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Whether you need a getaway from your daily life schedule to a place with overwhelming sceneries and calmness, then Havelock is the prime option. The truest form of nature colors fills everywhere on this island and it offers a surreal beauty to this place. The colorful fringes of coral reefs, unending silvery beaches with blue waves, tropical rainforests, the foliage of mangrove forests, and evenings with beautiful sights of sunset are the description of this largest island in Ritchie’s Archipelago. This island got its name from British General Henry Havelock. The northern and western coastline of this beautiful inhabited island is popular for its limitless and attractive beaches. Since 1980 domestic and foreign tourists have been visiting this island. In the year 1996, the famous water sports activity scuba diving started here. Realizing the tourism potentiality of Havelock, the administration of Andaman associated with private sectors to attract foreign and domestic tourists. The islanders were also happy with the tourism projects because they knew that the tourism would improve their economic conditions also. Formerly fishing and agriculture were their only source of income for their livelihood. Approximately 1000 tourists visit Havelock. The private sector is active in providing boarding & transporting services and accommodation. In recent times, a drastic increase in havelock island resorts and hotels. Island tourism on this island is really successful. The Indian Prime Minister, Sri. Narendra Modi visited Andaman and Nicobar Islands in December 2018. At that time, he officially announced the new name of Havelock Island “Swaraj Dweep”.

Havelock Island always fascinates its tourists. It serves you with the amalgamation of luxury hotels with modern amenities, limitless turquoise ocean, water sports activities, and delicious food varieties. Nightlife is also active on this island with high-energy-giving bars and cafes. The majority of tourists do not know about the hookah bars and clubs in Andaman. Port Blair and Havelock are the only two locations where you can see fantastic parties and events. Bonova Pub – started in 2017- has immense popularity among tourists. The rich ambiance of this pub has superb interior decoration and DJ nights. Belly Dance and Valentine’s Night are two of the many events of this pub. You can also savor delicious seafood varieties here. Honeymooners, adventure buffs, shutterbugs, and all types of tourists visit this place all along the year. You can spend quality time in the tranquillity of Mother Nature while away participating in the recreational activities arranged by the resort/hotel where you stay. This island has plush hotels and resorts that provide extravagant stay options in the lap of its mystical nature. In recent past years, elephant safari has been started to entertain its guests. This safari would allow you to soak into the pleasing environs to its fullest. If you are a marine life lover, you can do snorkeling and scuba diving to observe lots of sea cucumbers, fishes, turtles, dolphins, and coral reefs. The famous beaches in Havelock have a plethora of marine life and colorful corals. They have numerous diving sites. The Seduction point is one of them which is a submerged huge rock covered by varieties of marine life. The Aquarium is another site that is 3 kilometers away from Elephant Beach. Inexperienced divers can do diving here. There is an abundance of colorful fishes and coral reefs. In the presence of clear water, one can easily see these colorful creatures. The lighthouse site is also near shallow waters. You can easily behold coral varieties and fish varieties here. The Pilot Reef site has a 24-meter depth and a large number of unique fishes and hard coral reefs. Only experienced divers are allowed here for diving. Turtle bay is for witnessing sea turtles. Coral varieties can be observed here. Since the depth is below 14 meters, inexperienced divers can dive here. Mac Point is for experienced divers, where you can reach by boat and has lots of hard corals and colorful fish schools. Sea cows and dugongs can be sighted at this site. Pilot Reef has 24 meters in depth which is only for experienced ones. You can easily observe hard corals and unique fishes. At the Minvera bridge site, experienced divers can easily view hard corals and a decent quantity of fish varieties. There is a group of dive masters and instructors on Havelock Island.

They have thorough knowledge about the island underwater. It is not a problem whether you are an experienced or inexperienced diver or just a beginner, you can go diving with them. A guide and equipment are provided by them. Other than scuba diving, they do other water activities like sea walking and snorkeling. To get a superb experience on your vacation, you can choose the right tour package for andaman.

Vijayanagar beach is one of the best beaches on Havelock Island. It is also named Beach no.5 and is locally familiar by the name of “Bongadera” which is nearby Vijaynagar Village. This is a relaxing place for both nature lovers and aqua-loving people. This beach is a less visited place on Havelock Island. However, for those who are in the quest for serenity and exquisiteness of nature, Vijayanagar Beach is the apt spot. At this place, we can feel the clear blue sky, smell the blue sky, and indulge ourselves in the transparent blue water with its softly lapping waves. The coastline is fringed with palm and coconut trees and other plants, and the soft white powdered beach stretches endlessly beneath the vast azure sky covering the turquoise ocean. When one reaches this beach, the stunning colorful canvas of this beach would make you fall head over heels for it. Only the sound of peaceful nature would come to your ears. You can see only a few tourists here relishing this beauty and indulging in sports activities. Adventure buffs visit this place to take part in the water sports activities such as snorkeling, hiking, trekking, kayaking, fishing, and swimming. You can see colorful fishes and soft corals under the sea while snorkeling here. The normal charge for snorkeling is 1500 INR. It will be better if you make an advance booking for this water activity. All of us have a special affection for beaches. We won’t get bored spending hours at a beach. In our native place also, when we get a chance to go to the beach, we never miss that. People normally gather there to celebrate the climate and to get relaxed from the daily stress. Beaches are magical. You can splash around in the shallow portion of this sea. The whole day this beach is open for its guests. Sunrise at this beach is undoubtedly spectacular. To capture its visuals, everybody clicks their camera. In the morning, you can see tropical birds and their melodious voice would soothe you.

