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Scuba Diving

With the bounteous biodiversity existing in the Andaman Sea, scuba diving experiences will turn out to be quite enthralling. Due to the obvious enhanced transparency level of ocean waters in Andaman, all of these spectacular things, whether flamboyant fishes, seductive coral reef structures, or other marine species, will be very apparent to you. Scuba diving, like any other amazing water activity enjoyed during your trip to Andaman, is a wonderful thing to do in the clean ocean water. While on vacation here, don’t miss diving at North Bay Island, Neil Island, Havelock Island, and Port Blair, since the majority of them will provide you with some beautiful views of living corals and many sea-dwellers.


Parasailing is yet another type of surfing unless you are carried up by a massive parachute. You will be hooked to a parachute from your shoulders while being pulled over by a speed boat from the other end to create the necessary acceleration. You will be swishing and whirling through the Islands’ sparkling ocean waters. And after you’ve hit that precise speed, you’ll be gently ascending, exactly like any soaring seabird. There is no doubt that parasailing is one of the most thrilling water sports in Andaman. The best places to go parasailing in Andaman are Elephant Beach, Corbyn’s Cove Beach, and North Bay Islands.

Sea walking

Unlike other Andaman water sports activities, sea walking does not need swimming. Instead, you may bravely take a stroll over the ocean bottoms of the Andaman Sea. You’ll feel as if you’ve entered another world, with beautiful coral reefs, colourful fish, and other species all around you. There are several locations in the Andaman Islands where you may do this, including Elephant Beach on Havelock Island and North Bay Beach on North Bay Island. They also house a multitude of rare and endangered species. Ahead of your exciting sea walking, you will be provided with a helmet with a mechanism for breathing. Other equipment linked to them will make your underwater breathing easier and provide you with a smooth experience.

Dolphin ride

The dolphin ride over the turquoise ocean waters aboard Glass Bottom Boat is a fun activity since you could explore the wonders of the underwater world without going into the water. You could observe the abundant marine life including stunning coral reef formations, turtles, octopuses, and even dugongs, beneath the surface waters of the Andaman Sea from your cabin on the Dolphin boat. These boats are built in such a way that you can see the magnificent sights through the glass bottom and are the only ones of their sort in the entire country. The thick clear panel installed at its base ensures your safety as well as optimal visibility through them. Further, you will not be needed to carry any extra equipment while Dolphin riding.

Jet Skiing

When you go jet skiing, you will be splashing and plunging over the crystal blue seas as you have never seen before. Even the tides that occur along the coastlines of Andaman are ideal for engaging in this thrilling sport. You will definitely be elevated a few feet off the surface waters when driving them over in a rapid twist. You do not need to be trained in this distinctive riding before you partake in them. Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Elephant Beach, Bharatpur Beach, Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex and North Bay Island are the prominent sites for jet skiing in the Islands.


The archipelago’s crystal clear shallow waters make it a great spot for you to try out Snorkeling, which is less sophisticated than scuba diving. However, there will be no sacrifices when it comes to observing the underwater environment of the Andaman Sea, which includes bright coral reef formations and flamboyant fishes. Meanwhile, snorkelling destinations in the Andaman Islands are Havelock Island, Jolly Buoy, Neil Island, North Bay Island, Red Skin Island, and plenty more. Snorkelling does not require any prior swimming experience on your part. The only items required to participate in the pleasurable activities are a snorkel, mask defogger, and a wet suit. And there you have it!

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