Andaman Blog18 Exciting Things to Do in Andaman during your 2022 Trip

June 14, 2022

Pick out anything that is enough enchanting and intoxicating in this revenge tourism! Within no time, you will realize that Andaman is nothing less than Maldives, Fiji, or Indonesia. What makes these groups of islands spread over the South-East parts of the Bay of Bengal special are their unmatchable natural beauty and tranquillity. So you have got to explore its gorgeous beaches, lush greenery, crystal clear ocean waters, mysterious caves, mud volcanoes, and lots more. Travelers may get engaged in any adventure activities to make them more memorable. Let us try to know about the exciting things that you could do in Andaman in the year 2022.

You deserve to make some memories in this Beach Paradise!


Visit Marina Park and the Aquarium

They are located on the neighboring island of Elephant Beach and may be reached by ferry from Havelock Island. When you arrive in this region, you will be welcomed by the diverse marine life that abounds in the unspoiled waters of the Andaman Sea. The park and aquarium are home to a wide variety of aquatic life, featuring turtles, crabs, sharks, and over 350 different varieties of fish. So you could spend a full day with your family at this marina by strolling down the marine drive and the new restaurant lane to fulfill your hunger.


Choose a Glass Bottom Boat Tour on North Bay Island

A glass-bottom boat trip is one of the best ways to enjoy the wonders of the undersea world without getting your feet wet. In particular, only glass-bottom boat rides allow toddlers under the age of six and the elderly to explore the varied species of the sea. Furthermore, you must exercise caution in selecting a location where biodiversity is actually abundant. North Bay Island is one such area where you may see a wide range of marine creatures as well as spectacular coral reef structures. As a result, if you want to go on a glass-bottom boat excursion, you don’t need to know how to swim.


Tour the Cellular Jail Museum

As one of the archipelago’s numerous historical relics, the Cellular Jail Museum could be the most visited and noteworthy. Visiting this British-built jail may be worthwhile because you may understand the misfortunes that the prisoners had to through. The torments that its captives had through during their confinement and up to death might be thought-provoking.


Traversing islands in a helicopter

You would never have envisioned the very thought of flying above the azure sea in a helicopter in your wildest dreams, but you could make it happen while vacationing in Andaman. Although inter-island helicopter services were only introduced approximately a couple of years ago, they have come a long way among tourists visiting the island. However, if you go out on such a voyage with your partner during your Andaman honeymoon, it will be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Unlike other island resorts, you will be able to see turquoise blue ocean seas surrounding white-sanded beaches in Andaman.


Strive for a memorable Madhuban Trekking

This may come as a surprise to you, but it is true. Madhuban, located near Port Blair, is one of the best trekking destinations in the world. They are one of the most exciting things to do while on vacation in Andaman. It has been said so and the closely packed tropical jungles via which you will trek provide a wonderful trekking experience. While trekking, you could see a diversity of flora and fauna. You will occasionally come across some large black stones through which you must tread carefully. Nevertheless, at the end of the trek, you will find yourself on the absolutely gorgeous seashore.


Make an unforgettable expedition to Barren Island

Barren Island is the country’s only active volcano. Because these are distant locations with no human contact, you can either charter a boat from Baratang or fly there. The latter is preferable since you will be permitted to enter the island even if you come close to its coast. Alternatively, during the seaplane flight commencing at Port Blair, you will be able to see the country’s only existing volcanoes from the sky. Either way, you will be astounded to see such a phenomenon. If you had searched more, you will get to know about any travel packages that come with the inclusion of these rides, and then Andaman trip cost per person would obviously increase.


Plan to do some Scuba Diving at Nemo Beach

You will be outfitted with all necessary equipment such as a diving mask, snorkel, fins, scuba gloves, wet or dry suit, regulator, scuba tanks, and a depth/pressure gauge. While diving, you will also be guided by a PADI-certified instructor to ensure your safety. . Furthermore, your entire diving experience will only be meaningful if you ventured into any location with a large population of marine species. In that case, Nemo Beach on Havelock Island would be a wise choice for you.


Folks may go bird watching at Chidiya Tapu

Chidiya Tapu, around 30 km from Port Blair is a birder’s paradise, as the name implies. You may see a variety of birds, both migratory and native to the Andaman Islands, while on your honeymoon trip there. They are now regarded as a bird watcher’s paradise. So, if any of you are bird lovers, you and your spouse will have a terrific time here. Furthermore, no hunting is permitted in Chidiya Tapu, which has been surrounded by the administration and preserved as a nature park. The variety of birds on display here is simply astounding.


Investigate the natural wonders: the mud volcanoes

To begin, the mud volcanoes of Baratang are the only ones of their sort in the whole country. So, if you’re vacationing in these sections of Baratang, make damn sure you stop by the location where this unique natural phenomenon happens. They are nothing more than the discharge of a mud-like mixture of decomposing organic materials. These dense liquids and gases will spew forth from it and flow to its immediate surroundings. If you visit them, you may be able to see this not-so-beautiful yet unique sight.


