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November 3, 2022

By offering a concoction of magnificent views and comfortable weather throughout the year, Kerala – the state on the coast of the Arabian sea – attracts worldwide tourists to its lap.  Soon after the monsoon, Kerala adorns a bridal look with its thick fresh greenery – all the plants and trees reach their fully flourished form – giving a wonderful and enchanting sight to the nature-loving people.   The lakes, streams, ponds, as well as the catchment area of dams, become full and waterfalls reach its full bloom.   The temperature during this season will range from 19 to 29 degrees, which is perfect for an outdoor trip.  Kerala, the origin of Ayurveda, treats you with comfortable massage therapy after your tour and this will heal and refresh your mind and body.  Stay in a houseboat is the most exciting experience which will allow you to observe nature from a different perspective that should not be missed while your tour in Kerala.  A comfortable sleep on a swaying houseboat on the lap of water with modern amenities is a thrilling feel.  Local people with smiling faces and eyes will help you to know more about the hidden treasures in Kerala sightseeing places.  The following mentioned are some of Kerala tourist places.


Kovalam beach which is partly black colored sand in Thiruvananthapuram – is an attraction during the winter season.  Three beaches – Lighthouse, Samudra, and Hawa – and the art gallery – complicated paintings and antiques- and local seafood varieties, and the Ayurvedic treatment sessions make Kovalam a complete tourists spot to be refreshed.   Visitors here are enthralled by snorkeling, surfing, and scuba diving – the adventure sports activities on beaches.  Kovalam is also famous for its yoga training centers and museums.  Best sightseeing places are there near this beach.  Thiruvananthapuram airport is the nearby airport and Thiruvananthapuram railway station is the nearby station from where you can take a taxi to reach Kovalam.


This hill station is in the second position in the list of highest mountains in Kerala – where rare medicinal plants, herbs, and varieties of orchids are being easily grown – which is in the Thiruvananthapuram district.  The peak of this mountain is a pilgrimage that is opened during winter – from January to March.  Its peak is 1,868 meters above sea level.  Trekking allowed here is only by the forest department.  On trekking, you can see the waterfalls, streams of clear water, wild animals, and beautiful birds.   This is one of the holiday destinations in Kerala. The tribes that live in Agasthyakoodam are Kani tribes.


Poovar is an island that is encircled by sea and the Neyyar river.  Only by boat, we can reach here.   Boating through the mangrove forest will give you enchanting views of greenery with background music of waves and birds.  Swimming and other water sports are allowed here.  Since the villagers in this secluded coastal village mainly do fishing for their daily income, the beach cannot be used for sunbathing.  The point where the sea, lake, and river gather is the main attraction on this island.  During winter – the temperature is comfortable here- visiting this island is highly recommended.


Both the locals of Thiruvananthapuram and tourists visit this place throughout the year as an escape from their hectic life.  The journey to the peak of this hill station through the mist covering tea plantations and forests will give a soothing feel which is unwinding.  Trekking in Ponmudi gives you a mist-filled hill view and a collection of beautiful butterflies and birds, and varieties of mountain flowers – a great treat for your eyes.  A wildlife sanctuary and dam are there near this hill station.  By road, you can reach there from Thiruvananthapuram.  For watching these misty hills, winter is the season to visit here.

Jatayu National Park

The very recently constructed National park and Earth Center on a huge rock is situated in Chadayamangalam village in Kollam District and this sculpture on this rock is the largest one in the world.  Cable cars, 6D theatre, museum, and hele taxi can be experienced here, which make this park one of the winter destinations in India.  This tourist destination is a mix of history, mythology, natural beauty, and adventure.  According to Hindhu Ramayana, this is the place where Jatayu fell while preventing Ravana (the ten-headed King) from kidnapping Sita.  There is a SreeRam temple on this huge rock.  Monkies from the forest roaming around here are friendly.  Trekking through the forest here provides an amazing experience for tourists.  Craftsmen from different parts of the country gather here at a crafts fair held here during wintertime.  The airport near Chadayamangalam is Thiruvananthapuram airport and the railway station is Kollam railway station.


Thenmala in the Kollam district is surrounded by thick forests – this is the best tourist destination in Kerala.  As the name suggests, this is a place for honey has medicinal values in high quality and quantity.  Visitors can learn about nature closely through the activities like trekking, rock climbing, and mountain biking.  The sway bridge walk for children and boating are there for leisure activities.  Night stay in tree-house shelters offers an opportunity to experience forest stay from a different perspective.  Varieties of butterflies can be watched from a guided high walkway.  This eco-tourism center has a deer park on the Kallada river side where different kinds of wild deers wander around.