Do not miss the chance to get the best pictures of sunrise when you are at Havelock Island. You can see the shining of the environment when the first sunrays touch them. This uninterrupted sunrise will be a real luxury to city dwellers. Sitting under the shades of coconut groves, you can keep gazing at the waves rocking the beach which is an untiring experience. It can bring out a thinker in you.

It makes some people write poems or stories or contemplate themselves. With its endless lapping waves, the ocean can inspire us also to have perseverance in our life. Strolling on a beach on bare feet touching the edge of the ripples and scaring tiny crabs into their den will make you a toddler. Do not forget to use sunblock if you do not want to get burned by the salt and sun of this beach. Wear sunglasses also while roaming around this beach during the daytime. The lush coconut and palm trees make your walk on the beach comfortable with relaxing breezes. There are shades on its beach, so you can swing in the hammock with your loved one while soft waves and breeze sing lullaby. It is really comfortable to take nap on this sugary beach under the canopy of this greenery. If your Andaman tour is with your family, you can picnic with them on this uncrowded beach. You should keep some snacks and water with you. We also remind you not to litter on this pristine beach. It is our duty to keep this island’s surroundings clean and preserve it for the next generation to get away to this island and have fun. Number 3 market in Havelock is close to this Vijayanagar beach. You can visit this market for shopping. Especially natives of this island frequent here for buying vegetables, fresh fish, and fruits. Handicrafts from corals can be found here. There is an emporium inside this market run by the government as well. You can interact with natives and learn more about their lifestyle and culture.

How to reach:

Vijay Nagar Beach is 38 kilometers away from Port Blair. Either by sea or air, you can come to Havelock Island. The most appropriate option is to travel by sea. Government and private ferries are there from Neil Island and Port Blair. To avoid any kind of stress, you can book a ticket for private ferries beforehand. Otherwise, you have to wait in queues for a long time.

From there, only a 9-kilometer distance is there to Vijaynagar Beach. By bus or by rickshaw or by rented vehicle either, you can reach this spot. Luggage trolleys are available at the Jetty to carry your luggage which makes it easy to move in and out of the Jetty. If you plan for a luxurious vacation, you can go on a cruise trip to reach Havelock Island from Port Blair.

Afterward, you can catch an air-conditioned bus to proceed with your journey towards Vijayanagar beach. Keep an adequate amount with you since there is no ATM center at this Vijayanagar Village.

Where to stay:

When you are planning to stay near Vijayanagar beach, choose one near the beach. After all, everybody visits Havelock Island to relish the beaches and its surroundings. Some beach resorts have private beaches also where you can treat your beloved to a romantic candlelit dinner under the star-filled sky. If you are planning a vacation with your wife, then keep this in mind.

Following are the name of Havelock island resorts from which you can choose one in accordance with your budget. Coral Reef, Symphony Palms, Gold India, White Coral, Dolphin, El Dorado, Pellicon, Pano Eco, The Whild Orchind, Agoda, Havelock Island Beach Resort, etc. Havelock Island Beach Resort is a superb place for having adventure and fun. You would get sea views from your cottage. In case you are eager to do water sports activities, this resort is the right choice for your stay because this resort itself books slots for different kinds of water sports activities. There is an outdoor swimming pool in this resort which is ideal for relaxing after sightseeing in and around Vijayanagar beach.

Best time to visit:

December, January, and February are the best time to visit this beach for tourists who are thrill seekers to enjoy the water sports in full swing. For snorkeling and scuba diving, these are the best months. Monsoon months are chosen by nature lovers to get to see the greenery as it comes alive during the time of rain and waterfalls are in their full glory. The first batch of monsoon winds blows over the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Honeymoon couples to enjoy the starting days of their life come to this island on these rainy days. The chilly and palm-fringed islands are pleasant on these days with less sunlight and dark clouds in the sky. By staying in a beachfront hotel or resort in Andaman, you can get to see the beauty of the ocean, beach, sky, and rain at the same time. In case you cannot resist the humidity and warm weather of the air on this island, it is better to not choose the summer season for your vacation. The temperature is 30 degrees and above on these days. From the morning after 10.30 to the evening at 3 o’clock, it is really hard to tolerate the climatic conditions. Still some tourists from countries having cold weather conditions visit this Vijayanagar Beach to sunbathe on the beach.

