Despite being close to the capital city of Port Blair, the entire island has that abandoned look and has remained that way for many since the British abandoned it due to a massive earthquake. However, for tourists visiting Andaman Island, the ruins of the former British town are a must-see attraction, particularly the massive trees with massive roots spreading all over the old buildings. The old Penal Colony, a 100-year-old Presbyterian Church, and massive Japanese bunkers could all be seen. These may seem obvious, but the remains of large gardens, a secretariat, a printing press, ballrooms, a tennis court, and other government buildings are worth a look. All of this proves that the location was vital for all foreign invaders who came in search of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. History buffs will have a great time because they will be able to walk around those historic lanes with all of their thoughts in their heads, imagining how things would have been a century ago. A  Light and Sound show is conducted here in a former bakery turned small museum.


Baratang should not be ignored for its remoteness and long distances that need to be covered from the capital city. If visited this island, the tourists will get to acquire an experience of a lifetime. They may not have heavenly beaches with white sand, unlike other beaches of Andaman, but have something quite exotic with numerous natural wonders. The limestone caves of Baratang are one among them. One could admire the magnificent formations of stalactites and stalagmites in the interior parts of the cave. Even to reach them, tourists will be required to traverse through a reserve forest where the Jarawa tribe dwells and then cover those mangrove creeks either by trekking or kayaking. A visit to the shores near Parrot Island is the next best thing to do when holidaying in Baratang. Here, at a particular time in the evening, thousands of parrots would be seen flying in the sky in a certain pattern. Nature enthusiasts are going to have a lot of fun, during their tour to Mud Volcanoes, which is the only of its kind in the entire country.


Islands in Andaman are always exciting, so do this small island situated in the north-western part of Port Blair. And in that limited areas, a larger part of them are covered in dense forests and at some places, cultivation of some tropical crops is done. In fact, they are also addressed as the ‘vegetable bowl of Andaman. Tourists visiting Neil Island, which is also known as Shaheed Dweep could explore their gorgeous beaches such as Bharatpur Beach, Laxmanpur Beach and Sitapur Beach. Each of them is different from one another. For example, say, when Laxmanpur Beach 1 is triangular, whereas, Bharatpur Beach is a flat shore and one of the best beaches in Andaman for swimming. Yet another highlight feature of the island is the Natural Bridge, which is otherwise called Howrah Bridge. Here a twin rock formation can be at one of the corners of Laxmanpur Beach. It is believed that such a crevice was formed due to the strong lashing waves, over many years. After Radhanagar Beach in Havelock, Laxmanpur Beach with Natural Bridge is known to be the most beautiful and photogenic shore.


Next to Port Blair, Havelock Island is the most visited tourist spot in Andaman with serene ocean waters surrounding its pristine seashores. Sun-kissed beaches with lush greenery bordering them are of no dearth if travellers are hopping over to Havelock Island at the time of your trip to Andaman. One of the most gorgeous beaches in the country, Radhanagar Beach is located in Havelock Islands. It was voted as the most beautiful beach in Asia by TIME magazine. Travellers are found to be getting engaged in those exhilarating water sports activities. The scuba diving spots surrounding the island too are quite diverse, making the entire experience worthy and memorable. The most popular ones are Seduction Point, Lighthouse, Barracuda city, Mac Point, Pilot Reef and several others. Witnessing a mesmerising sunset from Radhanagar Beach is an unmissable thing to do here. Other popular beaches on the island are Elephant Beach, Vijaynagar Beach and Kalapathar Beach. Meanwhile, the scenery of Kalapathar Beach is something very distinct, as the delicate ocean waves would be seen gushing to the contrasting black boulders, giving its very name.


Also known as Kaalpani, this is an unmissable place to be visited during any Andaman tour if you are a history buff. This three-storeyed colonial prison was built by the British in the year 1906, to imprison the freedom fighters who were exiled from the mainland for voicing against them. Various famous personalities such as Veer Savarkar, Yogendra Shukla, Batukeshwar Dutt, Shadna Chandra Chatterjee etc. and even some natives too were hanged here, their gallows. Tourists from all over the world visit them to know more deeply about mishaps faced by the inmate and the very architecture in which they were constructed. The Light and Sound Show conducted here in the museum is a must-do thing here. It would be narrated with the voice-over of famous actor Om Puri. Ever since they were considered as a National Memorial, they are being converted to a museum with an art gallery and Photo Gallery. When visiting them, travellers may climb up to the central watch tower to have a complete view of the jail.


Port Blair is not merely a capital city, but a lot more than that. This not so populated city is seldom deemed as the entry point of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Unlike other capital cities of the country, there are enough green spaces to bestow you with refreshing air, along with a gentle sea breeze. Tourists arriving here would get to drop into its popular tourist spots such as Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Chidiya Tapu, Cellular Jail Museum and several others. Among these, you must make a point to drop into Chidiya Tapu which is visited by numerous migratory birds and has got a scenic beach with many uprooted trees. Moreover, Corbyn’s Cove Beach is a tranquil shore with placid ocean waters. Visitors may unwind by the shelters provided by the tall coconut palms on the beach. What makes them more exciting are the diverse kinds of water sports which are made available to tourists at Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex. From the ferries in Port Blair, they would get to find the boats that sail to different parts of the archipelago during their trip to Andaman. Jolly Buoy Island and North Bay Island are a few of the serene islands situated nearby.


They are situated a few distances away from Port Blair city and is a part of Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. Because of this very reason, both Snorkelling and Scuba Diving activities are in great demand on this serene island. Thanks to its highly transparent ocean waters, one could explore the underwater marvels of these sumptuous regions of Andaman without much effort. North Bay Island is known to be one of the best places to try out all those exhilarating water sports activities, for which Andaman is quite popular. Besides that, almost every part of this uninhabited island is appealing and enchanting and some of its sceneries are imprinted on the old 20 rupees Indian note. In the photo, one could see a lighthouse being built among the dense coconut palms and the perfect C-shaped seashore. Tourists who are on their Andaman tour behold the same alluring scenery depicted on Indian currency with their naked eyes. When standing at a certain point on this North Bay Island. A larger part of the island has tropical dense forest and wooden benches could be seen erected at the shore.


Diglipur is not popular in the list of must-visit tourist destinations of Andaman. Nonetheless, if visited, tourists could explore the lesser-known and secluded spots of the archipelago. The woods of Diglipur are an abode of diverse bird species along with indigenous trees. Above all that, literally too, the highest ever peak of Andaman, Saddle Peak is situated in Diglipur. So trekking up to its summit is a must-do thing here. Travellers would also get to catch a glimpse of the only river of Andaman, Kalpong, in this trek. There is even a hydroelectric project across them! In this tour, one should never miss dropping into Ross and Smith Islands, the magnificent twin islands which are connected by an adorable white-sanded sandbar. The turquoise blue ocean waves lapping over either side of the sandbar is an appealing view to be watched over. Kalipur Beach of Diglipur is also known for the breeding ground of some rare species of turtles such as Leather Back turtles, Green Turtles, Olive Ridley turtles and Hawksbill turtles. Yet another highlighting factor of this shore with mangroves is that its sand is grey coloured, unlike the heavenly beaches of Havelock Island. At low tide, tourists would be blessed to glance at the sight of dead corals.

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