Baratang should not be ignored for its remoteness and long distances that need to be covered from the capital city. If visited this island, the tourists will get to acquire an experience of a lifetime. They may not have heavenly beaches with white sand, unlike other beaches of Andaman, but have something quite exotic with numerous natural wonders. The limestone caves of Baratang are one among them. One could admire the magnificent formations of stalactites and stalagmites in the interior parts of the cave. Even to reach them, tourists will be required to traverse through a reserve forest where the Jarawa tribe dwells and then cover those mangrove creeks either by trekking or kayaking. A visit to the shores near Parrot Island is the next best thing to do when holidaying in Baratang. Here, at a particular time in the evening, thousands of parrots would be seen flying in the sky in a certain pattern. Nature enthusiasts are going to have a lot of fun, during their tour to Mud Volcanoes, which is the only of its kind in the entire country.

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