Diglipur is not popular in the list of must-visit tourist destinations of Andaman. Nonetheless, if visited, tourists could explore the lesser-known and secluded spots of the archipelago. The woods of Diglipur are an abode of diverse bird species along with indigenous trees. Above all that, literally too, the highest ever peak of Andaman, Saddle Peak is situated in Diglipur. So trekking up to its summit is a must-do thing here. Travellers would also get to catch a glimpse of the only river of Andaman, Kalpong, in this trek. There is even a hydroelectric project across them! In this tour, one should never miss dropping into Ross and Smith Islands, the magnificent twin islands which are connected by an adorable white-sanded sandbar. The turquoise blue ocean waves lapping over either side of the sandbar is an appealing view to be watched over. Kalipur Beach of Diglipur is also known for the breeding ground of some rare species of turtles such as Leather Back turtles, Green Turtles, Olive Ridley turtles and Hawksbill turtles. Yet another highlighting factor of this shore with mangroves is that its sand is grey coloured, unlike the heavenly beaches of Havelock Island. At low tide, tourists would be blessed to glance at the sight of dead corals.

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