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November 8, 2022

Kerala, the most praised tourist destination of this century has gained international acclaim for the uniqueness of each tourist spot. There are a lot of wonders that await you once you come over to this green land Kerala. Geographically, this mystical state has three regions. The romantic wet highlands are one among them. It slopes down to the midlands of hills and vales from the Western Ghats into a long coastline. This coastline has backwaters that are connected by rivers and canals. The midlands are covered with forests and tea and coffee plantations which offer a soothing climate all the time. With its serene beaches, misty hill stations, exotic wildlife, and emerald backwaters, Kerala has become one of the sought-after destinations in India. Foreigners include Kerala in their India tour packages to experience these beauties. The history of this state is connected with its trade. Ancient Kerala was a host to its trade travelers. Traders from Romans, Arabs, Chinese, Greeks, Portuguese, French, British, and Dutch used to visit and ruled Kerala for a long time. Most of them had left their own imprints here while leaving this place. From these imprints, Keralites molded and designed their own way to interact. Kerala got its name from the presence of lush coconut groves, i.e.; the land of kera. Kera means coconut. The Kerala state was formed on the 1st of November 1956.


The total forest area of this state fills 29% of its land area. Much of this forest area sprawls across the Western Ghats which shelters endangered and seldom animals, plants, and birds. This area is mainly divided into five categories namely; plantations, tropical wet evergreen, tropical dry deciduous, tropical moist deciduous, and mountain subtropical forests. Pathanamthitta and Idukki districts of Kerala have the largest forest areas and Alappuzha has no such areas. There are five national parks in this paradise such as Eravikulam National Park, Silent Valley National Park, Aanamudi shola National Park, Mathikettan Shola national Park, and Paampadum Shola National Park, etc. These are the main tourist attractions in Kerala.  Besides, two Bird Sanctuaries, a Tiger Reserve, and eleven Wildlife sanctuaries are there. The development in this state diminished the total forest areas of Kerala. To avoid such diminishment, forests are protected by bringing under this reserve forest category. You can add one of these National parks to the list while thinking about Kerala tour.

Eravikulam National Park

This National Park came into effect in 1978 with an aim to protect the endangered Nilgiri Tahr.

THis is located near Munnar Hillstation.  Couples add this place to the list when they choose Kerala for honeymoon.  Tourists always visit this place because of its arresting scenery with rare flowering plants, trees, and chain of hills covered with the misty gown.

You can be serenaded by the singing of tree groves. A lot of butterfly varieties can be seen here. They can do trekking also here. The view from the top after trekking is breathtakingly beautiful and the sounds are lovely and ethereal.

Silent Valley National Park

This biodiversity hub is a favorite of many travelers. Unbeatably beautiful dense jungles with endemic birds and animals allure the mind of nature lovers. You can do a wildlife safari accompanied by a guide to see different living organisms inside the park. From the watchtower, the surroundings can be watched with an eye of a bird. Trekking is also possible in this park.

Aanamudi shola National Park

This park was established in the year 2003 with the aim to protect biodiversity and wildlife.

The activities such as forestry, poaching, developmental, grazing, and hunting are not allowed in this Park. The boundaries of this park are circumscribed by the Government of Kerala. You can see Sambar, Deer, Nilgiri Tarhr, Panther, Elephant, Bison, Tiger, and many more animals in this National Park. Trekking can be done here. You can enjoy a log house stay in this park.

Mathikettan Shola National Park

This National Park is a harbor to Panthers, Tigers, Giant squirrels, flying squirrels, Nilgiri Tahr, and spotted deer. In 2003, this Park has declared a National Park. Green meadows, thick cardamom plantations, and jungles will offer you a feel that you are lying cozy on the green nature bed to make love with the natural beauty. You can do trekking to know more about the park’s internal beauty. The heavenly sense you get from this park will make you visit frequently.

Paampadum Shola National Park

This park came into effect in the year 2004. The hilltop tropical plants can be seen at the higher altitudes of this park. Semi-green vegetation and deciduous vegetation can also be seen in this National Park. Many varieties of shrubs, herbs, climbers, and trees present full-fledged greenery in this wonderland. Safari inside this park is not allowed by the Forest Department.

However, at night camping and trekking is possible to know more about this park and witness them closely.


In Thiruvananthapuram and Thrissur, there are 2 zoos present in Kerala. Thiruvananthapuram zoo has an area of 55 acres. It was built for recreational activities first but later this area was chosen to conserve. On the premises of this zoo, there are a lot of trees and plants to add greenery. Animals and birds are there to see. Museums, zoological and botanical gardens are there on the premises. It was declared a zoo in 1857. Thrissur zoo declared in 1885, covers an area of 13 acres. Conservation of birds and animals and their breeding are the main aims of Thrissur zoo.


As this state lies near the equator, the whole year this state has an equable and pleasant climate. Because of this bestowed climate, there is not any fluctuation in its greenery throughout the whole year. Each of its tourist spots has enough ambiance and scenery to get relaxed and refreshed.

