Amongst all of the Northern districts of Kerala, Kozhikode could be called as most culturally rich, as it was a port city where traders from Arabian and Chinese countries arrived. This alluring coastal town is considered a gateway to the popular hilly tourist destination, Wayanad. En route to them, one may stop over at the ever gushing Thusharigi waterfalls. Before that, tourists could be recommended to explore the street foods that are served from the ancient local streets of Kozhikode. At Beypore Beach, tourists could take a stroll on the promenade that extends to the Arabian Sea. Breathe in that fresh air at that time. Meanwhile, Kozhikode Beach is an urban bustling beach with a lot of exciting things to do, besides old sea piers on the shore. Then, within the city limits, tourists could drop into Manachira, and spend quality time at the shore of the pond or at the charming lawns. This spot is considered the heart of Calicut city. Moreover, the first-ever place where European arrived in India was Kappad Beach, in Calicut. Further, for a peaceful beach day, one may traverse Thikoddi Lighthouse Beach. If travelling to the northeastern parts of Kozhikode, tourists could make an enjoyable trip to Kakkayam Dam and the picturesque grassland surrounding them.

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