Opt for a road trip from Port Blair to Baratang

If you had included the Baratang Limestone Caves in your Andaman and Nicobar tour, you would have undoubtedly taken this famous travel path. The most important thing to remember about this 100-kilometer stretch of the Great Andaman Trunk Road is that you will be passing through the Jarawa Reserve Forest. Tourists will be authorized to travel alone because the area is protected. Instead, only special convoys will be permitted to pass through. Furthermore, any trespass into their territory is highly illegal, and if you are caught doing so, you will be fined heavily. So traveling through this route could offer you some varied experiences that would be memorable forever.


Visiting the miniature zoo

It is more proper to refer to them as a Biological Park because they hold a wide range of plants and animals on their 40 hectares of land. Tourists can explore those rare species and rest in any of the open wooden shelters designated for visiting tourists. Wild boars, spotted deer, and barking deer are all wandering around like they’re in their native habitat. When you leave this mini-zoo, you will be a more knowledgeable visitor, as there are several signboards describing the uncommon species of Padauks, Mahua, and Rubber. You may also visit the Reptile Centre, which is host to several exotic species of reptiles.


Consider traveling into Limestone Caves

To reach the limestone cave of Baratang, you must trek through a series of complicated and tiny passages. Furthermore, certain areas of its interiors are as tall as a two-story structure, while others are barely passable. If you look closely at these millions of years of ancient buildings, you could see that they resemble recognisable things or structures. Travelers can participate in any game to see who can locate the most significant constructions. Even before you reach these limestone constructions, you will have to go through dense forest.


Climbing to the iconic North Bay Island lighthouse

If you are afraid of heights, you will have a tough time mounting up those difficult spiral steps. If you are not, do not give up this enchanting North Bay lighthouse. The panoramic view from the lighthouse’s highest point will be spectacular and incredible. The islands’ white-sanded shores will now appear as a fringe to the vast azure open sea. Indeed, this remarkable lighthouse is frequently regarded as a landmark of the island, the scenery of which is depicted on the back of an old 20 rupee note!


Delight in a sea kart ride at Corbyn’s Cove Beach

This water activity is relatively new to the list, but it cannot be overlooked by the adventure-seeking couple on their Andaman and Nicobar Islands honeymoon. The most thrilling aspect of the sea kart is that you will drive them. However, you will be accompanied by an instructor for your security. You may drive up to Ross Island and return beginning at Corbyn’s Cove Beach. To your surprise, the sea kart that has been introduced here is the first of its sort in the whole country. You would feel safer than in a speed boat while still having fun and experiencing the excitement of sea racing.


Enjoy every other seafood cuisine from any local restaurant

Whilst on holiday at a beach destination necessitates at least one full meal bounded by seafood, which is served in the significant number of Andaman hotels. There are numerous local seafood restaurants in the areas surrounding its popular beaches. There, you can savor spicy seafood recipes made with crabs, sharks, shrimp, squids, and a variety of other small fishes. Both the tourist population vacationing on the islands and the local population are accompanied by an increasing number of takers. These Andamanese cuisines are a combination of many others, including Bengali, Odisha, Tamilian, and many others.


Do not miss the bumper boats at Rajiv Gandhi Water Complex

These bumper boats offer a good fun experience for the tourists who ride them. its customers are mostly young adults and children visiting the Rajiv Gandhi water complex in Andaman’s capital city. You could glide through the pristine waters with delicate waves in these oddly shaped boats in an unusual yet enjoyable manner. Nonetheless, the real fun begins when you begin steering them with a few other bumper boats in a pool or specific area. So, rather than going alone, try these delightful bumper boat rides in a group. Furthermore, the Rajiv Gandhi water sports complex is the only location in the archipelago where you can ride a bumper boat.


Night Kayaking in the ocean waters surrounding Havelock Island

Kayaking on the calm seas of Andaman in the kayak may sound idyllic. It would absolutely be different from any of those cruise trips to Andaman, provided by any luxury liners. Unlike that, you will be leaving this deed in the middle of the night, over the mangrove creeks. You must be cautious not to be struck by any of the protruding spokes of the mangroves. There are many deserving ones on Havelock Island. And if you manage to visit them during the months when bioluminescence is visible in the ocean, it will be a wonderfully hypnotic experience.


Sail up to Parrot Island By dusk

This little island is near Baratang, so you may go there on a pleasant evening when thousands of parrots come to visit. Actually, no one lives on this island, thus it is exclusively inhabited by these birds, and it is frequently referred to as the “paradise of birds.” To reach Parrot Island, which is 30 kilometers distant, visitors must hire a Dunghi boat and sail for around half an hour. It is stated that at first, a few parrots fly around the entire island to check it. And then, 10 or 15 minutes later, thousands of more parrots arrive in regular patterns.

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