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October 20, 2022

Nowadays, visiting a place has become more than sightseeing, enjoying food, and relaxing. When someone plans a trip to someplace, they always think about the days which they can enjoy and make full use of the opportunity. Andaman makes holidays a mix of fun and adventure. The underwater beauty of the Andaman Nicobar Islands is one step ahead of the beauty of the land. The coral reefs and fish with different designs are fascinating sights that we can experience underwater. Water sports in Andaman are the exciting part of spending a vacation on these islands. Following sea activities are famous among tourists that can experience on your vacation in Andaman.


This water sport on a Jet Boat is for adventure-loving people that allow enjoying the exciting ride on the sea. This unforgettable water sports activity is perfect for families, friends, and couples. There are 3 seats in this watercraft which is simple to work. With a motor in your hand, it is easy to control the boat throughout your journey on the sea. An instructor will be with you for guidance. Seakart allows you to experience the deep wavy sea far from the coast. The result of combining the speed of a jet ski with the comfort and safety of an inflatable lifeboat is the seakart. Corbyn’s Cove Beach is the starting point and the ending point is nearby Ross land. The duration of the ride will be approximately 20 minutes. In India, Port Blair beaches in Andaman is the only place for enjoying Seakart sports activity. Rs.3500/- is for a person while sharing and Rs.5000/- is for a solo drive. Tourists with ages above 18yrs are allowed to self-drive.

Banana Boat Ride

A long narrow banana-shaped boat is tied behind a jet ski with a strong rope. Before starting the ride, you have to wear a life jacket. Wind energy is not needed in this ride. When the ride starts banana shape is towed by the jet ski at a high speed. To a certain limit, banana boat will go straight and then the jet boat begins to take quick turns and the fun on the banana boat begins. This thrilling feel makes banana boating popular among visitors.  There is no need to worry about swimming if you lose your grip on banana as you put on a life jacket. You can also jump off the boat at any time when you want. At a time six people can sit on this banana shape, so you can have this exhilarating fun with your family and friends. This sports activity is available on Havelock island at a cost of Rs.500/- per person. People with age 10yrs and above are allowed to do this ride.


Swimming under the sea with colorful fishes. starfish, and colorful coral reefs would be a dream for everyone. The snorkeling water activity makes that dream come true. Watching wonderful coral reefs at a close range without any complex setup is pure bliss. A guide will be there with you to assist in your whole trip under the water. Elephant beach in Havelock island is the best place for snorkeling in Andaman Nicobar islands. The vibrant reefs and colorful sea creatures under the crystal clear water of this beach make you awestruck. As the water current in this sea is at the right amount, you can float with ease at the sea surface. Jolly buoy, Neil island, North bay island, and Red skin island are some of the other places where snorkeling is available. Before beginning your journey underwater, you should ensure your safety. Cost of this snorkeling is Rs.1000/- per person.  Your transportation charge and ticketing charge are included in this amount.

Scuba Diving

This one is the most popular water sport activity across the world which allows thrill-loving junkies to dive into the deep sea to enjoy the underwater full of wonder and adventure. In Andaman, you can dive up to the depth of 40m in the sea. Alive coral reefs that are untouched and vibrant colored fishes will come around the divers. There are 40 places in Andaman to experience this diving. Throughout your diving, an instructor will be with you to give guidance to you. Some of the factors for the best diving experience are depth of water, water clarity, safety, water current, and the population of corals and fishes.  Considering the above-said elements, Havelock Island, North Bay Island, Neil Island, and Port Blair are the best places for scuba diving in Andaman. Nemo reef in Havelock island offers the perfect scuba diving experience. This reef has the conditions like a swimming pool which is apt for newbies. The time of high tide is the perfect time to do scuba diving here in Nemo reef. Rs.3500/- is the cost for one person.


