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September 14, 2022

The term tourism is meant by the movement of people to a place away from they reside for
enjoyment and job-related purposes. The tourist will not be salaried at the destination, but the
destination will economically develop. This economical development is dependent on the
quality of tourism that is safety and security of tourists and tourist places. The motto of
tourist places in Kerala is to make the tourists feel protected and safe during their stay and to
improve tourism year on year. Kerala is safer than any other state in India while considering
its present stable state. Not only the environmental beauty of Kerala, but its safety measures
also attract worldwide tourists to Kerala. Tourists should be aware of the risks while chasing
adventures, so always be careful about the rule and precautions. Its beaches are protected by
stone barriers which make them safe for swimming.

Law and Order

It exists in favor of people's safety here in Kerala. There is an act called Kerala Tourism Act
that came into effect in 2005 which gives protection to the environment for tourism. To
prevail this law, your cars and belongings will be checked during your travel and at the
entrance of your destination. Police in Kerala reassure the safety and well-being of tourists.
Independent judiciary, police force, and wide-awake media help Kerala not to deviate from
its peaceful living. Kerala’s Pink police; specially trained lady polices guarantee excessive
security to make the women feel secure even in the night time. They have strict policies and
work the whole day, especially for women and children. Apart from this pink police,
Government also provides a helpline number for women and buses only for women. Kerala is
graded as No.1 for its law and order in India.  Kerala Law and order helps to have a safe

High Literacy

Literacy has an impact on the social and financial development of people that influences their
characteristics and lifestyle. Enhanced literacy in a state helps people to develop their talents
and skills. Thus they improve the economical structure of the state by deleting their
superstitious beliefs from their life. Due to the high literacy rate in Kerala when compared to
the other states in India, people could achieve a quality of life and standards of living at their
best. This improves the medical amenities, economic development, and recreational activities
of the state. Advanced medical amenities aid the decrement in death rate and rate in infant
mortality. This leads Kerala to be a low-population state. World famous medical facilities
attract tourists to Kerala for their treatment.  Literate people with sense are a helping hand in
tourism. The main portion of the population is filled by middle-class families.
This gives economic stability to the state which makes Kerala one of the best tourist places in
India. The poverty rate in Kerala is comparatively low. The comforts and luxuries cherished
by the tourists are an example of the development of the state. Keralite literacy makes Kerala
the most hospitable and friendliest state in India.  The culture here in Kerala is open-minded
and they respect women and promote gender equality.

Supportive and generous locals

The support and generosity of locals are the subjects of praise that makes Kerala one of the
favorite and safest spots in India. The friendly talk regarding the places, food, culture, stay,

and a lot more things with locals in their broken English makes your experience more
memorable. With open hearts and arms, they welcome you to their state. For a single female
traveler, locals here in Kerala are a great help. Their hospitality is a factor that makes them
different from others. Though the Portughese traders and sailors, Dutchers, and Britishers had
made an influence on the diversity of culture and religion, Keralites keep their traditions
followed. Religious equality in Kerala is one of the reasons for their generous behavior.
During your homestay in Kerala, you can feel cared for and belong to them. this stay will
make you know more about their culture and traditions.  Homestay is perfect for solo woman
tourists. Other than delicious foods, you come to know about the importance of hospitality for
which Keralites are famous.

Interconnected public transportation

Public transport plays a significant role in tourism as it is the link between starting and ending
points of tourism. With this transportation, travelers can be traveled safely and comfortably at
a low cost. The main road transportation in Kerala is KSRTC buses which are not only for
public transportation but for parcel service also. This connects different people and places
with improved traveling standards. A network of the bypass road, flyovers, and National,
district, and state Highways helps this transportation in being successful in tourism.
Reasonable cost without giving tips is the main attraction of this facility. Other public
transportations available in Kerala are cabs, rikshaws, and boats which connect metros, rails,
ships, and flights. They take people with full capacity from one place to another. Prepaid
taxis and rental taxis are available here. An international driving license is enough to drive
these cabs on Kerala roads. Double Decker buses are an attraction among KSRTC buses
which is a part of the history of Kerala transport for 15 years. Canals, rivers, backwaters, and
the sea make water transportation possible in tourism. Air transportation is time-saving
transportation among other transportation and is free from surface obstacles.

Covid-19 precautions

This deadly disease has a hard hit on tourism and travel, which plays a major part in
economic development. In the second wave, because of the studies, practices, and attitudes
helped this industry to make a move to get its glory back. In the third wave, as the practices
to avoid Covid-19 remain unchanged, tourism began to flourish. Travel restrictions and
containment measures in Kerala state helped to lower the mortality rate in Kerala. According
to state officials, Kerala’s quick test results let the people take early treatment in home
isolation which made limited the virus’ path to infect others and that is the reason for the
lowest death rate.  The Covid-19 precautions in Kerala that makes Kerala one of the best
places to travel in India, are to encourage safe and smooth travel and thus to get back the
confidence in tourists as key priorities to support travel and tourism. The world-famous
medical facilities and dedicated doctors made the fight against the coronavirus successful.
Kerala tourism follows the Covid-19 precautions from the starting point to the ending point
of a traveler.

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