Kerala Blog17 Best Honeymoon Spots in Kerala you Need to Watch out for

July 19, 2022

Your honeymoon trips need not always have to be planned to Shimla, Goa, Paris or Dubai. It could even be planned for the scenic locations surrounding Kerala, which is deservingly known as God’s Own Country. This strip of land parallel to the Western Ghats and bordered by the Arabian Sea has got everything to excite its travellers. As per your travel preferences, you could opt for the sun-kissed beaches, mist-clad hills, picturesque backwaters or anything that excites you. Let us get to know some of the best honeymoon places in Kerala that you may take a look at.

1. Wayanad

The newlyweds chose the modest yet attractive town of Wayanad in Kerala to spend their precious time together. Pookode Lake, located in the north-eastern section of the Wayanad district, might be the ideal location for couples honeymooning in the area to spend such lovely moments together. So you might easily take them to a boat and paddle to those regions of the tranquil water body. When compared to all other tourist destinations in Wayanad, Kuruva Island may be the most frequented. You could spend all day playing with your better half among the little pebbles and shallow waters of this tributary of the Kabini River. Tree homes are lovely and plentiful in Wayanad.

2. Alleppey

Apart from the backwaters of Alleppey which has seldom become the epitome of Kerala tourism, you should consider dropping into its beaches and other coastal destinations. Furthermore, there are just too many lively beaches in Kerala, and the bulk of them, particularly the Varkala and Kovalam beaches, is thronged by visitors every day. So, if you wish to do something different and spend time in not so crowded place along with your partner, you may visit the expansive Allepey beach. While strolling along the golden sand beach with your loved one, take in the breathtaking sunset. Make sure you don’t go on a gloomy day since you won’t be able to see the spectacular view of the reddish-orange sky with the ancient sea pier in the backdrop.

3. The Dhoni Hills

This picturesque valley near Palakkad is best recognized for its trekking opportunities. One of its natural tracks will take you to the breathtaking Dhoni waterfalls. To get there, you will have to hike for around 4 kilometres through the lush forests of Palakkad. This is a protected forest, not simply a wooded area, so the newlyweds will be fortunate to see a collection of unusual birds and animals. Nonetheless, it might take up to three hours. But it would be well worth it since the sights would be breathtaking and honeymooners would be able to take in some fresh air. Malampuzha and Meenvallam are two other challenging trekking paths that couples should consider.

4. Ranipuram

Ranipuram, sometimes known as the ‘Ooty of Kerala,’ is a scenic hill station in Kasargod, northeast of Kanhangad. Winter is the ideal time to visit the spectacularly green-hued highlands, especially if you’re planning a honeymoon here. The exquisite butterflies fluttering over the grasslands that cover a major area of the region will offer you an exciting opportunity to get as many stunning images as you wish. Since they are an eco-tourism destination, you may try to include some thrilling adventure activities like jeep safaris and trekking in your honeymoon tour packages. Newlyweds could also spend some time spotting the migratory birds coming to this place out of nowhere.

5. Gavi

During the previous few years, the breathtaking region of Gavi was unknown to the rest of the world. Only locals dwelt there, and they were the only commuters to this exotic destination. Considering all of this enticing site’s beneficial qualities, it managed to develop as a full-fledged tourist attraction. Consequently, the place has become popular for spending your honeymoon in Kerala peacefully with your sweetheart. As newlyweds, you may explore the great area of lush green plantations, magnificent hills, little streams, and everything else needed for a comfortable trip. Nonetheless, not all tour providers offer the Kerala tour package to Gavi. On the region’s rural roads, only Kerala State Road Corporation buses operate.

6. Kumarakom

Sailing on a houseboat across Kumarakom’s Vembanad Lake with your better half will take you both to another realm. The vast expanse of water bodies appears to be never-ending in the central parts of Kerala and extends all the way to the Arabian Sea. You may have the impression that you and your companion are alone in the middle of the lake while sailing. This provides the newlyweds on their romantic getaway with complete seclusion, free of any other impediments. But even so, if you sail through special routes through the Kumarakom Sanctuary, you will be rewarded with the sight of a large flock of migrating birds hovering next to you.

7. Athirapally

The destination is worthy of note for its dazzling beauty, which can be found nowhere else in the state, as a result of its position on the location of Kerala’s largest waterfall. Newlyweds can take in the ethereal grandeur from atop the exquisite treehouse in Athirapally’s verdant rainforest. The view of the falling waterfalls from these tree cabins is also quite refreshing. In fact, you can easily reserve a treehouse within a resort to stay in while visiting Athirapally. The resorts in this area had taken great care not to disrupt the natural ecosystem of this unique region. The honeymooners can admire the stunning waterfalls while relaxing by the resort’s pool. Most of the accommodation spaces here in this ecologically rich place are designed sustainably.

8. Kariyathumpara

Kariyathumpara’s beautiful vistas, located about 47 kilometres from the major metropolis, should not be missed by any nature lover. So, if you’re on a honeymoon in Kerala, especially in Kozhikode, making time for picnics at this lovely spot near Kariyathumpara will never be a bad idea. You can stop along the way at the Kakkayam Dam, which will undoubtedly provide you with breathtaking views. You and your spouse could have some fun during your picnic by playing in the clear waters of Kariyathumpara. The breathtaking scenery can’t stop you from taking photos of your lover in front of the most enticing backdrop you’ve seen in a long time.