Kumarakom is a village in the Kottayam district – famous for its backwaters.  Houseboat journey along the sides of Vembanad lake with mesmerizing view of lush coconut trees, paddy fields, landscapes with water lilies in different colors, and endless backwater with a cool breeze, is the highlight of this tourist place.  Sanctuary for birds in an area of 14 hectares on the Vembanad lake, is another attraction of this place – a famous birdwatching spot in the country.  The rainy season is the breeding season for birds in the sanctuary.  Kumarakom is one of the best places to visit for your honeymoon.  Different varieties of plants and species are the inhabitants of Kumarakom mangrove forests.  Mouth-watering spicy lake fish food varieties are another attraction here.  Kumarakom is familiar among tourists for the Ayurvedic treatment.


This tourist place is on the border of two districts – Idukki and Kottayam.  Vagamon is one of the winter honeymoon destinations in Kerala.  This is settled in the middle of three hills – Thanga hill, Murugan hill, and Kurismala hill.  Trekking, rock climbing,  and paragliding are the main activities that attract tourists.  The four-day festival for paragliding held in Vagamon attracts all the worldwide paragliders.  Tea plantations, green meadows, bare hills, palm forests, lakes, and waterfalls – Maramala and Vagamon in misty weather give a feel of heaven.  Kurushumala – the Pilgrimage for Christians – is visited by most tourists.  The airport in Kochi is the nearest airport.


The tea plantations on the slopes of this hill station are always filled with mist during the winter season – offering you a feel of flying clouds.  The natural lovers – especially the photographers – are desirous of viewing a location like Munnar which is in Idukki, with a cozy vibe.   Munnar is one of the best Kerala places to visit for a honeymoon.  This place is popular among tourists as a spot for paragliding in India.  Anamudy peak is the main trekking place in Munnar and is famous for Neelakurinji – this plant will blossom every 12 years.  Enjoying waterfalls, catching fish from the lake, and having a barbecue will make you refreshed.  The museum for tea in Munnar will provide you an idea about tea plantation history.  Eravikulam Park and Mattupetti dairy farm are near Munnar.


Thekkady, in the Idukki district, is recommended for all kinds of tourists such as wildlife researchers, nature lovers, and vacationers.  The hill chains, spice plantations, and tea and coffee plantations offer delightful views.  During the boat ride into the deep forest in Periyar lake, you can see wild animals abundantly like deers, rabbits, elephants, leopards, and tigers.  The national park is spread around the Mullaperiyar dam in Thekkady.  Bamboo rafting, trekking, elephant safari, night ride in the jungle, and boat riding are the main refreshing activities during your Kerala vacation.  Cochin airport is the nearest airport.  Kottayam railway station is the nearest railway station.

Chembra Peak

An adventure-loving tourist can go for a visit to this Chembra peak in the Wanayad district.  Its peak is at the height of 2100m from sea level.  On your journey to this peak, you will be surprised to see some exotic views which await you.  A lake with a heart shape is one of them – have never run out of water and has not even once been scorched by the sun so far.  Your food should be carried with you, but for water, you can drink it from the streams in the forest in its pure form.  Winter, i.e. after the monsoon season, is the proper time for trekking.  Quilandi railway station is the major railway station near Chembra Peak. Calicut airport is the nearest airport to this place.

Kuruva Island

In the Wayanad district, this island is amid the Kabani river.  The everlasting greenery and easy-breezy atmosphere of this ethereal island will make you revitalized from your busy daily life.  This island is home to birds including some rare types, animals orchid plants, and herbal plants, not to humans.  So you can get sounds and sights of nature in its pure form.  Plastics are not allowed on this island.  Since boating is not possible during rain, winter is the right time to visit this island.  You can indulge yourself here with a mixture of activities like trekking – exploring the virgin streams, boating, birdwatching, and bamboo rafting.  A guide from the forest department will accompany you throughout your journey in the forest.  Calicut railway station and airport are near this island.


