the cheapest yet most convenient form of public transport in the islands, as they are owned and managed by the Directorate of Shipping Services of Andaman. The government-run Andaman ferry services are said to be the oldest form of public transport available in the islands. By these affordable ferries, travellers could sail up to Havelock Island, Rangat Island, Campbell Bay, Little Andaman, Mayabunder and even Long Island. With this long list of places that these vessels would sail, one could guess the reliability of these ferry services in Andaman.

The tickets for sailing in these vessels can be obtained directly from the ticket counters and booking them online had not been functioned until now. Moreover, due to the higher number of takers for these government-run ferries, it might be a bit crowded in the peak seasons. When talking about the government of Andaman ferry timings, it could duly be changed according to the weather conditions, the details of which can be known by going through the local newspapers.

Private Ferry

Private ferries are so important to the tourists vacationing in the Andaman Islands. You could avail the ferries and their different classes according to your preferences. They cannot be completely called luxury cruises, yet they always manage to satisfy the hopes of their deemed customers. There are mainly two major private ferry services in Andaman, namely Makruzz and Green Ocean Seaways. Any other valid information about its tickets and ferry timings can be obtained from their official websites respectively.

Makruzz ferry services currently own 3 luxury vessels, all of them are plying through on and over Baratang, Havelock Island, Port Blair and Neil Island. All of their vessels are fully air-conditioned ones and has got 2 decks except the lately launched Makruzz Pearl. However, Makruzz Gold has got a maximum seating capacity of around 333 seats. The popular private ferry service claims they are well equipped with life jackets and other effective methods such as evacuation procedure and publicising their ferry plan openly.

The very next significant Andaman ferry services are that of Green Ocean Seaways. They also sail across Port Blair, Havelock Island and Neil Island. Green Ocean and Green Ocean 2 are presently their 2 vessels operating in the Andaman Islands. Their tickets can be procured online once paying for them.

Port Blair to Havelock Island Sea Journey

The delightful voyage from the capital city of Port Blair to Havelock Island will take around 2 hours and 30 minutes by covering 70 km across the azure Andaman Sea. There are a couple of options to reach the happening tourist hub, yet the most recommended way would be to opt for the Government-run Ferry, as they are the cheapest. They will be setting off from either Phoenix Bay Jetty or Haddo Jetty. The tickets for these ferries have to be procured from either the Common Service Center(CSC) or the counters of the Directorate of Shipping Services (DSS) near Phoenix Bay Jetty. Other popular ferry services plying between these islands are Makruzz and Green Ocean. Their bookings can be done online. Timings for each of these ferries can vary.

Havelock Island to Neil Island Sea Journey

Travellers may arrive at Neil Island from Havelock Island by boarding a ferry to the former by just crossing a water channel, covering around 89 km of distance. This enjoyable sailing would barely take 1 hour 45 minutes, as you will not feel like you are covering these long distances while considering the stunning views around. The private ferry services connecting these two islands are Makruzz and Green Ocean. However, here in this part of Andaman, it would be difficult for the travellers to get their tickets online due to low network coverage. So do up with the bookings prior to your travel. Furthermore, for government ferries you need to rely on DSS ticket counters, so you must keep a note of its timing.

Neil Island to Port Blair Sea Journey

The sea journey from Neil Islands to Port Blair is the shortest among all the three but the varied experience is nothing less of them. The 43 km of distance will be covered by these ferry services within 2 hours and 30 minutes. According to your travel preferences, also you may select either private or government-run ferries of Andaman. Anyhow, there is not much difference in their timing. When the tickets for the private ferries can be booked online, the ones for government-run ferries had to be purchased from DSS counters. Apart from this process of bookings, there are other few differences between the two.


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