The majority of the tourists prefer winter days to have a holiday in this enchanting green land. The pleasant atmosphere with a bit of fall down in temperature is really enjoyed by the tourists on winter days. On those days the temperature will be between 28C and 32C. Monsoon days in Kerala are more beautiful to feel and witness the sceneries than any other season. The greenery and the waterfalls are marvelous during the rainy season. Nature admirers love to see these forests and their biodiversity in the rainy season.


The delightful gift of nature to human beings is the beaches. Beaches have their own variety of marine living beings. The enchanting Indian beaches are famous among global tourists. The warmth of the beach sand, serene atmosphere, swaying coconut groves, and gentle waves elevate the beauty of Kerala beaches. The coastline of Kerala has many such beaches to tempt its tourists. The adventurous and recreational activities such as paragliding, surfing, and parasailing on these beaches have increased its renown. Almost 35 beaches are there on the Kerala coastline.

Some of them are famous and crowded like Kovalam and Cochin beaches. Beach tourism contributes a lot to the economic and ecological sphere of Kerala.

Cherai Beach

This beach close to the International airport of Kochi attracts has many visitors including foreigners and natives throughout the year. This is on the north side of Vypin. The eye-catching view of paddy fields, Chinese nets, coconut groves, and lagoons is clicked by many on their visit. The beach fest is held in December. On those days, this beach is crowded. The walkway is there to have a stroll.

Munambam Beach

This is also on Vypin Island. This beach is famed for its picturesque scenery.

This is not much crowded as Cherai Beach. The Sunset view of this beach is excellent to witness. The walkway and Chinese nets are other add-on beauties.

Puthuvype Beach

This beautiful destination has a fame for its tranquillity. The lagoons and green meadows near the beach offer nice sceneries to this beach. This less-crowded beach is clean.

Sunsetting and rising views are superb to witness. Kayaking and swimming are allowed here. Volleyball is played by the locals and visitors on this beach. At the time of the Cochin carnival, swimming and kayaking competitions are held here. On one side of this beach is marshy land and on the other side is an LNG terminal. There is a lighthouse on the beachside.

Kuzhuppilly Beach

This beach is also on Vypin Island. There are she-oak plant groves on the side of this beach which offer a nice view to the visitors and they are privileged to view the sea under the shadow of these groves. Near this beach, there are backwaters. This less-crowded and unspoiled beach is the place for the kite festival. Swimming is allowed here.

Fort Kochi Beach

This beach includes in the list of popular beaches. This is the location for Cochin Carnival. The Vembanad Lake estuary is close to this beach. Historical monuments adjacent to this beach can be visited when you arrive at this beach, which has the story of the colonial rule of the British to narrate you. In the evening time, this beach is crowded every day by the natives of Kochi and tourists. Kite-flying can be done here.

Mararikulam Beach

This splendid beach is in the Alappuzha district and is famous for its serenity. Under the shade of the coconut groves on the beach side, visitors can relax by seeing the waves and feeling the zephyr. Foreigners stop by this beach for sun baths, ayurvedic treatment, and water activities.

They are frequent visitors to this beach.

Hill Stations

The topography and geography of a hill station determine its fame of the same. The natural features like lakes, alpine meadows, rivers, and the view of misty hills add charm to Kerala hill station.

Tourists mostly visit these hill stations during summer days to save them from the enervating hotness. The pleasant change gets from these hill stations and the cooling atmosphere make them fall in love with these hilly areas. They always like to view the snow-cladded hills and the flying clouds closely. Adventure lovers always choose trekking in hill stations. Munnar, Ponmudi, Thekkady, Vagamon, Vythiri, and Peermade are some of the hill stations of Kerala.


Munnar is in first place in the list of Kerala hill stations. This was the summer camp for British people formerly. The alignment and gradient of hills are apt for its tea plantations.

The cozy homestays, colonial bungalows, and lavish resorts are an extra beauty to this hill station. Honeymoon couples always choose this breathtakingly beautiful Munnar for spending their most memorable days of life. Every nook and corner of Munnar is really fabulous to see with an eye of a nature lover. Kerala packages always add this hill station as this has many followers.


This hill station is a favorite of local people rather than tourists. Many visit on weekend days to Ponmudi to enjoy Mother Nature. The winding paths lead to the top of Ponmudi and the view from there is extraordinary. The slopes are shrouded with mist that offers the one who steps into it a feeling of amazement and wonder. The mountain flowers, lush green grasses, exotic butterflies, wild orchids, and tall trees provide coolness to the eyes. This is in the Thiruvananthapuram district. On the way to this hill station, you can stop over at the Kallar River.


Thekkady in the Idukki district is an abode to deciduous forests, evergreen forests, exotic birds, and animals. Here is the Periyar National Park is located. The dam across the river of Periyar forms a lake. The spectacles of nature get more beautiful with the presence of this lake. The Temple of Mangala Devi in Thekkady has many pilgrims on the Pournima Festival days.

You can visit Chellarkovil to witness the beauty of the waterfall and Anakkara. Thekkady is famous for its spice production like cardamom, clove, black pepper, and cinnamon.


