MaldivesHulhumale Island

Hulhumale Island needs no introduction as this is the island where you would set your foot first in the Maldives. It is said so as Velana International Airport is located on this island near North Male Atoll, which is spread across an area of 188 hectares. This artificial island created in the year 2020 was truly life-changing. Now, when you visit them, you would get to discern both the ethereal natural beauty alongside its beaches and the charm of the rapidly growing city. Even though the island is man-made, the crystal clear waters of these parts of the Indian Ocean had made its shores enticing to its visitors. The island created on the blue lagoons of Maldives would be lined by magnificent corals and driftwood, creating a dramatic look during the times of the low tide. Lately, well-planned residential spaces have sprouted up on the island. So the population growth is not really impacting this dredged out island. Tourists visiting them could spend some quality time by the appealing green spaces found both in the interiors and shores of Hulhumale Island.

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