KashmirDal Lake

This could be the very name that would come to your mind when you ever think of Srinagar. That is the prominence of this serene lake with spectacular scenery on its backdrop. Moreover, what makes them more enticing are the borders shared by the magnificent Mughal Gardens and the Pir Panjal mountains. A shikara boating across these pristine waters of Dal Lake would be highly recommended for newlyweds honeymooning in Srinagar. Even otherwise, this delightful activity is considered a must-do thing here, even while you are holidaying along with your family or a group. The sights around them are going to look even more beautiful at the time of winters when the mountains could be clad with snow. Yet another highlighting feature of this Himalayan urban lake is the presence of houseboats that would be securely moored by its banks. Tourists could get to dwell by these elegantly designed boats by the banks of this alluring water body. Then during that enjoyable stay, wake up to get to view a refreshing sight of the lake. At times, you could be approached by the local sellers who sell all sorts of items arranged neatly in their canoes. Besides that, there is a floating vegetable market in the lake, with the products grown in different parts of Srinagar.

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