Even though there are numerous tourist islands in the Maldives, Maafushi Island has got a separate fan base. For which the praise goes to its enthralling water sports activities and obviously for its pristine shores with pristine white sand and coconut grooves. You may choose between scuba diving, parasailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, flyboarding, water skiing and plenty others. How cool will it be to swim along with dolphins? Even that wild fantasy could be made a reality here while holidaying in Maafushi Island. On top of that, the diverse marine habitat inhabiting these ocean waters could bestow a visual treat and once in a lifetime experience for the divers. If you wish to try them out, you may check out the diving spots around Maafushi Island such as Cocoa Corner, Dhigu Thila, Kuda Giri & Shipwreck and Kandooma Thila. Rare marine creatures such as grey tip sharks, eagle rays, white tip sharks, green turtles and so on, could be spotted here. Moreover, the transparency rate of ocean waters is also commendable in these popular diving sites. Yet another exciting thing to do while visiting Maafushi Island could be of sailing up to the sandbank. Do not skip to capture spectacular pictures of such a nature’s marvel.

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