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    Voyaging a few distances off the coast of the Bay of Bengal will take you to the amazing isles of Andaman and Nicobar. Once you had arrived on this spectacular island you will be taken to yet another ethereal world. The white sandy beaches that are bordered by lush greenery offer that perfect blend to the turquoise blue ocean waters lapping to its shores. When you are holidaying by our Andaman tour package from Visakhapatnam, you will be astonished by the bewitching beauty of the sceneries around, whether it is the Radhanagar Beach of Havelock Island or the natural bridge in Laxmanpur Beach. Mother Nature had blessed these exotic islands to their fullest.

    Due to the right amount of water currents and higher transparency rates, Andaman Islands had become a sought after destination known for its exhilarating water activities. You may choose from scuba diving, sea-walking, snorkelling, jet skiing, glass bottom boat riding, banana boat riding, kayaking, parasailing and speed boating. These aquatics can be tried out in different locations, according to their preferences. However, if you are dropping into Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex in Port Blair, you may try your hand in all of these exciting activities. Meanwhile, in other locations, you could avail these from any of the service providers accessible there.

    As mentioned earlier, you may pay a visit to all those natural wonders in these islands such as the Mud Volcanoes and Limestone Caves of Baratang, active volcanoes in Barren Island, Parrot Island, Neil Island and various others. The list of attractions of Andaman Island never ends here, as it also does possess some man-made wonders such as the Cellular Jail Museum and the abandoned Ross Island. Furthermore, for exploring the underwater marvels, you may set out for North Bay Island, Jolly Buoy Island, Viper Island, Diglipur or Havelock Island. Those vibrant fishes, live corals, sea dwellers, dugongs and dolphins can be spotted in your underwater ventures. They will obviously be more frequent in the Marine National parks and other biosphere reserves and so you may pop into them also on this vacation. So what are you waiting for? You may book your travel packs with Urtripadvisor today itself to experience all of these.

    What are the different ways to arrive at Andaman?

    To arrive at Andaman from Vishakhapatnam, there are mainly three ways, that is, by flight, train and ferry. It is absolutely in your personal preferences that you need to choose your most appropriate mode of transport to arrive at your destination. However, the fastest route is by boarding a direct flight from Vizag to Andaman that would barely take 1 hour 55 minutes. If you are wishing to traverse by the rail network, you may first arrive at Chennai sparing around 11 hours and 55 minutes and then you may either board a flight or ferry to Port Blair. Here also, the ferry service from Chennai to Andaman is going to eat up more time than otherwise. So, it will be a strict no-no, if you are on your honeymoon trip. To make all of them easier, you may book our Andaman tour packages from Visakhapatnam.

    Meanwhile, if you have kept aside enough days for your Andaman trip, you may opt for roadways to reach up to Chennai by enjoying each and every moment of your vacation. Nevertheless, if you are running short of enough time, you may book your flight tickets to Andaman at the earliest, so that you could plan the rest of the things followed by this very first move of yours. Apart from this, if you are too curious about long sea voyages, Vizagites had got a wonderful opportunity to make a long sail to Andaman, taking around 3 to 4 days. However, you will be required to book around one month before to voyage in this once in a week ferry service.

    About Flight Tickets to Port Blair from Visakhapatnam

    As stated before, there are a couple of direct flights that will take you to Andaman from Vishakapatnam, with a duration of around 2 hours. Mostly, these non-stop flights are provided by Air India. Other airline companies such as Indigo flights will be having layovers at Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata or Mumbai. While flying on connecting flights, you will be compelled to pay extra charges besides consuming too much time unnecessarily. In addition to that, if you are travelling once booking our Andaman tour packages from Vizag, we will let you know more about the exact flight timings besides, paying for your flight charges also.

    With concern to the issues that may result in, by these connecting flights, you would always be recommended to book direct flight tickets to Andaman. Furthermore, halting your journey at any unfamiliar locations even for your layovers will be like welcoming uninvited guests especially during the pandemic. Taking such precautions well in advance is necessary, even if you are travelling along with your partner on a honeymoon or with kids for a family tour. However, you are going to find numerous connecting flights between Visakhapatnam International Airport (VTZ) and Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair (IXZ). If you are booking your tickets much earlier, you are going to save some money. Even otherwise, during the wake of peak seasons, tickets for direct flights will be in great demand and hence they will turn out to be more expensive than usual.

    Is Andaman a safe tourist destination to be visited?

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands had been now considered safe tourist destination as long as you are ready to follow the Covid-19 protocols strictly. At the entry points of all the public places in Andaman, had been provided with hand sanitisers and your body temperatures will be checked, to ensure you are not infected with the virus. Just like every other place, wearing face masks has been made mandatory, so are the social distancing norms to be followed. Specials staffs employed in most of the tourist spots ensures that no crowds or any sort of gatherings are formed. Just like booking your flight tickets to Andaman online, currently, the mode of payment for entry tickets to the historic sites cannot be availed directly from the counters, they can be done online.

    Or else, if you are having any trouble in issuing its entry tickets, you may book our Andaman tour packages from Vizag, as we will be helping you in this venture, besides arranging you an eventful tour of these alluring Andaman Islands. Booking such organised tours well in advance could also save you from avoiding any last-minute hustles. Since you are travelling during a pandemic you will be required to clear out various other formalities such as submitting your Covid test reports to the concerned authorities. Moreover, having such safe environs in the destination that you are travelling to is crucial, even if you are on a family tour or honeymoon.

    Covid Regulations to Note Down while Holidaying Here

    While you are vacationing in Andaman and Nicobar islands, you will be required to follow some rules and regulations with regard to the covid pandemic. Most significantly, wearing face masks and sanitizing your hands are the first two mandatory things to do, besides avoiding crowds and following social distancing. The health department of Andaman and Nicobar Islands had popularised their toll-free number ‘1075’ or ’91-11-23978046′ to be contacted with if anyone is feeling any sort of discomforts like that of fever, cough, cold or soaring thought. Therefore, you do not have to be worried about the precautions, once booking your Andaman tour packages from Visakhapatnam.

    While you are arriving at the Port Blair Airport, you will be asked to submit your RTPCR test report to the concerned officials and they must be showing negative results. You must also ensure that your Covid test report is not more than 2 days old. Henceforth, after booking your flight tickets to Andaman, you must duly think about taking your covid test from any labs approved by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research). Nonetheless, if you have been tested positive at any instances of your holidaying, you will be ordered to go for institutional quarantine at the centres allotted by the government, though you are on your honeymoon trip. At your expenses, you could also stay back in any hotels of your choice, lest they must be equipped enough to be isolated from other parts of the hotel. Moreover, you also have to get the permission of the doctor well before the stay and you must also be below 60 years of age.


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