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September 16, 2022

As a box of surprises, Kerala is eminent among tourists who try to explore its surprises. Some
of them say they prefer Kerala tourism to others because of the greenery and backwaters
they come to its lap. The historic past and its shreds of evidence make some others explore
Kerala. Many are attracted by its festivals and culture. When you aerial watch Kerala, you
can see a full-fledged green terrain. Its a wonder-striking and enchanting view. The whole
land almost everywhere is covered with coconut trees. So coconut is abundantly found in
Kerala and naturally, it is the main ingredient used in almost all dishes made by people.
Coconut oil is extracted from these nuts and used for cooking and exported to other parts of
the world. Tapioca is a natural food that you find in Kerala. The main festival is Onam where
one gets the opportunity to have ‘Onam sadhya’ which consists of many curries and rice
served on plantain leaves along with the sweet porridge called payasam. This is a one-time
experience for travelers visiting Kerala during Onam. Vallam Kali (snake boat called
Chundan vallam) is also connected with the Onam festival. Kathakali (folk dance) is another
added attraction. These are some of the things that you can experience only in Kerala while
you spending your beautiful holidays here.


For exploring raw nature and its beauty, the best thing to do is go trekking. According to the
tourists’ opinion, trekking in monsoon has something special to offer. During monsoon time –
the best time for the Kerala tour, the gigantic waterfalls will be in full swing. Enjoying a
waterfall standing behind it is an amazing feeling that can refresh and rejuvenate your spirit.
From distance, it looks like a silent white stream cascading over the rocky outcrop but as you
go closer you can hear the water pounding on the rocks. When you go near the waterfall, you
forget all your problems and get lost in the beauty of water tumbling down the mountain. It
feels so lively to understand nature in a close range. Trekking allows you to experience this
feeling and explore the wildlife and tribal communities, which has no connection with the
outer world, in the woods. Trekking makes forests the best holiday spot among adventurous
junkies. There are three types of trekking. Easy trekking as the word suggests is easy to do.
This is suitable for beginners. Moderate trekking is not easy as easy trekking. This is a little
bit of a challenging type. Difficult trekking is apt for real adventure lovers only. While
trekking, a guide will be there with you to explain the site’s details. Hilltops in Munnar
are the best spots for trekking. When you reach the top, the misty hilltops make to believe
that you are in the clouds. Never-ending views of green meadows, plantations, and
Neelakurinji flowers are some astonishing views of Munnar. Chembra peak in Wayanad is
another beautiful destination for trekking. There is a heart-shaped pond that has never been
dried up.  Kerala sightseeing packages include trekking as an adventurous activity.

Stay in a houseboat

With the network of lakes, lagoons, canals, and rivers, the islands and rural communities of
Kerala is connected to the outer world. Mainly the backwaters between Kollam and Kochi
are famous among tourists. Local people in Kerala mainly use these backwaters for fishing
and transportation. Houseboats’ decorations and outside view are on the basis of Kerala
culture and traditions, however, the interior amenities are like a 5-star hotel room such as hot
water, electricity, and running water. Kozhikkode, Kochi, Alappuzha, Kumarakom, and
Kollam – the most popular tourist place in Kerala – backwaters are famous for houseboat
journeys. Thatched roof with wooden hull has been a normal sight for the natives for years.
Houseboat accommodation is an attraction for those who want to experience life on the water
– the lullabies by the motion of water and the sounds of ducks and birds that awake them from their gentle sleep.

You can also have a romantic evening with your beloved in these
houseboats with a candlelit dinner. These make Kerala houseboat holidays popular among
outsiders. You can rent a houseboat for either three hours or a week according to your
convenience. A day trip will end at 6 pm. Most of the tourists elect night stay also. Two-day
trip is the most exciting trip as it covers all the top canals, remote waterways, and villages.
No need to worry about the charges on your mobile. They are facilitated with such
necessities. Nowadays the double-decker boats with balconies get more attraction than the
others. The upper deck will offer you privacy from the staff. These boats are haled from
Kerala’s trading legacy- kettuvallam- and restored as charming houseboats. Houseboat food
will enable your taste buds with fresh-water fish recipes. Most of the resorts in Alappuzha
and Kumarakom have their houseboats. The journey through the palm-fringed backwaters
with an unending view of a lake, a meadow of waterlilies, soft and gentle breeze from the
groves of the coconut trees, and shimmering water in sunlight is non-tiring experience in one’s
lifetime. The endpoint of backwater is where they join with seawater, but surprisingly there
will be a bank made by nature itself between lake and sea which prevents the mixing of salt
water and lake water. Thus this lake water is used for irrigation. Houseboat cost depends on
its size, year of manufacture, and quality. Boats’ size varies according to the facilities it
belongs – from basic facilities to luxurious amenities. Some boats have swimming pools also.
These make places with backwaters the best family vacation spots.

