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October 27, 2022

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands are an ideal location to be in and blend with nature for couples. They can explore and stretch according to their hearts’ will during their stay at the resorts. They can simply walk through the serene shores of the seashore and can hear the rustling of the wind through the leaves of palm trees. Most of the resorts and hotels in the Andaman provide candlelight dinners in the Andaman Nicobar honeymoon package. Blushing in the reflection from the yellow flames while sipping red wine in wine glasses and pouring out unconditional love towards each other and watching the dancing flames of the candles and you can even dance to the tune of music from the live band are wonderful feelings during your honeymoon days. Try to book your room in a seafront resort with a private beach. Most of the resorts will set your dinner at the private beach full of lights to enjoy the moments. On a full moon day, the reflection of the full moon befalling upon the couples creates a sense of rejuvenation. Hotels in Andaman and Nicobar where you stay will decorate rooms and beds. There are picturesque places to visit which are beyond description. Even a blind can take beautiful photographs wherever he sets his tripod. The output of the photos he produces will still be perfect shots.  You can lazily lie on the golden beach on each other’s laps and spread unconditional love watching behind a back-shadow of a panoramic sunset.  Best time to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands for honeymoon is between October and March – winter months.  There are hotels and home stays which provide descent facilities and services for a fair price.  Book your Andaman and Nicobar honeymoon package with a trustworthy provider as there are tricksters among the providers.  Following are some of Andaman Nicobar tourist places which will offer you best honeymoon experience.

Port Blair

The rustic charm of Port Blair attracts every tourist to look into its beauty. Nature excursions, marine parks, and beaches make Port Blair the hot pick for honeymooners. You can celebrate your most wonderful moments in the middle of colorful coral reefs and fishes with different patterns. Water activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving will give the opportunities to do so. The evening show at Cellular Jail will set a nice mood. Lying on a hammock with your partner enjoying the sea view and napping are some of the sweet love memories that you can preserve for your future. An anthropological museum is a place where you can get an idea about the tribes of the Andaman and Nicobar islands who have not had any contact with the outside of their tribal area. The tourists are not allowed to enter their areas without permission. The fisheries museum is for sightseeing which will give you information about marine life, plants, and animals. There is a small aquarium where you can see varieties of fishes, shells, and corals. Samudrika is another museum in Port Blair, outside of which there is a blue whale skeleton. Asia’s largest sawmill is in Chatham island which is connected by a bridge to Port Blair and is under the control of the Forest Department. The history museum in Port Blair is the Kalapani museum. In the Sagarika emporium, you can see varieties of handicrafts. Munda Pahar is the beach for a romantic walk with your partner admiring the golden lights emerging from the sun and the shades of the sky at the time of sunset.

How to reach: Port Blair has an airport that connects different parts of the country.

Where to stay: Seashell Port Blair and Sinclairs Bayview Port Blair are the best hotels to stay in on your honeymoon days in Port Blair.

Havelock Island

Havelock in Andaman is a kind of heaven with beautiful beaches. The blue sea water and the sunset view boost Havelock’s charm.  Resorts on the beach side with private beaches and shacks make the honeymoon memorable.  You can explore the tropical jungles covered with rice fields by bike.  Water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling offer underwater life.  Kayaking is an add-on to your romantic mood on your honeymoon days. While Kayaking, you will be alone with your partner, and the tranquility in the atmosphere helps to improve your communication with your partner and to be good team partners. If you plan your trip between November and February, you will get a chance to experience bioluminescence on your night kayaking.  You feel like the sky has come down on earth with its stars while you move the paddle on the water. Kayaking at night is after sunset and the duration will be about 3 hours. From Havelock Jetty to the Havelock Island mangroves, you have to paddle your kayak.  In Elephant beach, there is no rock or corals, so you can swim with your partner.  Banana boat ride, speed boats, and jet skiing can be done here.  Radhanagar beach is the beach which was described as the best beach in Time Magazine and is popular among tourists.  Vijaynagar beach and Kalapathar beach are other famous beaches in Havelock.  While your stay in Havelock, go for cruise ride where you can plan for a candlelit dinner which will be quite different from the dinner on beach.

