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    Appealing Andaman Tour Packages from Kochi

    The list of tourist destinations never ends for a Keralite. Travellers of Kerala are always in search of new locations that do possess any sort of uniqueness, whether it is from Kochi, Trivandrum or Kozhikode. In that case, the exotic islands of Andaman and Nicobar are an ideal option. There are still many more beaches to be explored, besides those recognised and popular shorelines. Radhanagar beach, situated in Havelock Island is the most popular among them. Unlike the golden sand found here in Kerala, you are going to be mesmerized by the sun-kissed white sandy beaches of Andaman Islands. In addition to that, crystal clear ocean waters of the archipelago that provides maximum visibility to the alluring coral formations do enhance the beauty of these seashores to yet another level. Lush greenery bordering them is a charming entity to be glanced at, especially with the contrasting shades of white sands and turquoise blue ocean waters.

    How about doing some water sports across these beaches? Sounds cool, right? You could make this wish possible if you are holidaying in this fascinating tourist destination. Scuba diving is the crowd puller among the tourists visiting the islands. By diving deep into the crystal clear waters of Andaman, you get to explore the rich marine life beneath the surface waters. You will find colourful fishes, octopuses, turtle and even dugongs moving adjacent to you, other than glorious coral reef formations. Record the visuals of your splendid diving session and preserve them securely. If you are scared of diving into the deep waters, you may literally take a stroll across the ocean floor and witness these underwater visuals by Sea walking. Other miracles found just beneath the surface waters can be discerned with snorkels attached to your eyes and nose. Or else if riding is your passion, you may either opt for speed boating, jet skiing or at least Glass bottom boat riding.

    Mother Nature had blessed Andaman and Nicobar Islands to very next level, as you are going to be surprised with the natural wonders present here. One among them is the Mud Volcanoes of Diglipur. These volcanoes are only of its kind in the entire country. You may not get impressed of its sight but had to be considered for its scientific prominence. These bubbling mud waters are the gases emitted from decayed organic matter. Travelling some distances from this place is the popular destination of Limestone caves. These sedimentary rocks are distinctive things to watch. Likewise, there are various other exciting spots to stopover, such as Cellular Jail Museum, Viper Island, North Bay, Ross Island, Baratang, Neil Island and Havelock Island.

    To experience all of these enthralling things, you may book any of these Andaman tour packages.

    How do you reach from Kochi to Andaman?

    To arrive in the exotic group of Andaman Islands, you have got mainly three options, namely by airways, waterways and by railways. So, the fastest mode of transport to reach Kochi is to board a flight to Port Blair. However, no direct flights are plying in between these two destinations. Anyhow, for your convenience, there are numerous other connecting flights which you could prefer to arrive at your destination. Meanwhile, if you are wishing to travel via train, you may go by train up to Chennai after a 12 hours journey and either board a flight or a ferry to Port Blair. Whatsoever, travelling to the islands once booking your flight tickets to Andaman will always be recommended, considering the time lags and the inconvenience suffered by long voyages and road trips.

    Furthermore, if you have got enough time kept aside for the journey, you may opt for the roadways to arrive at Chennai by travelling via NH544 taking 12 hours and 40 minutes. Then, you may experience the excitement of road trips if you would love to go for it. If that is not your cup of tea, you may prefer a tire free travelling, especially for your honeymoon. Meanwhile, booking your Andaman tour packages from Kochi at least 2 weeks before your travel will make them an easier venture, as you could get to know your itinerary well in advance, your accommodation places will be booked prior to your arrival and above all that, you will be let to know about your most appropriate mode to transport.

    Details of Flights Plying in between Port Blair and Kochi

    As mentioned earlier, there are only connecting flights that will be taking you to Port Blair from Kochi. A larger majority of them will be having layovers at Chennai, taking around 7 hours and 15 minutes. Otherwise, when you had booked your flight tickets to Andaman without researching much, your journey is going to eat up your valuable time to a great extent by having layovers in more than one place. Therefore, the wisest decision would be to book our Andaman tour package from Kochi, so that we will let you know of your most appropriate flight to arrive in Port Blair. Then you could have a comfortable journey from Cochin International Airport.

    The preferable airline companies for your travel to the islands are IndiGo Airlines, SpiceJet, AirIndia and Vistara. Besides Chennai, these connecting flights will be having layovers at Bengaluru, Kolkata or even Delhi. Moreover, the duration of your entire journey to Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair (IXZ) from Kochi (COK) will wholly depend on the number of layovers you will be having. So when you had planned your vacation to be spent in these exotic locations, especially for your honeymoon trips, you may opt for the flights which have minimum layovers and that too in nearby locations, so that you are not exhausted by waiting for long hours of flying time.

    Is Andaman a safe tourist destination to be toured?

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands is obviously a secure place to be visited even after the outbreak of the virus, lest you are willing to follow the strict covid-19 guidelines put forward by its health department. They had ordered every public place to avoid any sort of gathering and maintain social distancing as far as possible. Besides that, the opening hours of most of the tourist places had been shortened for security concerns. If you are booking our Andaman tour packages, we will let you know of the visiting time of every possible tourist locations post the pandemic, so that you could reschedule your worthy tours accordingly. In addition to that, you must ensure that you are wearing face masks and sanitising after certain intervals of time.

    Moreover, during the early outbreak of the virus, the Andaman government had taken precautions to evade the spread of the novel virus, by not letting any tourists to these vulnerable islands. So even availing flight tickets to Andaman was a strenuous task then. Anyhow, these measures had made positive results by lessening the number of positive cases to a great extent. Even now also, the count of travellers is much lesser even after the resuming of tourism in the islands since the 27th of September 2020. Henceforth, with lesser crowds in the destination, you could have a peaceful vacation at this distant beautiful place. Especially, if you are on your honeymoon or family trip to Andaman, this will turn out to be the most favourable situation.

    Some Rules and Regulations to be followed while Holidaying in Andaman

    Just like any other tourist locations, you may resume quenching your travel thirst by holidaying in the exotic group of Andaman Islands. Nonetheless, you are obliged to follow the strict covid-19 protocols put forward by the Andaman Health Department, which would include wearing face masks and using hand sanitisers. In all public places, you will be required to follow social distancing and not form any sorts of crowds. As the visiting hours of the major tourist places had been shortened, you would be recommended to reschedule your travel itineraries before your travel. If you had booked your Andaman tour package with any efficient tour operators to arrange your holiday, they would already have organised everything accordingly.

    On your arrival at Port Blair, along with your flight tickets to Andaman, the concerned officials at the airport will be asking for your RTPCR test report which is not more than 48 hours old. On the other hand, if you are tested positive on any instances of your travel, the infected person will be ordered to go for institutional quarantine at any covid care centres allotted by the government. Furthermore, you also had got the option to stay at any well-equipped hotels of your choice, at your expenses. However, for such a provision, you will need to acquire the permission of your doctor and must be below 60 years of age.


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