Ayurvedic Treatment

The ancient treatment method is Ayurvedam in Kerala which is growing tremendously. As
Kerala gives so much importance to the Ayurvedam, there are many practitioners and
ayurvedic foundations. The Panchakarma treatment in Ayurvedam is famous among tourists
also in which herbs, milk, oil, and a special diet are used to treat. Compared to the treatment
cost of other counties, it is less for this Ayurvedic treatment. This is another reason for this
popularity. Ayurvedic treatment is based on Ashtangahridaya – classic text about Ayurveda.
Its author is Vagbhata who was a Buddhist disciple. It emphasizes living harmoniously within
nature. The thridosas – Vatha, Pitha, and Kapha-should be balanced in a human body to live
happily without any disease. Vata is connected to wind – one of the five elements of nature,
Pita is connected to fire, and Kapha is connected to water. The reason behind the imbalance
in the three doshas may be diet, mental strain, and lifestyle that leads to being a patient.
Ayurvedic treatment corrects this imbalance to get back to perfect health. If your body is in
pain and fatigued, massages with herbal oils are there in Ayurvedam to get relief. These
massages can improve blood circulation and strengthen your skin. Most of the resorts provide
spas and massages for tourists. Abhyanga, Udvartana massage, and Kizhi massage are types
massages. Myaxyl oil, Ksheerabala thailam, Dhanwantharan thailam, Kottamchukkadi
thailam, Pindathailam, Balaswagandhadi thailam, Sahacharadi thailam, Mahanarayana
thailam, are Mahamashathailam are different types of oils used for massaging. Each one’s
purpose is different from the others. Depending on your needs, there are different types of
therapies in Ayurvedam. Monsoon season is the right time for this kind of treatment as the
pores of the skin are open during this time and easy to absorb oil from the skin. By trying this
Ayurvedic treatment, some tourists make Kerala tours possible.

Staying in a village

During your stay in a village, you will get knowledge about the daily life, love and unity
between the family members, culture and traditions, their lifestyle and food habits. As the
greenery, feel, and serenity stays forever in Kerala, the simple lifestyle of villagers also will
not be changed because the industrial progression has not touched their lives. Most of the
villagers' income is from either agriculture or handcrafting, fostering livestock. The standstill

in the development of villagers’ lifestyle is a bliss to them and for the tourists, it is a
wonderful experience to feel. While interacting with the local people, you can learn some of
their skills. You can learn about the history of the place and its festivals. You can visit their
paddy fields. The never-ending view of this green carpet swinging in the breeze is an enchanting
sight. Rice is the main dish for all Keralites. Try to participate in the harvesting process. All
the year they do some kind of cultivation in their paddy fields. On your visit to their dairy
farm, you can try the activities such as washing, feeding, and milking the cows or buffaloes.
Some of the villagers have plantations of tea, coffee, and spices. You can visit these
plantations and get an idea about their job, details about the soil, and how they cultivate
these. Go fishing is a thrilling activity. You can enjoy the backwaters and its picturesque
scenery. People stay at the banks of backwaters and depend on fishing for their daily
income. Oysters, prawns, lobsters, and crabs are the types of fish they get from the
backwater. Visiting a Nalukeetu house will provide you an opportunity to know about the
heritage of Kerala history. 400-years-old Nalukkettu is there in Kerala. Architectural design
will show you the dexterity of the craftsmen who lived in ancient times. Most of the
traditional Nalukketu houses have a Kavu near their house. Kavu is the place where the God
of the snake and his family life and has religious importance among Keralites. Villages are
the best places to go to in Kerala to know more about its culture and traditions.


