Kerala BlogHow To Travel Cheap In Kerala? Elucidated With 12 Top Tips

June 21, 2022

Are you planning to travel to Kerala in the coming season, but running short of enough money? Then do not worry! We have come up with some effective tips to make your trip budget-friendly, yet not losing the very essence of traveling and exploring a whole new location. Furthermore, Kerala has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world and there are quite a many deserving reasons behind them. Nature had immensely blessed them with spellbinding beauty that can be seen nowhere else. Do not miss to drop into its serene backwaters, sun-kissed golden beaches, mist-filled hills, mesmerizing waterfalls, verdant tea estates, and whatnot. Just go and enjoy nature’s marvels without letting money hold you back!

Describes below are the effective tips that could make your Kerala trip budget-friendly.


Trains could be preferred for your travel and no other expensive option

Busy packed trains traveling along most of the state’s lines might be the ideal testament as these rail networks are an economical means of transportation. The ticket prices for flights are significantly greater than those for trains. This is also true for off-season flight tickets. However, this option is only available for domestic travel. In such a scenario, you may take an overnight train, which would save you an entire day. In addition to that, many parts of Kerala are connected with rail networks. So, you will have to face many difficulties while holidaying in Kerala. The accurate and updated train timings will be further informed to you by your tour operator. Even otherwise, the Indian railway and its trains have got a huge fan base in the country. While traversing through trains in Kerala, you will also get to catch a glimpse of the spellbinding natural beauty.


Think twice before traveling in peak seasons

It is recommended so, simply because it could burn your pockets. September to March is considered the busiest season for travelers to visit Kerala. Therefore, if you wish to travel to Kerala on a budget, plan it in any off-season to travel cheaply, as there will not be any dearth of any good Kerala travel packages in those off-seasons. In addition to that, during that time of year, plane tickets would be way more cheaply. Furthermore, the state of Kerala is already a densely populated territory. As a result, even with the influx of local tourists, most tourist attractions would be overcrowded. Furthermore, the availability of each service will be impacted, resulting in greater demand and higher charges for the services given. During peak seasons, not only will the flight be more expensive, but so do the hotel prices.


Keep a well-planned itinerary

It is highly recommended to have a well-planned agenda when traveling to Kerala. This might save you from last-minute difficulties and hence result in a more affordable Kerala visit. For example, by booking flight tickets at least two months before your honeymoon trip to Kerala, you and your partner are saving a whole lot of money, as it would cost you less. On the other hand, when booking them only a few days before your travel, would be much more expensive. Henceforth, tourists may need to prepare ahead of time when they will begin their travel, how many days they will remain in Kerala, where they will go, and how much money they will need. On the other hand, if the tourist did not plan their vacation, they would probably end up spending more than is necessary.


Include an afternoon flight.

Just like traveling to Kerala during the off-season, travelers may board any afternoon flight to get a discounted plane ticket. When flying a domestic flight during the off-season, you may save over 3000 INR on a ticket, which is very significant for business travel. Secondly, no-frills carriers provide lower prices. Since these special flights would only charge you the amount only for flying, without any additional amenities, you could save a whole lot of money by requesting to include them in your Kerala honeymoon tour packages. You must also ensure that the itineraries of these travel packs are curated by considering these afternoon flights.


When traveling by plane, go for lighter luggage.

This particular step could surprisingly be beneficial for you and save some of your hard-earned money. When traveling to Kerala, the same strategy of packing light applies as it does anywhere else in the course of Kerala tours and travels. When flying, it is common knowledge that packing light is typically best. The airlines will impose specific excess baggage costs for luggage that exceeds their full luggage limitations. Furthermore, each airline has its own set of luggage rules. The amount of items of luggage does impact some of them. Travelers can pack according to their needs after researching the weather conditions of the destination. However, while returning from your trip, it is obvious that you will be carrying the souvenirs purchased from different parts of Kerala. Subsequently, you must ensure that the weight of the luggage is not beyond the prescribed limit.