How to reach: From Port Blair, Ferries are available to reach Havelock Island which will take 2.5hours, however, by seaplane you will reach Havelock in 20 minutes. The cost for one side travel will be Rs.5000/-.

Where to stay: Barefoot at Havelock is one of the perfect resorts for honeymoon couples in Radhanagar Village. This is amid tropical trees and rainforest where they provide you candlelit dinner which is highly romantic with an amazing view of the sunset.  Symphony resort is also a good resort to stay.

Neil Island

The biodiversity of this Neil Island in Andaman and serene beaches are apt for your honeymoon. Some of the forest portions have been reduced for rice cultivation. These rice fields in Neil Island offer you a nice sight to your eyes.

Because of the agriculture in a wide area, this island is called the vegetable bowl. From this island, the vegetables are supplied to various regions of Andaman.

Since this island is in a small area, you can go for a walk with your partner to see the whole island with a relaxing vibe. The three sandy beaches – Lakshmanpur, Sitapur, and Bharatpur – are clean and have picturesque views. You can indulge yourself in water sports activities such as glass floor boating, scuba diving, sea walking, and snorkeling. For watching marine turtles under the seawater, you should get a permit to visit Small Neil. Bharatpur beach is famous for its colorful coral reefs, where you can do snorkeling. Howrah Bridge in Neil – naturally bridge-shaped rock is a great attraction on Neil Island. Living corals formed this bridge shape best during the time of low tide. The Bengalis who live in this area, entertain the visitors with their folk music and dances which show their culture.

Festivals like island festivals and Subhash Mela are their celebrations. A photo with the background of this bridge will be an amazing one in your photo collections. By taxi, bicycle, 2- wheeler, or rickshaw, you can reach this bridge shape. Nowadays Neil island is also famous as a wedding destination with a background of turquoise sea water and silver sand. The sunset view and sunrise view with pink and red colors also offer great backgrounds for your wedding.  During sunset, you can retake your wedding vows with your partner without any hindrance of crowd.

How to reach: Private boats and ferries are there from Port Blair to reach this Neil Island. Approximately 2.5hours will take you to reach your destination. You can book your ferry online.

Where to stay: Symphony summer Sand beach resort is one of the best resorts for a honeymoon stay.

Little Andaman

This Little Andaman is the jewel of nature with calmful beaches with rugged cliffs. The surreal views of this island will charm you. This has a 120km distance from Port Blair and is a wonderful place for honeymoon couples with rainforests, waterfalls, creeks, and beaches. This is a quieter place compared to others which offer you to spend quality time with your partner. This island is not a little island as its name suggests. It is in the fourth position among the largest islands list of Andaman. Onge tribe is the tribal community living in this little Andaman. A ride in a two-wheeler to explore this Andaman with your partner will offer you a great experience. Public transports are also available here. You have to wave to its driver and the bus will be stopped for you to get in. Rikshaws and jeeps are also available here. Shops are scattered all around. Before 5 pm, you should refill your vehicle with gas as the shops will be closed afterward. Surfing can be done here on beaches. The resorts near the beaches give training on surfing. If you are an adventure-loving couple, you can go trekking inside lush jungles, and plantations of palms along the sides of whisper wave and whisper surf waterfalls will offer you a cherished memory. The dry season will offer you a better trekking experience as there will be neither puddles nor swamps. Hut bay, Butler bay, and Harminder bay are the famous beaches of this Little Andaman. Because of the low visibility and big waves, snorkeling is not possible on some beaches. Harminder bay is okay for snorkeling. Fishermen among the locals will take you fishing if you are interested. Because of the sand flies, it is difficult to sunbathe here. Mangrove forests and plantations for red oil, ponds filled with lotus, and water lilies are scenic beauties in this Little Andaman. Harminder bay offers you the experience of bathing in low tide pools. The lighthouse with 41m tall near Hut bay provides you a view over the forest and coastline. Elephant safari is the most recommended activity here.

