Kerala Blog8 Beautiful Forts Of Kerala You Need To Watch Out For During Your Honeymoon Trip

June 15, 2022

Kerala, like any other part of the world, has a good proportion of spectacular forts that are ideal for your unforgettable honeymoon photoshoot. So you don’t have to travel to the north to snap the Amber Fort in Rajasthan or the Gwalior Fort in Madhya Pradesh. Most of these historic monuments built in Kerala are endowed to be overlooking the sea, creating a distinctive and picturesque backdrop. Another can be an amazing building or striking for its size. Visit these beautiful monuments and marvel at their beauty during your honeymoon trip to Kerala.


Anjengo Fort, Varkala

The Dutch settlers, who had built a massive fort at Varkala, gambled on the larger commercial potential that may flourish in such a favorable setting. Since then, their East India Company has relied on this massive organisation to increase its commercial domination. It is claimed that before the construction of this fort, the ground on which it was built had five coconut palms, hence the name. Anjj means “five” in Malayalam, while thengu means “coconut tree.” When you visit them along with your significant other, you may view a private beach on one side and backwaters on the other. The Anjengo Fort is presently designated as a National Heritage Monument.


Bekal Fort, Kasargod

The Bekal Fort in Kerala, renowned as Kerala’s largest and most famous fort, deserves to be on this list of the best tourist places in Kerala. With its beautiful green grasslands all over them, this ancient structure might provide a wonderful backdrop for your epic honeymoon photo. If you visit on a misty day with little sunshine, you may capture the loveliest scene ever created by nature on your camera. This place was so popular that even filmmakers chose to film their romantic songs in this captivating fort located about 15 km south of Kasargod city. The picturesque backdrop shown in the evergreen song ‘Uyire Uyire’ from the 1995 film ‘Bombay’ is among the most memorable.


Tippu’s Fort, Palakkad

The Tipu’s Fort, also known as Palakkad Fort, is next on the list. The well-planned ancient edifice is virtually in the center of Palakkad proper. The honeymooners would also be able to glimpse the fort’s emerald man-made lake from this location. The entire region surrounding the forts is well-kept. You no longer need to do any planning to identify the greatest places to get your best shot. You will be gifted with gorgeous and timeless frames wherever you tilt your camera. Furthermore, you could have some quality time amongst the magnificent and lush grass planted on the grounds of the fort along with your favorite person.


St. Angelo Fort, Kannur

St. Angelo Fort, situated in the Kannur district of Kerala’s North Malabar area, is not a piece of cake for every foreigner on their typical trip. Regardless, they have garnered attention owing to their exterior beauty as well as historical worth. This massive edifice is one of Kerala’s picturesque sites. Honeymooners could discover the triangular structure of St Angelos if they visit the Portuguese-built fort with helicams. Apart from that, the newlyweds may take post-wedding photos with the stunning Arabian Sea in the background. Never ignore the valuable frame that could be constructed directly next to the oil lamp lighthouse. It is managed by the Archeological Survey of India.


Arikady Fort, Kasargod

Even though Arikady Fort was not one of your bucket list places to visit during your honeymoon and include them in your travel packages, later on, you will be sorry that it was not included in your packages once you visit for your photo session. Despite its tiny size, Arikady Fort could be considered one of the attractive spots in the state, which is not much explored. The entire building resembles the Kaligam Fort in Ahmedabad but differs in that the Arikady is surrounded by lovely green meadows. Clicking your honeymoon photo from here says a lot about Kerala’s richness and heritage. Walking through the passageways of Arikady Fort will take you back to the centuries when the Nayyikkars governed these South Canara territories.


Chengamangalam Fort, Ernakulam

Much different from all the forts discussed here, Chendamangalam Fort in Ernakulam near North Paravur is not located in any coastal regions and is designed more like a mansion, rather than a fort. It is said so, as they used to have spacious halls and libraries. The architecture of the fort is done aesthetically with large windows and numerous arches. The visit to this 14th-century structure along with your spouse could offer you a varied experience as both of you are getting to know about the interesting merging of different cultures at a historically significant place. In addition to that, a large number of people could be accommodated here at the time of any crisis. The Chengamandalam Fort has constructed in the year 1551 AD.


Thalasssery Fort, Kannur

Thalassery Fort, a relatively recent Fort erected by our country’s conquerors, is one of the most stunning stone monuments in Kerala’s Kannur district. Aside from the main fort, there are several additional historic structures such as Brennen Cemetery, Collector Bungalow, and St.Rosary Church. So you have more choices here to shoot the remarkable photographs that you will love for the rest of your life. Its massive gateways are primitively engraved, but they may create a highly unique vibe that is uncommon in all of the other forts on the list. Artistic photographers may take a variety of images with couples and present you with the most distinctive shot by including its bastions and walls.


Chandragiri Fort, Kasargod

Chandragiri Fort is yet another fort not far from Bekal Fort this fascinating fort is at the junction of the Payaswini River and the Arabian Sea. Spreading over to an area of 7 acres of land, the fort is situated at an elevation of 150 m above the mean sea level. Therefore, watching sunsets from this vantage point may be incredibly rejuvenating for couples, and you can capture your greatest honeymoon photos. Sivappa Naik’s square-shaped fort is positioned on a cliff near these bodies of water. Furthermore, the huge expanse of space surrounding them might be a location for you and your loved one to take your most cherished photos together. Furthermore, the number of people visiting these spots is very considerable, wanting to take as many shots as you like.

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