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    7 Days 6 Nights

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a land of wonders, no matter how many times you had visited them. Those sun-kissed beaches and turquoise blue ocean waters lashing over in Havelock Island will tempt you to get yourselves dipped in the crystal clear waters. The ruined yet strangely beautiful old township spotted in Ross Island will leave you spellbound. So are the alluring coral reef formations adjacent to Neil Island. Moreover, who can ever overlook those exhilarating aquatics sessions near North Bay Island? Go trekking in any of those rich and dense tropical forests and experience the wilderness of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands to its fullest. In short, they would surprise you each and every time you give a visit to them. However, to endeavour all of these enticing things, you need to traverse to this dreamy land. You can do so along with your family, partner or as a group.

    With our prearranged LTC Andaman Tour Packages, you could spend your dreamy vacation by sparing a comparatively lesser amount of money. These travel deals are created exclusively for Central government employees, for them to go holidaying in paid leaves. So you could roam around its beautiful locations at better charges, rather than relying merely on other expensive packages instead of LTC Tour Packages. Even though you are availing of these budget travel deals, we are never ready to compromise on the eminence of our packages. It would include a mandatory visit to the unmissable Radhanagar Beach of Havelock Island, where your entire family could have so much fun together. You will also be let to explore the rich coral reef formation just beneath the surface waters of Elephant beach.

    The crystalline unpolluted ocean water offers wonderful scope for the water enthusiasts holidaying in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Scuba diving made available to the tourists visiting North Bay Island is one of the crowd-pulling activities of these Islands, followed by sea walking. Rarely found on the shores of those foremost beach destinations, sea walking lets you explore the marvels near the ocean floors by strolling on them by wearing specially designed helmets. If deep waters are scaring you, but you still desire to go underwater, without any second thought, then snorkelling is the best choice. Meanwhile, parasailing is meant more those daring one who wishes to do anything more than the ordinary. Among the boat riding options, you could choose between banana boat riding, speed boating, kayaking and glass bottom boat riding.

    Henceforth, when you are holidaying in this wonderland, you are going to be offered many fortunes, but in the form of breath-taking visuals and experiences. Such unique sights can be mustered from Limestone Caves and Mud Volcanoes of Baratang, Parrot Island, Bioluminescence occurring in the shores of Havelock, stunning visuals of Laxmanpur beach and many more. For availing of these, you need to book any of the LTC 80 Tour Packages provided by any trustable tour operator. For such tours, you are obliged to collect the bills and other significant copies related to your travel expenses safely. While you are travelling with Urtripadvisor, we will ensure that you are receiving all of these receipts properly so that you could later claim those amounts from the concerned officials.

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