Is Andaman and Nicobar Islands a state?

No. Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the Union territories of India that was established in 1956. Among 836, only 37 islands of the archipelago are inhabited.

Had tourism reopened post covid -19 pandemic lockdown?

Yes. However, one needs to follow certain rules and regulation set aside by the tourism department of the island at the wake of covid, including wearing masks and social distancing.

Which is the currency of Andaman?

Being an Indian Union territory, the currency used here is Indian rupee.

What are the major tourist attractions of Andaman?

Havelock Island, Cellular Jail Museum, Neil Island, Baratang, Diglipur, Radhanagar beach, Jolly Buoy Beach and Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park are the major tourist attractions of Andaman.

Had the ferry services between Chennai and Andaman resumed after lockdown declared due to the covid pandemic?

Yes. The passenger ship started plying to Andaman in May 2020 after closure for 2 months.

Do the tourists have to show the report of Covid test on the arrival?

Yes. The authorities at the airport will be checking the RTPCR test report from any ICMR recognised lab, which is not more than 2 days. Also, the tourist had to go to institutional quarantine, if they are tested positive on arrival.

Had the visiting time of tourist locations altered post-pandemic?

Yes. The visiting hours of some tourist locations have been limited, such as the 10 am to 5 pm schedule in beaches. Besides that, the number of visitors at Cellular Jail is being reduced, so is the seating capacity for the Light and Sound show.


Which is the peak season for tourists in Kerala?

Tourists usually rush to Kerala from November to mid-February, when then climate is warm and not too hot. Even otherwise, the weather of the state is neither too hot nor cold and is tolerable.

Had tourism in Kerala resumed after the wake of Covid 19 pandemic?

Yes, but all tourist destinations are ordered to follow strict covid protocols such as wearing mandatory masks, social distancing, providing online tickets and limited visiting hours. However, some resorts and spas are not yet opened.

What is the normal climate in Kerala?

The climate of this tropical state of Kerala is neither too hot nor too cold. So the tourists could visit them at any times of the year. Furthermore, one needs to take extra care while travelling in the monsoon season spanning from June to mid-August.

Once arriving in Kerala, Are there any rules to be followed during Covid 19 pandemic?

Currently, domestic tourists who are not going to stay more than 7 days do not require staying in quarantine. Otherwise, they must show the report of their RTPCR or Rapid Antigen test which is not more than 2 days old. Anyhow, they are recommended to wear mandatory face masks, carry sanitisers and pre-book hotels and entry tickets (if any).

What are the major tourist attractions of Kerala?

Munnar, Wayanad, Athirapally, Varkala, Alleppey, Kovalam, Kumarakom, Thekkady and Kochi are the major tourist attraction of Kerala.

Are there enough public transportation facilities in Kerala?


Where is Kerala located?

Kerala is located to the south-western tip of India. On its western side is the Arabian Sea, Karnataka to the North and Tamil Nadu to its South and Eastern stretch.

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