This water game can be enjoyed by non-swimmers with a speedboat and parachute- a mix of water and air adventure. Parasailing can be frolicked by adventure-loving tourists. The parachute is tied around the waist and chest and is locked to the pulling equipment. You will fly up to a height of 320ft as a kite when unlocking the pulling equipment connected to the speedboat. There you can enjoy the panoramic sight of the blue sea, white sand, and green forests like a bird. After your flight in the sky, you will take a dip in the sea with your bare foot. Before starting the game, you will be given training orally which offers you the best adventure when you fly. Carbines Cove, Elephant beach, and Sports complies in Havelock are the places where you can enjoy parasailing. Tourists with age above 6 years are allowed to do this adventure water game. The price for one person is Rs.4000/- which is inexpensive when compared to other countries.

Sea Walking

This adventurous activity offers you an experience that can be cherished throughout your lifetime. Like scuba diving, you don’t need to go to the depth of the sea. This happens in the continental shelf part of the sea. For 25 minutes, you will walk on the seabed. For the supply of air throughout your walk, you have to wear a helmet. Swimming is not needed for this activity under the sea. No need to take off your lenses or glasses since the helmet is always dry because of the electric compressors that retain fresh air flow. Sea walking is a group activity and there will be a leader for your group who will give you guidance about your helmet to experience better. Tourists with ages above 6 years are allowed for a sea walk.

There will be a questionnaire to be filled out before this sea walk, which is health-related. Elephant beach is perfect to do sea walk in Andaman. Rs.5000/- is the cost per person.

Jet Skiing

Without the thrilling experience of this adventurous water ride, vacation is incomplete. A jet skiing ride is a usual sight on every good beach.  Mornings and evenings are the best time for jet skiing. While driving the jet ski in the sea, normally people will scream in excitement.

You will be drenched completely in seawater when you try to cut the wave and take a U-turn. A jet ski is a scooter with jet power that moves quickly by a strong engine and is very easy to drive. Up to three people can sit in a jet ski. People with blood pressure and heart problems are not allowed to do this ride. During rain and storm conditions, this ride is not allowed. However, you have to wear a life jacket during the ride, you must know swimming. An instructor will be with you during the ride. The water sports complex in Port Blair is the perfect place to experience this. Tourists above the age of 10 years with a cost of Rs.600/- are allowed to ride Jet Ski.

Speed Boating

For the tourists who don’t want to get in the sea but to experience the thrill of travel at sea, a speed boat ride is a right choice for them. All age groups can participate in this ride with their family and friends to explore the beauty of the sea from the deck of a speed boat. Over the years, speed boating has become a favorite ride among tourists. Both commercial and private boats are available in Andaman – are husky and have enough ambiance to feel the thrill of a sea ride. A Dolphin boat ride is a kind of speed boating that has a bottom with the glass.

This one allows you to travel above the water but you can enjoy the sea life through the glass at the bottom. On your ride, you should wear life jackets.  All the safety measures and your ride will be monitored by the professionals. Havelock Island is the perfect place to enjoy speed boating and Rs.1000/- per person is the cost for the ride.

Glass Bottom Boating

If you have come with your kids to enjoy the sea life of Andaman, Glass bottom boating is the suitable one for you. This offers you a wonderful ride with amazing underwater views of the sea without providing any disturbance to them or getting wet. When you enter the boat, you can see three compartments of lengthy glass with an inch thickness at the center of the boat with comfortable seats on the two sides. This ride will take approximately 20 minutes to complete the ride. You should wear a life jacket as a safety measure. You can do this boating in Port Blair at a cost of Rs.500/- per person.


As Andaman is surrounded by seawater and mangroves, Kayaking is the best to explore those. Night Kayaking is also possible in Andaman. To experience stunning wonders like ‍Bioluminescence, night kayaking is the best. Because of specific phytoplankton, there is a blue glow under the water at night. Mangrove forest in Havelock island is the place where you can see this effect when you move your paddle in the water. In Andaman, this water activity was launched in 2019. Park named “Veer Savarkar” is the best place in Port Blair for kayaking.  Trainers will be with you during kayaking and before starting this activity, you have been trained for this. You should wear dresses suitable for water and wear life jackets throughout your journey. Neil island, Ross island, and Baratang are some other places that are suitable for this water game. Water current and weather are the factors that depend on the perfect kayaking experience. Rs.3500/- per person is the cost.