The mist-covered hills in Nelliyampathy during the winter season are an attraction for adventure junkies.  Parambikulam sanctuary is amid this hill – this is also a mindblowing spot for tourists.  At some point on your journey toward Nelliyampathy, you can catch the view of vast paddy fields as green carpet on the ground and will get the aroma from the plantations of coffee and tea.  There are wild animals and birds in the Nelliyampathy forest.  According to Hindhu Ramayana, Srirama and Sita lived in this forest during their vanavas.  The waterfall in this forest where Sita took bath is a pilgrimage.  Seetharkund and Kesavampara are enchanting viewpoints near this hill station.  Coimbatore airport is the nearest airport and Palakkad railway station is the nearest station to this Nelliyampathy tourist destination.


Kumbalangi, a village in Kochi is enough blessed to attract tourists across the world.  Coir making and fishing are the main daily income giving jobs for the locals.  A walk in and around this small village and chatting with the locals along the side of coconut trees make your soul and body re-energized.  Boating and fishing are the main refreshing activities in this village.  View of mangrove forests swinging into the water surface while boating is an unwinding sight.  You can enjoy freshwater fish food delicacies from this village.  Cochin airport is the nearest airport and Ernakulam railway station is the nearest railway station.

Cherai Beach

As this beach in Kochi is located on Vypin Island, it is encircled by backwaters.  Collecting seashells dotted on the shore after the retreat of waves while walking on the shores and running to catch the waves and not allowing them to touch you are more relaxing time pass from your busy life.  The breeze from the paddy field and coconut groves on the seashore will offer you a cozy feel during your sunbath on the dazzled sand.  Swimming is allowed here on this less-crowded clean beach.  Hotels near the beach are best places to stay.  There is a park near this beach for kids.  Sunset lights through the fishing net placed on backwaters is an eye-catching view.  During nighttime also this beach is active.  For your stay hotels are available here.  The railway station and airport are there in Kochi near this beach.

Kakkayam Dam

The dam in Kozhikode district is visited by the adventure-loving and nature-lovings tourists to feel nature closely every year.  Trekking into the jungle enveloped by the icy atmosphere on the sides of waterfalls such as Urakkuzhi and the Kakkayam valley will make you fall in love with this pure nature and its inhabitants – wild animals and birds.  From a hanging bridge that is over the waterfall, you can enjoy the scenic beauty.  Kariyathan rock climbing is an adventurous activity.  Boating in the Kakkayam dam is allowed here.  This is a less-crowded spot in Kozhikode.  Karipur Airport is the nearest Airport and Kozhikode railway station is the nearest railway station to this enchanting place.


This hill station is in Kannur District – adjacent to Kodagu forest.  Kannur railway station and Kannur airport are the nearest station and airport to this hill station.  The Winter season is suitable for visiting this place.  In the season other than winter the path for trekking will be covered with grass taller than humans and it will be difficult to find the right path.  Before winter, the forest department clears this hill station by setting the fire.  When you reach the top, you can witness the mindblowing beauty of Coorg and Kodagu forest which are adjacent to this hill station.  Try to carry your food and water during trekking.  Best sightseeing places are there around this Paithalmala.  With the support of local people, you can enliven up your trip who are well aware of the lakes and sceneries in this hill station.

Kappad Beach

The beach in a small village named Kappad village is well known among tourists with its significance in Kerala history.  Unconnected outcrops that spread on the side of the beaches and in the sea are one of the highlights of this beach and one side of the seashore is full of rocks.  An old temple on the rock hilltop is an extra appeal to the beach.  Cool weather in the winter season makes you relieved from mental stress.  A walk with your friends or with your family on the white sand barefoot is a relaxing activity.  These clean beaches are not crowded and here you are not allowed to swim in the sea.  Backwaters, as well as lakes, are there near this beach.  The Sunset view of this beach is remarkable.  This beach will make your winter vacation holiday memorable.  Kozhikode railway station and airport are easily accessible from this beach.

Ranipuram Hills

The misty view of this hill where all the greenery will be covered with white fog, makes you feel floating in the clouds.  This place is ideal for both trekking and sightseeing tourists.  As the hill is fully covered with meadows, forest patches, and streams, winter is the suitable season to visit this place and you will be overwhelmed with its bewitching beauty.  Because of leeches, tourists are asked to use good boots and carry salt throughout their trekking.  The wildlife sanctuary in Ranipuram is blessed with the presence of lots of wild animals, birds, and medicinal plants.  A cave with profound depth is another gift from nature to this place to be boastful.  Mangalore airport is the nearest airport to this hill station.

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