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    Kashmir is that magnificent tourist destination that needs no introduction. Travellers throng to this charming place all through the year, no matter whether it is summer or winter. They cannot be blamed, as the ethereal beauty of the Kashmir valley is bound to make every beholder their admirer. Once you make your vacation in this bewitching destination, those snow-capped mountains will beckon you back. However, they are not only limited to these natural wonders but also comprises of its saffron fields, crystalline backwaters and apple orchards.

    So how would it be to plan your very next vacation to this splendid valley along with your dear one? Cool right? We have curated some engaging travel packages by which you could go sightseeing in all the prominent tourist attractions of Kashmir. Our lists include Srinagar, Pahalgam, Sonmarg, Dal Lake, Gulmarg and many more. Apart from these, you could also engage in various exhilarating activities all along with your Kashmir vacation. To experience all of these you merely need to book any of our Kashmir Tour Packages. You may visit along with your family, friends or even for a honeymoon. Kashmir has got to offer something for any sort of traveller.

    Being few thousands of feet above mean sea level, never miss to stopover at those popular viewpoints that could provide you with some truly stunning panoramic sights. Moreover, because of these height differences, the Gondola rides of Gulmarg is a popular adventure here. The exhilarating cable car rides will offer you some magnificent views of the landscaped meadows, mountains, pine forests and various glittering streams several feet beneath you. They are, in fact, the world’s second-largest and Asia’s highest and largest cable cars. So never miss to include this in your bucket list adventures to be done in your Kashmir vacation. Yet another thrilling activity to be done here is ice-skiing. But they have to be done during those heavy winters.

    Unlike these adrenaline rush making activities, cruising across the serene Dal Lake in Srinagar is sought to create that calmness in both your body and soul. For which, you have to step into the famous Shikara boats plying across the peaceful waters. During the heavy winters, the entire lake will get frozen and melt into pristine waters by the end of the spring season. The lake is surrounded by mountains, orchards and other greenery that has been instrumental in enhancing its incredible beauty.

    We, at Urtripadvisor had arranged enticing travel packs, through which you could go vacationing in these stunning tourist locations. There are also provisions for customizing these already set tour packages. So feel free to ask for any changes to the travel itinerary, if you require anything additional. We will make every effort to make your trip enjoyable and meaningful, so would not be losing that every spirit of travelling to a whole new destination. All your accommodation places will be set for you, prior to arrival. For your further guidance, we will be sending a smart and knowledgeable tour guide along with you.

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