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February 3, 2021by urtripadvisor

Beach destinations are always a favourite option when choosing the location for your long-awaited holiday. Andaman group of Islands situated to the south of Bay of Bengal Sea have got many surprises to those excited tourists who had always longed for holidaying in any unique travel destination. There is everything that could excite any travellers visiting Andaman such as its sun-kissed beaches, rich biodiversity, pristine ocean waters, unique cuisines and natural wonders. Below described are the major tourist destinations where you could visit with your dear ones on your very next vacation.

Havelock Island

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Natural beauty is at its best in this popular island with its pristine blue waters, white sandy beaches and lush greenery bordering them. While walking across its untouched seashore, you could feel that the soft waves are pampering right below your feet. One would be mesmerized by its virgin beaches and its heavenly magnificence. Quite strikingly, each of the beaches on the island had been numbered from 1 to 5. Most popular yet splendid is the Radhanagar beach, which is being noted on an international level and voted various times as the most beautiful beach. Also never miss witnessing that stunning sunset from the beach. Yet another unmissable spot to be visited while holidaying in Havelock Island is Elephant beach. As its very name suggests, there used to be an Elephant named Rajan on its peaceful shores. He would be seen swimming on deep waters with its trunk held above the waters. Adventurous travellers may also go trekking across its swamps to reach up to Elephant beach. Travellers need not get worried about thinking where to stay and how, as there are many resorts and hotels to provide you with absolute peace and enjoyment on your trip to Andaman. Kalapathar beach located to one of the corners of the island is spread with innumerable black stones and intricate coral formations. So, while swimming around its deep waters, one needs to take enough safety precautions.

Port Blair

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Port Blair is not only a capital city of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands but also has got various other reasons to be included in your bucket list places to be visited. From the airport you land, you won’t be required to travel much to reach that nearest beautiful beach. Old relics and remains that you find at various spots of the island had got to disclose its past glory and its history. The Cellular Jail could be the first of its kind where the British colonisers used to imprison most of the freedom fighters sent from the mainland. This three-storied National Memorial had witnessed heinous atrocities suffered by its convicts. Visitors could get to discern about all of them through their Light and Sound show, besides their photo gallery and a museum. If you are willing to travel further north to Ross Island, you could get to behold at the remains of those much more sophisticated penal colony. The way at which the branches and roots of huge trees had enclosed those old structures is rather astonishing. So are the visuals of the vast sea captured beyond them. Even if the city headquarters has got its busy township, yet when moving some distances from it, you would rush into some splendid seashore, like the one at Jolly Buoy. Water enthusiasts should never miss dropping to Rajiv Gandhi water complex.

Neil Island

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Situated to the south of the capital city, Neil Island can be called a hidden gem away from the bustles of hectic metropolitan life. One could experience real tranquillity when travelling to the interiors of the isle, where the vegetables, fruits and other crops are grown. This fertile land, indeed, can be called as the vegetable bowl of Andaman, as it feeds a major part of the archipelago. The flora and fauna to which the small island is home for are to be looked upon, right next to its famous natural bridge (or Howrah Bridge). This nature’s wonder can be seen on the shores of Laxmanpur beach during low tide. Likewise, other few serene beaches of Neil Island are known under the names of characters from Ramayana. Sitapur beach situated to the southern tip of the island is a sunrise beach, where you could freshen up and start your day perfectly. The beach with two different curved bays will inevitably tempt you to plunge into the pristine waters. But due care has to be taken while indulging in such an adventure, as it is has got open sea on one side. Apart from that, on one of the ends of the island is the Sunset point, from where you could capture breath-taking clicks. The closest beach to the boat jetty of Neil Island is the Bharatpur beach. The picturesque location with shallow waters is often recommended for swimming even for beginners.


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Baratang stands out from all other typical tourist spots of the entire archipelago, even from its very location. It has its limestone caves, stunning beaches, mangroves, mud volcanoes that are a rarity in the mainland. Although this peculiar island is located 90kms away from the capital city, no travellers return without giving a visit to them. Moreover, the drive up to the Limestone cave is daring and adventurous, as you will be made to travel by convoys across the jungle path inhabited by Jarawa tribes. Once reaching the spot, tourists need to kayak through a thick mangrove creek to reach up to the caves. The intricate sedimentary rocks formations inside the caves have been remaining so for around millions of years. Sailing a few distances from Baratang will take you to uninhabited Parrot Island that is visited by thousands of parrots during a particular point of intervals. Mud volcanoes are yet another unmissable part while holidaying in Baratang because they are only of its kind in the entire country. However, after witnessing innumerable exquisite sights ever since you had landed in the archipelago the sight of the plopping mud and its gases may seem murky. But one must be prepared enough to accept they are a natural wonder where some decaying organic matters are plunging out from muddy surfaces.



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