How to reach: Government ferries are from Port Blair to Hut bay. It will take approximately 8 hours to reach. Helicopter service is also available to take you to this beautiful land.

You can book your tickets online for your travel.

Where to stay: Luxury hotels are not available on this island. Bamboo huts are available and you can put a tent on private property with a small rental charge which will give you the experience to be remembered throughout your lifetime. From local restaurants, you can have your food.


This quaint island is the best option to spend your honeymoon days. This is an expensive outdoor national park that attracts eco-friendly tourists also. You will be fascinated by the view of rice fields, mangrove woods, and orange plantations in Diglipur. Trekking to the peak of Saddle point – the highest point- with your partner will give you a refreshed feel. Ram Nagar beach is a less crowded beach surrounded by mangroves and forest vines. As the coral reefs are sharp here, water fun is not allowed for beginners. In Shyamnagar, amid the evergreen forests, there are mud volcanoes – some of them are big and others are newly forming small volcanoes. Bamboo seatings and tree log seatings are there to relax.

Kalipur beach is popular for the turtle nests in the ground. After the time of sunset, you can directly enjoy the nesting of turtles. Alfred cave is one of the famous limestone caves – during rain it changes its shape because of the chemical process- in Diglipur. To reach there, you have to trek through the narrow jungle paths. It will be enjoyable only for adventure-loving couples. Swiftlet birds and bats are living here in the caves in this jungle. Ross islands and Smith islands are well known for their beauty and the sand bar between the islands is an add-on to its beauty.

Snorkeling and scuba diving can be done here. By boat, you can reach here from Diglipur.

How to reach: Trunk road of Andaman is connected with Diglipur, so you can take either buses or cabs from Port Blair to reach here. Approximately 5 hours will take to reach here at Diglipur.

Where to stay: Pristine beach resort and Turtle resort are near the beach. Turtle nesting can be easily seen if you stay here in these resorts.

Ross Island

Ross Island is well known for its historical significance. The ruined buildings were built by Britishers which were to punish the people during the 1857 rebellion. The building blent with the greenery surrounded – wild vines, trunks, and roots – is worth a watch and the camera stills will be unique to keep. The ruins include a church, swimming pool, tennis court, printing press, and ballrooms. There is a sanctuary on the island. Peacocks and deers are protected under the administration of Andaman. Happily moving deers are a unique sight. Man caves used to escape Britishers during the time of an attack are still here. The green pond –used by Britishers – on the island is another attraction. The chirp of varieties of birds is the ambiance that you will miss in your city life. The small restaurants serve food for you. Morning 9 to evening 3 is the visiting time here. Barren Island is near Ross Island which is surrounded by an active volcano. No human being is there as an inhabitant. Some goats, birds, and bats live there.

How to reach: By a ferry and or boat, you can reach this island within 15 minutes from Port Blair.

Where to stay: There are no hotels on this island, so you have to return to Port Blair after your tour.

Cinque Island

This is a collection of two islands – The south and the north. The soothing and vibrant atmosphere of this island which is adequate for your honeymoon days makes Cinque island to include in Andaman and Nicobar tourist package.

Scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, and photography are the things to do on this island. Sea anemones, water snake, starfishes, corals, turtles, and fishes with different patterns can be seen in snorkeling. There are no human beings as inhabitants on this island. Only visitors are allowed here. There is a sandbar that connects both the islands. Wandoor National park is part of these islands. Beaches are clean and pleasing with scenic beauties. On your travel with your loved one to this island, you can enjoy a fresh seafood meal. A walk on the beach watching the sight of sunset with your beloved makes you feel comfortable and lovable. This island is one of the best places to visit in Andaman.  As this island follows the eco-tourism policy, they won’t allow the island to be dirty.

How to reach: By boat or ferry from Port Blair, you can reach this island.

Where to stay: There are no hotels on this island, so you have to return to Port Blair after your visit.

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