Don’t ever think about canceling a reservation after it has been made.

This is a noticeable difference from the previously described topic. When traveling in Kerala, like any other tourist destination, great arrangements have been arranged for the tourists, so that they are not experiencing any difficulties. Conversely, last-minute travelers may find themselves paying more or possibly facing fines. Seeking an alteration in their previously prepared packages by any random Kerala travel agent is never a good idea because it will burn your pockets at any moment. Therefore, you will be suggested to allow your vacations to be planned by any reliable tour operators. These situations are far more common in tour businesses, taxi services, and most airlines.


Opt for a boat or bus ride for a different experience

The water bodies located across the state are not negligible, since they can be seen as oceans, rivers, lakes, and canals. Navigation across these bodies of water may be the most ecologically sound and cost-effective excellent alternative. Furthermore, ferrying in a boat against the backdrop of scenic beauty might be a lovely concept. Above all, this mode of water transportation would be the least expensive among its peers. Besides that, around 54% of the waterways are navigable rivers of the total 1900 km of the navigable route in the state. Something as exciting as a Kerala houseboat cruise is such water transport that you could think of endeavoring. In fact, these traditional boats are seldom considered the mascot of Kerala tourism.


Make a point of traveling by bus or any other public transport

Travel and tours by bus are also cheap choices for travelers who are ready to compromise on their level of comfort while commuting. By choosing them, you are also getting to know about the very vibe of that place, as you are getting to listen to the local language of Kerala which is Malayalam. Moreover, bus routes also connect various parts of the state, rather more than the trains. Traveling by bus, train or any other public transport rather than hiring private vehicles could be considered an ecologically friendly move because it will be lessening the pollution. Nevertheless, choosing public transport over private ones could eat up your time more. Therefore, you will be recommended to schedule your travel plans accordingly.


Forgo any thoughts of hiring any random taxis

Even if the visitors are vacationing in a safer location, such as Kerala, they must be vigilant during their travel. They may be deceived into spending more than the genuine amount, resulting in an overpriced event. Drivers of any random cabs you happen to meet may demand greater prices for their services. However unfortunate instances will not be faced by tourists traveling by Kerala tour packages for couples. Furthermore, travelers visiting Kerala may now also depend on any of those private online cab services. They may be more secure and safe than the previous ones. Furthermore, travelers may read reviews and updates about the service online and don’t have to pay additional prices.


Do your shopping in local markets rather than touristy locations

This particular tip has to be used by those travelers who love to buy souvenirs from each destination that they visit. So, even during your Kerala trip, you should never of purchasing from any main strips of touristy locations in the state such as Fort Kochi and Jews Street in Ernakulum and Kovalam in Trivandrum, if you are traveling on a budget. Instead of that, you may pay a visit to any local markets in the tourist destination, where things could be bought at cheaper and affordable prices. By venturing out to these markets during your travel, you will truly be exploring these places and the traditional products sold there. On the other hand, there are maximum possibilities of you being cheated by any shrewd salespersons in those touristy locations.


Avoid booking your accommodation online

Even though it may sound a bit strange for the travelers of the present age, they would mostly prefer the other way round. This point mostly does apply, when you are on tour to any small towns, where the accommodation spaces that are operating here are not technologically advanced. Also in other popular tourist locations, most of the hotels would charge you higher rates when booking their services online much like your other travel expenses. And when booking your rooms directly with the owner on your arrival, you will only be required to pay comparatively lesser rates.


Schedule your one-day travel during mid-week

Since most of the airline companies do charge comparatively lower charges for those weekday flights, you may prefer them, if you had booked Kerala one-day tour packages. This could also turn out to be an economic option, as these exclusively curated travel packs will let you visit places at a better price. In most general cases, tourists would be planning their trips during weekends, and airline companies would be charging higher rates for flight tickets these days. Also, while booking Kerala tour packages for couples make sure that the dates are not coinciding with public holidays. In such instances, the hotels will also charge higher rents and you will waste so much money unnecessarily.

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