Kerala BlogWhy Munnar is a Must-See Destination?

August 4, 2022

When holidaying in a diverse state of Kerala, you would obviously have heard of Munnar, which is otherwise known as Kashmir of the south. The ethereal natural beauty that this stunning hill station does possess is incomparable and Munnar has been attracting tourists from different parts of the country and even worldwide. It is even visited by tourists from all across the globe. There are quite many aspects about Munnar tourism above all others is its stunning and worthy tourist spots. This popular tourist destination would surprise them with numerous mesmerising waterfalls, verdant tea estates, serene lakes, charming grasslands, magnificent viewpoints and a lot more such enticing things. Given below are some of the must-see attractions that would make Munnar one of the best places in Kerala.

Eravikulam National Park

Eravikulam National Park is yet another must-visit places in Munnar, and it is due to the presence of Nilgiri Tahr. This adorable animal is listed as endangered species and Munnar is one of the few places, they are being spotted. This region with rich biodiversity was established as a protected space in the year 1978 and was recognised later as a National Park. If you happen to go for a Munnar honeymoon trip, you may try to arrange it during the time of Neelakurinji Blooming in the sloppy hills of Eravikulam National Park. However, such a natural wonder only does happen only once in 12 years. The animals that are spotted here are Sambar Deer, Langurs, Malabar Civets and numerous other rare birds.

Lockhart Tea Museum

The Lockhart Tea Factory, established in 1879, was the first group of plantations in the Devikulam area. On your tour of the old factory, which was transformed into a museum in 2014, you will witness numerous significant tea leaf cultivation devices, such as fletchers, sprayers, shears, and other harvesting apparatus. You may also taste the plant’s authentic teas, besides knowing deeply about Munnar hill station and the influence of tea cultivation on it. You may simply purchase some of their freshly treated tea leaves from their outlets if you wish to take them. On one side of the museum, there is a watchtower from which you can see Chokramudi Peak, which is considered one of the best places to see in Munnar.

Attukad Waterfalls

A 2.5-kilometre trip from the Highway between Kochi and Madurai will take you to the Attukad Waterfalls. After it was uncovered from the enormous expanse of lush greenery, not much had changed. When contrasted to its equivalent at Cheyappara, tourists inquiring about Attukad are still uncommon. A trip to the waterfalls would be well worth your time on your Munnar trip, which is one of the best tourist places in Kerala. The falls are particularly spectacular during the monsoon season when the river gushes over the rocky ground. Those noises could only be heard in the tranquillity of the forest. This natural wonder is completely free to enter.

Kundala Lake

The amazing beauty of this man-made lake may make anyone doubt its very existence. An arched-shaped reservoir has increased the spirituality of the location. Your perfect weekend journey to Munnar would not be complete unless you sail in the Kashmiri-shikar kind of tiny boats. Such an activity would be included in most of those Munnar honeymoon packages, as this is a romantic thing to do for couples. Even otherwise, for admiring yet another beautiful side of this Kundala Lake is that you may pedal through the gorgeous lake on your own. It could be visited when you are travelling to Top Station, which is yet another popular tourist spot in Munnar. What makes Munnar from other hill stations in Kerala is that there are diverse places and sights to explore for the travellers visiting.

Lakkom Water Falls

If Eravikulam National Park is on the Munnar trip package, a visit to Lakkom Water Fall is a must. The verdant tea plantation on the path leading to the falls provides an excellent opportunity for clicking spectacular pictures. Besides that, you may take stunning photographs of the gushing Pambar River tributary in the form of an attractive stream. Because of the stream’s cleanliness, you could even see fish swimming beside your toes after you wade into the cool waters of the falls. If you are an adventure-seeking tourist, you may go trekking in the rugged terrains of Lakkom during your Munnar visit. Furthermore, entry to Lakkom Falls is free of charge.

Lake Mattupetty

Mattupetty Lake is the first and maybe most approachable site on your exploration, making them one of the top places in Munnar. Boating on its peaceful waters could be a fun activity for any nature lover, especially if they happen to see the ancient Mattupetty dam on one of those long treks through the woods. Such a brave excursion into the woods will never be forgotten, as they will offer you breath-taking views of the lakeside flanked by undulating hills on all sides. In addition, the nearby dam is unique in construction that it is a concrete gravity storage embankment.


The enchanting beauty of the shimmering clouds touching the hilltop will make you feel as if you are in terrestrial heaven. The gorgeous hilly terrain is frequently excluded from the list of popular places to visit in Munnar, despite being known as one of the most adventurous trekking spots among the travellers flocking to Munnar. There had been a huge rush on the premises as more travellers chose Meesapulimala for taking their most adventurous photos with the spectacular scenery in the backdrop. As a result, the government prohibited the local path from Kollukumala due to the highly sensitive ecosystem that exists there. The Kerala Forest Development Corporation is currently organising tour packages. It is available at a cost of Rs.4000 per individual.

Top Station

If any regular Munnar travel enthusiast had previously visited the area, they might have only casually heard of Top Station. The location is well-known for its vast miracle of Neelakurinji blooming. During that time, this spot would become one of the most beautiful places in Kerala. However, it was only recently that the location became a popular vacation spot. The enchanting tourist destination was named after an extinct railway station located high in the Munnar hill station. You could indeed take a stroll around the postcolonial hill town, which was once a major tea transhipment point. Furthermore, after a pause from the clichéd hilly sightseeing, come and explore the region’s history together.

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