Other major attractions nearby:

Radhanagar Beach

The turquoise color of the crystal clear water, soft white sand, and the greenery behind are great treats for your eyes while visiting Radhanagar beach in Andaman during the daytime. In the year 2004, this beach appeared in the list of best beaches in Asia. Truly, it is heaven with endless green woods on the sides of the beach, desolate shores, vast azure sea under the canopy of blue silky sky. Sometimes, you can also spot elephants on the beach – will make you surprised. The winter season is the best time to visit here because of its humidity and heat during other times. It has an 11-km distance from Havelock Jetty. By bus, cabs, scooter/bike, or shared jeeps you can reach here from Jetty. There are bunches and beach beds where you can relax watching the clear blue waves till the sunset under the shades of green trees. Usually, sunset is around 5.30 pm here and tourists are not allowed after this time. This beach is also known as beach no.7 and is also there in the list of Asia’s best beaches.

Neil Cove:

This lagoon is on the left side of Radha nagar Beach – formed by a lush green forest. With a 10-minute walk from Radha nagar beach, you can reach here. From the guards at Radhanagar beach, you shall get the directions to this Neil cove. There are not any sign boards on the way to this beautiful cove with streams. This lesser-known wonderland is a lagoon with green vegetation and coral reefs. Photographers frequent here to get seldom shots of marine life. Crocodiles in the salty water are dangerous and tourists are not allowed to swim here on Neil Cove beach. Trees with ripened fruits are a normal eye-catching view in the forest. Fishes with different patterns and corals can be seen through the crystal-clear water in this lagoon. This blue lagoon is popular among birdwatchers. If you are searching for an idyllic place to embrace nature and its belongings, then you can visit here. With its fabulous vistas, this Neil Cove treats you warm-heartedly.

Elephant Beach

As the name suggests, don’t expect any elephants on this beach. This is famous for adventurous activities like scuba diving, jet skiing, banana boat riding, kayaking, and snorkeling. Snorkeling is the water activity we highly recommend doing at this beach as it owes beautiful corals and an abundance of other marine life. Since this is surrounded by jungles, trekking is also possible here. Because of the absence of a road and the presence of tropical forests, this beach can be accessed only by boat/ferry from Havelock. Local people trek via the tropical forest to reach this beach. The months before the rain is the suitable time to visit this beach. First aid kits are available on this beach as reaching the hospital nearby will take approximately 20 minutes. Your enjoyment on the beach is allowed from early morning to till 4 pm. You should carry your snack bag throughout your journey here as there are only a few shops available on this beach and they will charge extra money for their transportation. The mangrove forest near this beach is a must-visit place because of its enticing greenery.

Kalapathar Beach

White sand, black stones, and green forests on the shore will make a color contrast with the blue sea on Kalapathar beach. It is a pristine beach and its water is too clear so that you can witness coral reefs floating. You should carry your food and water while traveling to this beach as there are no resorts or restaurants close to this beach. Once you have your food, try to put the waste in the dustbin as the islands are kept neat and clean always. Compared to other beaches, this beach is less crowded and this is the main reason it attracts families among tourists. No water sports activities and swimming are allowed here due to the black rocks. This beach is famous for its sunrise view. So the best time to visit here is early morning. You can do romantic walks on this beach enjoying the calm environment. By boat or by cab, you can reach here from Havelock. Kalapathar is a village nearby the beach. On your visit to this beach, you will get a glimpse of the life and culture of these villagers.

Govindnagar Beach

For beach bums who like seclusion, Govindnagar beach is one of the finest Havelock Island beaches. This is mainly known as beach no.3. It is famous for its solitude and stunning beauty. Exact like Kalapathar Beach, the serene ambiance creates a positive vibe for rejuvenation and relaxation in the bosom of Mother Nature. You can bring your favorite book to read while sitting under the shade of trees along the beachside. A barefoot shoreline walk with your beloved will not only help you to enjoy the relaxed walk but burn your calories too. Sugary sands on your barefoot are a type of massage. The island vibe you get from here will help you to decrease stress. Being near this ocean, with the wave sound is extremely soothing. Swimming and other water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling can be done here. As the Nemo reef can be seen here, this beach is also known as Nemo beach. By cab/scooter or by foot either, you can reach here from Havelock jetty. Morning and evening are the best time during the daytime as there is a possibility of sunburn during the afternoon. Coconut water sold by the shops on beaches will keep you hydrated during your stay on this beach. Views of sunrise and sunset are giving a great appreciation for the scenic beauty of the island. Nearby hotels with modern amenities will provide you with a comfortable stay.

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