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    From ₹4200 ₹2500
    3 Days 2 Nights
    From ₹6800 ₹5000
    From ₹6700 ₹5000
    5 Days 4 Nights
    From ₹10000 ₹7999
    6 Days 5 Nights

    Diversity can be best explained in Kerala, as you are going to find lively beaches, mist-covered hilltops, dense jungles and serene backwaters, all in a single small state. Henceforth, there is various tourists destination located adjacent to these charming attractions. Even otherwise, the distance from one sort of geographical condition to an absolutely different one is less. In short, the size of this diverse state is comparatively short. Kerala has got to offer different things to different sort of tourists, whether it is for solo travellers, those on family tours or group tours, or even the newlyweds. If you are an adventurist, you may go either trekking in any of those dense jungles in Wayanad or Idukki or go paragliding in Vagamon. If that is not enough, you may go Scuba diving in Kovalam beach. Alleppey and Kollam backwaters are the best options to choose from if you love cruising in luxury boats.

    You just need to plan for and book LTC tour packages, through which you could make your dream a reality. These packages are designed in such a way that the sightseeing to a majority of prominent tourist attractions of the state is included. Feel free to ask for any changes in your packages, well before your travel, so that we could arrange everything for you, well in advance. If you are excited to indulge in any sort of activities taking place in any destination, we will also arrange them exclusively for you. Similarly, if you are a beach person, spare some more days in locations such as Varkala, Alleppey or Kovalam.

    Kerala has got a rich tradition of art and culture, whether it is in the forms of dance, music or festivals. Check out those art centres in Kochi and Trivandrum, if you wish to know deeply about them. Witness a Kathakali performance or visit Kerala during those festival seasons. Even the cultures of each part of Kerala are so different from one another, so do the different flavours in their recipes. Henceforth, when you are vacationing here, make a point to drop into those local restaurants and savour them. Never miss their complete meal called ‘Sadhya’ and their seafood dishes that are way different from what you had ever tasted.

    Kerala has become that happening tourist destination where a traveller would love to visit at least once in a lifetime. You are going to have so much while vacationing in this tropical state, which is neither too hot nor too cold. So you could traverse to Kerala at any time of the year. Take a brief look at LTC Kerala Tour Packages provided by Urtripadvisor, as they are very professionally designed to suit the employees working in Central government establishments. Furthermore, we could offer various other discounts. After the engaging trip, we will let you know of the prescribed amount and other charges exactly, to avoid any sort of confusion if you are booking LTC 80 Tour Packages. Once acquiring the bills you could claim the required amount easily from your concerned offices.

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