9. Munroe Island

Couples could reside in any of the island’s cottages to experience every flavour of this stunning coastal setting. You can also spend an evening walking across the islands or kayaking on its tranquil waters at night to discover more of its beauty by including them in your Kerala tour packages for couple. The beautiful islands floating in Ashtamudi Lake have already become the talk of the town among nature lovers. When visiting Monroe Island for a honeymoon, you may notice that the islanders are unaffected by technological advancements from the outside world. In the daylight, you may notice a variety of small green marshy areas with numerous slanting coconut palm palms. There are also mangrove plantations in other parts of the islands, which add to the exotic appearance.

10. Vattavada

This enchanting village near the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border is the most remote spot on the list of romantic spots near Munnar, as it is 45 kilometres away. However, the long drive up to Vattavvada will be well worth it. Throughout this exhilarating trip, you will see many tourist attractions such as Mattupetty Dam, Echo Point, and Kundala Dam which are obviously encompassed in most of the Munnar honeymoon packages. When you turn up in a beautiful village, you will be enticed by the terrace farms that grow some of the rare and high-quality crops. So, if you are visiting them with your partner, you should decide to stay at a resort near these unique farms.

11. Cherai

Shores are usually regarded as a romantic getaway for any couple, including honeymooners. Never miss a spectacular sunset from one of Kerala’s beautiful beaches while on your honeymoon. You should without a doubt favour Cherai Beach for the same. Due to its position around 25 kilometres from Kochi city, the crowds at the picturesque place would be substantially lower than at Kovalam or Fort Kochi Beach. Furthermore, the different colours of the evening on its backwaters might be seen on the way heading to the coast. In every way, the entire atmosphere of Cherai in the evening will be appropriate for seeing that amazing dusk.

12. Pothamedu

Pothamedu’s ethereal beauty appears to exist solely for the purpose of being an ideal honeymoon destination. Even the journey to the location is verdant with greenery where you can unwind with your partner. Besides that, there is a viewpoint right up the hill that provides scenic views of Arch Dam and the ever-flowing Muthirapuzha from a distance. After your trek down the hills, reward yourself with a refreshing cup of local tea from any nearby tea shop. You can easily enter Pothamedu Viewpoint because it is an isolated field with no checkpoints.

13. Paithalmala

The hill station is situated north between Kerala and Kannur and may be reached after a 55-kilometre journey through a tranquil setting from Kannur. Besides being Kannur’s tallest mountain, Paithalmala has every reason to be ranked among the state’s most popular tourist spots. If you try to travel to the hill station quickly, you can first arrive at Kudiyanmala and then trek to Paithamala. Additionally, the Forest Department-controlled hill station is home to a varied range of flora and wildlife. Therefore, when you visit Paithamala, you will be able to witness butterflies and birds that you have never seen previously.

14. Ponmudi Hills

The tempting Ponmudi Hills are only a 60-kilometre journey from Trivandrum’s main city. If you and your loved one are on a romantic journey to nearby regions such as Varkala or Kovalam, don’t forget to stop by this enticing site during your search for the best honeymoon destinations in Kerala. You can stay in any of the resorts that have sprung up on its slopes. And take a morning walk in its gorgeous foliage. The deep forests are home to a variety of unusual plants and creatures. Meenmutty waterfalls are a must-see while visiting Ponmudi hills.

15. Palakayam Thattu

The grassy hills of Kerala are distinct from one another. So does Palakkayam Thattu’s lovely summit. They are Kannur’s second highest peak after the neighbouring Paithalmala, standing at 3500 feet above sea level. Your eyes may now capture far vistas of even the Coorg forest covers beyond Valapattanam, which are sometimes difficult to erase from your honeymoon recollections. You will be amazed by the breathtaking vista once you reach the mountaintop. Palakkayam Thattu has even more surprises in store for adventure-seeking couples since the climb to the peak is quite difficult.

16. Pandipathu Ecotourism spot

Since they are within the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary, the deep forest covers that surround them are home to a rich variety of flora and wildlife. Trekking through the woods pathways with your adventure-loving lover might provide you with rare opportunities to see them up close. You will be forced to cross several little streams that appear out of nowhere in the gorgeous foliage. Be prepared to meet the unexpected arrival of wild creatures right in front of you before embarking on your walk, and don’t be alarmed if you see them. However, during peak summer seasons, the distinguishing beauty of the hilltop changes, as do the odds of bringing these creatures out of their occupied region.

17. Kanthallur

Young couples could easily access the gorgeous area by travelling 49 kilometres to the north-eastern side of the more popular Munnar. Kanthalloor is frequently cited as one of the coldest areas in the state, with temperatures dropping to 5 degrees Celsius during the winter months. You could see some amazing views of the valley down the hill from each of their viewpoints. There might be high hills around little communities that cultivate vividly coloured crops on terrace fields. You might also choose one of the honeymoon packages. You might get to know your better half better in the tranquil atmosphere of this stay, without any unneeded intrusion.

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