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    If you wish to experience anything out of ordinary, plan your very next trip to the exotic islands of Andaman. The white-sanded beaches and the crystal clear ocean waters lapping over them could lure you. Tranquility is at its best in these charming islands. So you may chill out and unwind by its secluded beaches with a lot of lush greenery. With our exclusively curated Andaman tour packages, you may explore these islands like never before. And Urtripadvisor is the name that you could trust on this, as we will make your Andaman expedition worthy and its memories everlasting.

    Why you should visit the Andaman Islands?

    There is not a single reason for it, but plenty others! Firstly, the very soothing ambience and the heavenly shores make Andaman stand out from its counterparts. Marine biodiversity that can be found in these islands are rich and is incredible. Andaman had turned out to be one of the best scuba diving spots. Mud Volcanoes of its Baratang Island is only of their kind in the entire country. Then as you get to know more about Andaman, you would be more fascinated by it.

    Unmissable Tourist Places of Andaman you need to Check out

    Andaman is that hidden treasure that has various spectacular tourist destinations. So you may get confused over which one to choose from. Here we are giving a brief description of the most popular tourist attractions of Andaman.

    Havelock Island: They are known to be a happening tourist place of Andaman with various heavenly beaches. Radhanagar Beach of Havelock is the epitome of natural beauty and has even been noted as the most beautiful beach in Asia. Travellers arrive at the Island to partake in the exhilarating water sports made available at their serene beaches. Scuba diving in their crystal clear ocean waters is a must-do thing here, thanks to its diverse marine life and stunning underwater marvels.

    Baratang: Baratang Island is worth the visit. It is a long journey to Baratang. It is a small island of caves. They offer limestone caves. Dense forests and mangrove creeks can be widely seen here. They have mud volcanoes. If you want a chaotic free place to visit the Baratang is all you need. The place also offer adventures of boating across the mangrove creeks and the best food at very cheap prices.

    Port Blair: It is not just the capital city of Andaman Islands, but a lot more than that. They have charming shores, historical monuments and enough green spaces. Cellular Jail Museum is a must-visit spot of Port Blair. Some of the preserved spaces of the archipelago are situated adjacent to the capital city such as Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park and Mount Harriet National Park to name a few. At their Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex, tourists may indulge in water activities safely.

    Neil Island: They are yet another charming island of Andaman and the second most visited Island after Havelock Island. The most popular tourist attractions of this small island are Laxmanpur Beach, Bharatpur Beach and Sitapur Beach. The sighting of paddy fields in the interior parts of the island is quite surprising. One should not miss to catch up to the Natural Bridge in its Laxmanpur Beach.

    Diglipur: Situated around 300 km north of Port Blair, Diglipur is still an unexplored location with numerous untouched beaches and most notably the sandbar amid Ross and Smith Island. Watch turtle nesting is a favourite thing to do here, for the tourists holidaying in Diglipur.

    What to do in the Andaman Islands?

    As mentioned before, what makes Andaman an exciting place to visit are the fascinating things in which you could get engaged. You may go adventurous and at the same time, you could also unwind by its tranquil beaches. The choice is all yours and there is one thing for sure. Before you are getting back to your hometown, you are going to make some wonderful memories.

    Try out those exhilarating water sports activities

    Very much, you had anticipated Andaman and Nicobar Islands have got some surprises in its kitty for the tourists who are holidaying here by its beaches. In short, people who enjoy the sea and water activities should not miss visiting them. These idyllic islands offer a variety of water sports activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, kayaking, glass-bottom boat riding, banana boat riding, parasailing and sea walking. If you enjoy water sports, then Andaman is the place that should not be missed. Here, you may engage in both aquatic and aerial sports.

    Plan your Honeymoon here in the charming islands of Andaman

    Andaman would turn out to be an ideal choice for a multitude of reasons when you are considering a honeymoon at any beautiful beach destination. You may have a romantic candlelight meal and spend some quality time with your partner at the beach. Opt for night kayaking across its placid waters by watching the starry night and rowing through glowing ocean waters. Most notably, in the evening, witness that spectacular sunset and you could have a candlelight dinner by any of its gorgeous shores.

    Savour the mouth-watering seafood dishes

    Seafood delicacies that are served from the eateries of Andaman is a must-try while you are vacationing in this wonderful beach destination. Seafood could be savoured from all over the country; however, nothing rivals the flavour of Andaman’s seafood. The seafood made available in Andaman is well-known for its cuisines infused with Thai tastes and Burmese spices. Prawns, fish, lobsters, and crabs are some of the unmissable things that can be relished from its restaurants.

    Pay a visit to its museums

    Apart from its numerous intriguing attractions, Andaman is also recognised for its rich history. You should go to the Samudrika Marine Museum, The Cellular Jail, the Anthropological Museum, and the Forest Museum, to name a few. Tourists could pay a visit to them to learn about the history, environment, marine life and native tribal groups. The facts and information that are made available to its visitors can be incurred from nowhere else.

    Time for some Beach Picnic

    This is the time for some relaxation amid your busy travel itinerary. The beaches of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are among the finest in the country. Make a tent in the shade of dense trees lining the shores and remain under them by grabbing a book. Get back to your hotel after watching a mesmerising sunset. Water sports and seafood complement the splendour of these beaches.

    Andaman Tour Packages from Cities

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