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Andaman and Its Entrancing Water Sports

Some great man was wise enough to utter that your life would be at ease with an ocean breeze. However, Andaman and its alluring beaches adjoining them will rouse you more than leaving you at peace. Well, we are hashing about nothing else, but the thrilling water sports activities offered to its curious visitors. Its pristine ocean waters lapping over those sun-kissed beaches could tempt anyone to dip themselves in. For which, you do not necessarily have to be a water enthusiast. Anyhow, by indulging in any of the aquatics, you have those exceptional chances to explore more of Andaman. So when you are holidaying in these exotic Islands, never miss trying these exhilarating water activities. You will be astonished by the magnificent coral reef formations underneath the surface ocean waters in Andaman. In fact, the water sports made available to the tourists here are known to be one among the best in the entire country, thanks to the crystal clear ocean waters and right intensity of waves lapping on to the shores. Urtripadvisor will help you to indulge in these exhilarating water sports activities at affordable prices if you are booking their all-inclusive travel packages. Then at the end of the day, you will be gaining some terrific life experiences from this dreamy land to be cherished forever.

Different Sorts of Water Activities for You to Indulge

Water activities of Andaman have got no limits! You have got varied aquatics to choose from. If some of them are by gliding across the surface waters, the others will make you dive deep into the ocean and explore the marvels underneath. Moreover, it would be no wrong in saying that water activities are the crowd-pullers for the heavy rush of tourists to these exotic Islands. The crystalline ocean waters are just ideal for trying out these exhilarating aquatics. So one cannot discern which sport has got more takers and which one the least. In fact, each of them would be appropriate to be tried out in each distinctive location.

The most popular among them is of Scuba diving, followed by Snorkelling and sea walking. In all of these activities, you could delve deep into the ocean waters and explore the rich marine life of the Andaman Islands. If speed thrills you, never miss endeavouring for jet skiing and speed boating, where you will be gliding across the surface water just like a fish. Meanwhile, if you are vacationing in a group, go for the enjoyable Glass bottom boat ride or the fun-filled Banana boat riding. Kayaking is perfect for experiencing those tranquil locations of the Islands.

Sea Walking

How would it be to stroll across the ocean floors while underwater fishes will be seen swimming along with you? Sounds cool right? Well, when you are holidaying in these exotic Islands, you could make this fantasy a reality. Since the transparency of Andaman seawater is comparatively very higher, you could have mesmerizing visuals of underwater marvels. Of late, when compared with all other water activities in Andaman, Sea walking has got many takers from the tourists holidaying in the islands. While strolling across these ocean beds, vibrant fishes will be seen swimming along with you, so do the national animal of Andaman, Dugong.

For endeavouring in the exciting activity, you will be attached to breathable headgear. Once wearing them, you could stroll across the ocean floors just like any marine creature living in the depths of the sea. Unlike scuba diving, you will not be required to swim continuously while sea walking. You are also going to be astonished by the magnificent coral reef formations found in the waters of the Andaman Sea. The most recommended spots to indulge in sea walking are North Bay Island and Havelock.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving sessions in the Andaman Sea are going to be indeed mesmerizing with the rich biodiversity present in the water. Whether it is the flamboyant fishes, alluring coral reef formations or other marine creatures, all of these stunning entities are going to be incredibly visible to you, thanks to the higher transparency level of ocean waters in Andaman. Even otherwise, scuba diving is a fascinating thing to do in the pristine ocean water just like any other exhilarating water activities indulged in the archipelago. In fact, such bewitching scuba diving experiences are one of the major reasons to receive thousands of tourists to the Andaman Islands.

Safety is never a matter of concern here while engaging in scuba diving, as you will be equipped with good quality masks, wetsuits, air cylinder, diving finds and regulator besides accompanying a PADI certified instructor. While vacationing here, never miss diving in North Bay Island, Neil Island, Havelock Island and Port Blair, as most of them will offer you some spectacular visuals of live corals and innumerable sea-dwellers. The rates charged for scuba diving would wholly depend on the location you are diving, the duration and at times, the ocean depth you are taken to.


The surrounding scenic views from the exotic Andaman Islands could lure you to try out anything interesting. Then why not go parasailing across the azure ocean waters of Andaman? You will never regret that decision in your life, as the thrilling experience is going to make your adrenaline rush. They are actually, yet another form of surfing until you are taken up by the huge parachute. When you are parasailing here in Andaman, the white sanded beaches and their contrasting turquoise blue ocean waters will be acquiring more ethereal beauty while they are witnessed from the sky.

To go parasailing, you will be attached to a parachute from your shoulders, meanwhile from the other end, you will be pulled over by a speed boat to provide that required acceleration. You will be swishing and twirling across the crystalline ocean waters of the Islands. And once you had reached that definite speed, you will gradually be moving upward, just like any flying seabird. There is no wrong in asserting, parasailing is one of the most nerve-wracking water activities in Andaman. Elephant Beach, Carbyn’s Cove Beach, and North Bay Islands are the most recommended locations to try out parasailing in Andaman.


Snorkelling is not like any other water activities in Andaman! It is said so as you are exploring the underwater marvels on your own. If you are trying them in shallow waters, you won’t even be requiring the assistance of any certified instructors. With those exclusively designed snorkels or goggles, you could witness the splendid marine life with your naked eyes. Vibrant fishes and magnificent coral reef formations are going to blow your mind up. The most highlighting part of these aquatics is that you do not require swimming or dive to witness these stunning sights. But you only need to snorkel just beneath the surface waters.

The higher transparency rate of the Andaman ocean waters when compared with all other beach destinations of the country makes snorkelling truly worthy. Apart from a huge variety of fishes, you could also take a look at adoring sea-dwellers and live corals in their natural habitats. They are actually preserved at these coastal belts for the visiting tourists to explore on their eventful expedition in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Ideal locations for you to indulge in worthy snorkelling sessions are Jolly Buoy Island, North Bay Island, Havelock Island, Red Skin Island and North Bay Island.

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