Gulmarg is a popular skiing location that can be visited during your trip to Kashmir. In fact, in the list of the world’s highest ski resorts, they come at third position. Most of the peaks would be clad with thick snow, giving them a mystic appearance during winters, making them nothing less of a Paradise. Whereas in summers, there will be lush greenery and cherishing flowering plants will be bloomed then. Moreover, the very meaning of Gulmarg is ‘Meadow of flowers.’ Furthermore, the cable car of Gulmarg is the highest ever cable car in the world. During this Gondola ride from the Gulmarg resort to Kongdori Mountain, the view of the valleys with dense forest, hamlets and lakes would be enchanting. Explore that alluring Strawberry Valley either by walking or horse riding. Your trek up to the frozen Al-Pathar Lake will be cherished forever since they are magical and the sights are ethereal. The Mughal rulers were wise enough to choose Gulmarg as the resort during summer.

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