This enchanting hill station in the Idukki district also has tourists throughout the year. The nature of this hilly area adorns with mystical gardens, tea plantations, misty valleys, and magical green meadows. The refreshing atmosphere offers fresh air and a cool climate to its tourists and makes this place one of the main holiday destinations.  From all over the world, paragliding experts come to this place to participate in International festival paragliding. The manicured tea gardens and aromatic coffee and cardamom plantations present a nice backdrop to every click of its guests.


This hill station is in Wayanad. The undulating green-cladded hills, beautiful valleys, streams, ravines, and gorges are encompassed in nature’s bounty of Vythiri. This is the perfect place for spending your vacation. Trekking through these undulating mountains gives great pleasure and a refreshing feel to you. You can do rafting, fishing, and boating in Vythiri during your stay to know more about this nature. Edakkal Caves and Vythiri temple can be added to your list of places to visit in Vythiri.


With its serene atmosphere and pristine beauty, Peermade has many admirers from the natives and foreigners. The erstwhile Travancore Maharajas considered this place as a summer retreat. The differing shades of green of thick forests with the scattered coffee, spice plantations, and tea create their own beauty. This hill station is inhabited by tribals. You get a chance to notice the lifestyle of tribal communities during your visit. You can do horse riding, cycling, and trekking to enjoy the natural beauty closely.

Historical Destinations

Kozhikode, Idukki, and Fort Kochi are the main historical destinations of Kerala. Fort Kochi is the suburb of Ernakulam which is located at the entrance of Kochi Harbour. This charming town has European history. This history recalls the arrival of Vasco Da Gama – the Portuguese Explorer. Chinese fishing nets show of influence of Chinese in the ancient times. The building he used to live is still there.

Now it is a guest house. The streets with colorful buildings on the sides have a lot to say about history. They have a special charm to witness.

Marayoor in the Idukki district has preserved pre-historic painting collections. Ezhuthala Cave is the site to see these paintings. There are more than 90 paintings executed in white kaolin and red ochre. Different activities of humans and animals’ different poses are included in these paintings.

Kozhikode has historic importance because the sea route to India was firstly discovered by Vasco Da Gama. He landed at Kappad beach in 1498. Because of this event, the name Kerala is there in the historical records of the world.

Palaces and Forts

Alwaye palace, Bolgatty palace, Bekal Fort, Hill Palace museum, Kannur Fort, and Krishnapuram Palace are some of the palaces in Kerala.

Bolgatty Palace

It is in Ernakulam district and has been transformed into a hotel. In 1744, this was built by a trader from Dutch. Dutch Governor stayed erstwhile. This is situated on a beautiful island. It still has the same beauty as before. Portraits of ancient times decorate its wall. Later, this was bought by the Kochi king for British people in the year 1909.

Alwaye Palace

This royal palace is standing on the Periyar river bank. This river flows in the near vicinity. The expansive and beautiful gardens encircling this palace enhance its look. The traditional style was used to construct this palace. Travancore family used this palace as a summer residence. This has been transformed into a guest house. The sight of this palace will bring memories about the glorious past era with battles.

Bekal Fort

This is in the Kasargod district. The theyyam sculptures, anjaneya temple, ancient mosque, underground passages, and observation tower are some of the factors that attract people. The rock garden built using laterite is a marvel to see. With special lighting at night, the fort looks great.

Hill Palace Museum

This palace in Kochi is famous as an archaeology museum nowadays. In 1980, the royal family handed over this palace to Kerala Government. There are sculptures, artifacts, coins, and other things belonging to the royal family in this museum. You will get a brief idea about ancient times while your visit.

Kannur Fort

Visitors always stroll in and around this fort.

This 500-year aged monument has a lot of amazing stories to tell to its visitors. A guided tour will help you to know more about its bygone history. There is an underground jail in this fort. A manhole can be found there on the ground. Through the manhole, prisoners went into the dark jail. The panoramic view from this fort is marvelous. Hardcore criminals were put into this jail to tolerate the difficulties inside this underground jail.

Krishnapuram Palace

This palace is in the Alappuzha district. This was created in the conventional style of architecture with narrow corridors, dormer windows, thick-framed floors, and low roofs. There are nadu-muttams inside this palace. The mural painting with a height of 9.8 feet inside this palace is the main attraction. This depicts the Gajendra moksham story.


Kerala’s tourist spots are well connected by road, air, and rail to the other states of India. It is effortless to reach Kerala and its tourist spots to spend your vacation.

Thiruvananthapuram, Kozhikode, and Kochi have airports to reach Kerala by air. Air taxis and helicopters are there between Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram but are expensive. The network of the railway in Kerala is well controlled by 3 divisions, viz; Palakkad division, Madurai division, and Thiruvananthapuram division. Every Kerala district is connected to others with this network. You should aware of the timings of trains to catch them. Very comfortable to travel in trains than any other transport vehicles. With a total length of 150851 km, the places of Kerala are connected with one another. There are government and private buses are easily available in this state.

Government buses are categorized into four Deluxe Express, Super Fast, Fast passenger, and Ordinary. There are rental cars available to reach any tourist spot in Kerala.

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