Seaplane Ride

A modified landplane is a seaplane that has two floats or pontoons to get support in the water. They are often replaced by wheels in land planes. Aircraft with amphibious pontoons and retractable wheels can be used both on land and on the water. As the two floats add weight to the seaplane, the useful load can be reduced. The weight of landing gear reduces the loading capacity of amphibious aircraft. The float design of this seaplane offers an additional lift to balance the extra weight due to the floats. This additional lift may cause to low seaplane’s stall speed. Distance taken to take off on water will be longer than that on land. A seaplane ride is one that just cannot be missed. It is the best adventurous water sport. It can carry up to 9 passengers. Seaplane needs only 15 minutes to reach Havelock from Port Blair, however, the ferry needs 2 hours to reach. Rs.2500/- is the cost for one person to travel in a seaplane.

Free Diving

While free diving, you have to hold your breath and dive deep into the turquoise-colored water. No apparatus for breathing will be there for you. Thus, you can test your breathing limits. Training will be given before diving by professionals. Korean and Japanese pearl divers without any diving equipment specialized in diving in the cold sea for pearls and food. More people are practicing this breath-hold diving than before as the sport is much more popular among people. The World record in freediving is 214 meters in depth and 11.35 minutes in duration. Havelock in Andaman is the best place for this free diving. Tourists with ages above 10 years are allowed to do this diving.

Intertidal Walks

During the time of low tide the intertidal area along the seashore –normally submersed during high tide – will be exposed. Varieties of creatures have been living in this intertidal area that can survive under these changing environmental conditions. The creatures include fishes, mud skippers, crabs, and starfish. Tourists who are non-diver can also witness the creatures in the intertidal area. The incoming tides are the source of oxygen, plankton, and nutrients for these intertidal creatures. This zone is busier in dark, especially after sunset. A guide can help you to discover and learn more about them on an intertidal walk. If you select the wee hours for the intertidal walk, a flashlight will be helpful to spot marine critters that are little in size. Try to wear wet shoes to cover your feet from shells, marine life, and rocks. Havelock the place suitable for this intertidal walk.


Fishing is a sports activity that combines both surprise and adventure – enabling everyone to try this on vacation. Yellow tuna, blue marlin, sailfish, dorado, dogtooth tuna, and black marlin are some types of fishes you will get in your fishing game. The months other than monsoon months are suitable for fishing in Andaman. Before doing fishing, some instructions on how to use the rod will be given to you. Most of the boats for fishing have equipment for popping, jigging, and trolling within them. Tourists’ food and water will be provided within the boats. Fishing is a kind of stress-relieving game while spending time interacting with nature. Wild fishes are protein-high and cholesterol-low, so you can have this as much as you can. Havelock, Shyam Nagar, and Anarkali Colony are places suitable for fishing.

Sofa Ride

The relaxed and fun-packed water activity is the sofa ride. You can enjoy this ride with your family and friends as up to 5 people this ride can accommodate at a time. There is securing belt in this inflatable sofa that aids to retain the position on the sofa without getting out. Helmets and life jackets will be provided to you for your safety during this ride. A speed boat is attached to this sofa. It pulls the sofa throughout the bumpy sea journey and thus it floats, flies, and splashes on the water which give the thrill and rejuvenating feel. You can witness the mesmerizing sights of the vast sea surrounding you. Non-swimmers can also enjoy this ride. People in all age groups can enjoy this ride. Havelock, North Bay island, Neil, and Ross islands are the famous places that offer this ride with its full fun. Rs.500/- per person is the charge for this ride.

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