Flying like a bird is everyone’s dream. Especially over the sea to have the experience of
flying is exciting. Paragliding above sea level, nature’s vibrancy, and bewitching colors by
breaking the gravity bond will satisfy you as you accomplish your dream. Thus paragliding
became one of the best tourism activities.  According to paragliders, when they do
paragliding, they feel alive. Paragliding is a competitive sport and recreational activity. The
canopy in a paraglider is a nylon cloth wing designed to move through the air. Suspension
lines of the canopy are connected with the harness seat. You should wear a weightless dress.
Varkala, Munnar, and Vagamon – Kerala’s best tourist places- are famous centers for
paragliding. Cliffs in Varkala are a nice area to experience paragliding. Varkala is the only
place in Kerala where we can fly over the sea while paragliding. It is a different feel. The
helipad in the Cliff area is the starting point and ending point also. Tandem flying is a type of
paragliding in which one of the best trainers will be with you on paragliding to take care of
the flight, launch, and landing. The trainer who accompanies you will go for pre-flight checks
before your turn. For a beginner, tandem paragliding is apt. In Varkala, tandem paragliding is
mainly done for tourists. Mainly winter season has opted for this activity. Munnar, the
misty hill station with green meadows and waterfalls and streams will offer you a colorful
panoramic view while paragliding here. If you don't want to do paragliding in a crowded
area, Vagamon is the option for you. The paragliding festival held in Vagamon made this hill
station popular across the world. Most of them will join this paragliding not for showing their
skills but to experience this adventurous game. This event attracts lots of tourists to this state
not only for participation but also for watching the colorful nylon wings flying in the sky.

Staying in tree houses

Tree houses are the most romantic places to fall in love with nature. While staying in a tree
house amidst the forest seeing stars in the sky at night without harming the forest will make
you feel like one among them with the sanity of nature. Mainly using eco-sustainable
substances like bamboo sticks, coir mats, live trees, and hay straws, these houses are
constructed on top of the trees with all modern amenities such as a kettle, LED television,
heater, free wifi, intercom, soft snacks, and even a minibar. So that you can enjoy the
evenings sipping on your favorite chilled champagne in the misty forest and listening to the

wilderness of nature. Chefs are provided on request. Getting up in the morning and watching
the sunlight creeping into the huts and listening to the chirping of the visitors who come in
search of the titbits from the remains of the evening dinner will rejuvenate you to start a fresh
day by sipping on coffee or tea made from the kettle provided. Jungle Jive is a tree house in
Munnar run by a family. Most of the tourists talk about Kerala tourist places with tree
house stay. The recreational activities of this tree house include a jeep safari, boating and
fishing, a barbecue, and a campfire. Meditation in the fresh air, mountain-view balconies,
tranquility, and a healthy diet are some of the main factors urban people are attracted to this
tree house. Ela Ecoland is another tree house best for honeymoon couples. Nearby waterfall
and mini pool are the reasons for the silence breakage of this area. Wayanad district in Kerala
also has some tree houses with bedecked rooms and vantage points. Monsoon season is a
suitable season to stay in a tree house because of the green foliage with which these trees are
filled. While searching on Kerala tourist places packages, most of the tourists nowadays go
for the package which includes a tree house stay.

Visiting tea plantation

You cannot miss the opportunity to visit a tea plantation in Kerala and try tea varieties. One
of the enchanting views of most of the hill stations is tea plantations far and wide because of
the fertile soil. The leaves of this tea plant are used mainly in tea. They have medicinal values
also. After the arrival of the Britishers, they encouraged tea growing in India. It needs a humid
and warm climate and rain throughout the year and sunshine. As Kerala is blessed with these
conditions, this plantation has been successful in Kerala, especially at the hill stations
covering the slopes of hills like a blanket. In between these pruned plants, there are little
paths that allow you to click beautiful photos with greenery around you. You will get an idea
about how they pick the young leaves by hand and what the processes are there to convert
these leaves into tea powder by which black tea and green tea – Keralites and many of the
tourists adore – are made. You can enjoy the tasting of varieties of teas. Trivandrum
Bonakkad, Wayanad Elstone, Munnar Kannan Devan, and Idukki Kolukkumalai are some of
tea plantations in Kerala. As we said, the tea plantation has a 100-year-old history. The tea
museum named Lockhart in Munnar- a top tourist place – will tell you about the evolution
of the tea industry by exhibiting all the equipment used for tea powder making in the past
years. It is believed that in 1879 the first tea plantation was planted as medicinal plants.
These tea plantations and misty hills make Munnar the best place for a trip to Kerala.

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