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    From ₹4200 ₹2500
    3 Days 2 Nights
    From ₹6800 ₹5000
    From ₹6700 ₹5000
    5 Days 4 Nights
    From ₹10000 ₹7999
    6 Days 5 Nights
    From ₹3800 ₹2500
    3 Days 2 Nights
    From ₹6200 ₹4500
    4 Days 3 Nights
    From ₹9333 ₹7999
    6 Days 5 Nights
    From ₹10000 ₹8999

    The lush greenery at its hill stations and the serenity experienced at its backwater destinations could lure any travellers. So you will never regret your decision of planning your very next trip to this appealing neighbouring state of Kerala. Try visiting those ever-charming tea estates of Munnar or go for a jungle safari in Thekkady, you will be enticed by the diversity of the flora and fauna inhabiting them. Drop into any of its cascading falls where you could spend some quality time and away from the hustles and bustles of city life. To experience all of these, you may head to them with any of those Kerala Tour packages from Chennai.

    Most Preferred way to travel to Kerala from Chennai

    Tourists can pick between flying, taking the train, or driving. Any direct flights connecting these cities would take you to Kerala with barely 1 hour 5 minutes of flight. On the other hand, your trip to Kerala could be made more budget-friendly by travelling on a train. If you want to arrive in Ernakulum, another name for Kochi, it will take you 10 hours and 50 minutes. When travelling to Trivandrum, you will arrive at your destination after 14 hours and 55 minutes. Road travels are another option for travellers since there are many smooth and well-paved highways that may make your life simpler.

    Information about flights from Chennai to Kerala

    Taking one of those direct flights will save you a significant amount of time when travelling to Kerala. When travelling from Chennai International Airport (MAA) to Cochin International Airport, it would take only 1 hour and 5 minutes (COK). Meanwhile, for landing at Trivandrum International Airport (TRV), your flight time will be 1 hour and 20 minutes. Indigo Airlines, Vistara Airlines, Alliance Airlines, and Air India are among the airlines that offer such services. Apart from them, there are numerous connecting flights with layovers at other significant cities in the South of India. Moreover, as you had bought your travel packages with us, we would recommend the best flights that would take you to your destination.

    Is it fine to traverse from Chennai to Kerala for tourists from Chennai?

    Kerala is unquestionably a safe tourist holiday destination following the coronavirus epidemic. The virus’s spread is under control thanks to the diligent services of the state’s health authorities. In addition to that, almost every adult has already been immunised with both doses of vaccines. So you do not have to be worried while you are in any public place. Even then, wearing face masks and use of sanitisers would be suggested for your safety. After discussing with our travel experts, you may ultimately decide on the tour packages that you wish to book with us. In addition, most tourist attractions that were shuttered during the lockdown have reopened.

    Important Covid-19 guidelines to be considered in Kerala

    In accordance with the newest Kerala Government recommendations for interstate travellers, you will be required to bring negative RTPCR test results or documents proving that you have been vaccinated with both doses of vaccinations. At present, there are no such rigorous regulations to be observed when vacationing in Kerala, unless you wear a face mask and engage in social distancing. When you get to the airport, however, you will be subjected to thermal screening. Using hand sanitisers will also be encouraged while you are vacationing in the diverse state of Kerala.

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