MaldivesThulusdhoo Island

Water enthusiasts are going to have a lot of fun, here at Thulusdhoo Island. Rather than scuba diving, surfers could explore the gentle waves of its sun-kissed beaches. Surf breaks adjacent to the island, such as Coke, Honekeys, Sultans, Jails and Chickens are visited by surfers from all across the globe. The island is known as a paradise for surfers. On your stay in Thulsshoo Island, get yourselves busy with delightful swimming, snorkelling, sandbank trips, diving and even stand up paddling. Get enticed by the alluring reefs neighbouring reefs and the magnificent coral garden. At any of those beachfront resorts, you may spend quality time with your dear ones and relish some fresh coconut water. People do come here for sunbathing and relaxing. In the meantime, you may think of trying out some adventurous things like swimming along with nurse sharks or snorkelling near the shipwreck. Furthermore, Thulusdhoo Island situated about 23 km from Male city is preferred by backpackers chiefly, as they are more budget-friendly. The ocean waters surrounding it are quite rich in marine biodiversity, as they are an abode of marine turtles, reef-dwelling fishes, dolphins, manta rays and several others.

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