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January 24, 20230

Kerala has become a top-rated tourist destination by its discerning tourists from inside and outside of India. With its different facets of Kerala tourism – beach tourism, backwater tourism, pilgrimage tourism, cultural tourism, health tourism, and wildlife tourism, this state of India is the most trusted and sought tourism brand. Among these tourism facets, beach tourism is the most important one. After Goa, Kerala is a renowned beach destination in India. The 700-km length coastline with its rocky promontories, sandy beaches, and coconut groves offers tranquillity, endless peace, and fun to its visitors. The potential of unknown beaches in Kerala is immense and so many of the beaches remain moderately deserted when compared to Goa’s crowded beaches. Kovalam is one of Kerala’s most famed beaches for both domestic and foreign tourists. It has partly black-colored sand on its shore and is an attraction during the winter season. Three beaches – Lighthouse, Samudra, and Hawa – and the art gallery – complicated paintings and antiques- and local seafood varieties, and the Ayurvedic treatment sessions make Kovalam a complete tourist spot to be refreshed. Visitors of this beach are enthralled by adventure sports activities like snorkeling, surfing, and scuba diving. Kovalam has a 15-kilometer distance from Thiruvananthapuram town. It is very easy to access Kovalam beach even by public transport. Varieties of resorts, hotels, ayurvedic centers, and homestays are available to support tourism in this coastal town. We, Urtripadvisor – The Best Honeymoon Tour Operator– have launched honeymoon packages including this paradise with beachfront resorts to make your days after marriage more sweet and lovely. Natives of this town make handicrafts and jewelry to get extra income from this tourism. Some of them make daily income by renting sun beds, surfboards, and umbrellas for visitors. The tranquility experienced from this beach and the vision of the blue sea cannot be explained in one or two words. The nightlife in Kovalam is not very showy. A mix of music, dance, food, and drinks is included in the nightlife. You can enjoy the vision of the sea while having food and drinks from a seafront cafe.

The Travancore Maharaja Balarama led the public eye to this fishing village Kovalam at first. The guest of this royal family from foreign countries discovered the possibility of Kovalam as a family vacation destination. In the 1980s, Bohemian tourists caused the fame of Kovalam to be increased. Afterward, realizing the potentiality of this place, Kerala Government proposed several tourism projects. Now, Kovalam is transformed drastically from a fishing village filled with groves of coconut trees and cultivation of coconut oil, and manufacturing of coir to a renowned tourist destination on the tourism map. If you are looking for an affordable package to relish on this beautiful beach, you can contact urtripadvisor – the best travel agent in Kerala.

This little paradise with picturesque beaches and coconut trees always welcomes its visitors warm-heartedly. Kovalam has three beaches along the 17 km coastline namely, Samudra beach, Hawa beach, and Lighthouse beach. There are rocky outcroppings between them to separate these three beaches. These beautiful beaches and tall and lush coconut trees will full-heartedly welcome you to its lap. There are a lot of curios selling shops near these beaches. The ornate sandalwood and rosewood statues and other handicrafts will present a nice memory of this place in the future. Silk sarongs and colorful lungis can be purchased from the shops. Exquisite ornaments and traditional ornaments can be bought from here.

Some shops sell authentic spices of Kerala, cardamom, saffron, and fenugreek.

Lighthouse beach is the most famous and largest beach among the three beaches. There is a lighthouse on the Kurumkal hill with a height of 35 m at the southern side of this beach painted in white and red. This is fully made out of stone. The lighthouse on the palm-covered hill is the landmark of this beach. Officially this is Vizhinjam lighthouse. From the observation platform on the top of this lighthouse, you can get a panoramic view of the surroundings. In the year 1972, this lighthouse began to function. When it got modified in 2003, it became more convenient for tourists to climb the 142 steps to reach its top and get to see the arresting sight. The lighthouse remains open from morning 10 o’clock to evening 6 o’clock. On Mondays, it remains closed. People choose this crowded beach to visit not only to view the scenic beauty but for enjoying the water activities also. Swimming, parasailing, and surfing can be enjoyed here. The surfing club at Kovalam conducts the surfing competition on this lighthouse beach. This club also provides classes for those who like surfing. The surfers are mostly from fishing communities. Shutterbugs like this place as it offers excellent snaps with palm fringes, glistening sand, azure water, rocking waves, and the lighthouse in a backdrop. The whole day, this beach is open for its visitors.

Hawa beach is on the north side of the lighthouse beach. Eve’s beach is another name for this beach surrounded by groves of palm trees. This immaculate beach is renowned for its beautiful views and is apt for unwinding and pampering with your partner. Getting relaxed in a place that gives mental peace is the ultimate aim of every single person who lives amid the chaos of the city. This less crowded can be chosen for that. During the morning time, fishermen occupy this beach. Wooden fishing boats are common on this beach. However, it is good to watch the fishermen catch fish. Due to the presence of a strong water current, swimming is not allowed here. At certain points, swimming is allowed. You can experience the dazzling view of the rising sun and the setting sun on this beach.

Samudra beach is on the northern side of Kovalam. Of the massive promontories and disjointed fissures, this beach is isolated from the other two beaches. This is the less crowded and calmest beach in Kovalam. This serenity attracts tourists, especially honeymoon couples to spend some quality time with their partner, where they get complete privacy. To make your Kerala honeymoon trip a magical and memorable one, choose a package from our site – Samudra beach’s coastline is mainly used by native fishermen. Since Kovalam has developed a lot because of tourism, this beach is still unnoticed by many because of the ridge that separates this beach from other coastlines. There are a lot of homestays available near this beach. They are very comfortable to stay in and offer an authentic Kerala home ambiance at reasonable rates.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands – the best Honeymoon Destination

You can make your honeymoon days amazing and gorgeous if you choose a magical place to celebrate it. Being on a secluded island will render you a feeling that you both are alone in a place where none is around. And the turquoise water, white sandy beaches, lush coconut tree groves, and tropical cocktails will convert your fairy-tale dream into reality.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are such an ideal location to be in and blend with nature for newly-wedded couples. They can explore and stretch according to their hearts’ will during their stay at the resorts. They can simply walk through the serene shores of the seashore and can hear the rustling of the wind through the leaves of palm trees. In this drop-dead gorgeous island group, they could feel that they have eloped from their real world and are now in the Garden of Eden.

In the majority of Andaman Honeymoon packages, resorts and hotels provide candlelight dinners as complimentary. Try to book your room in a seafront resort with a private beach. Most of the resorts will set your dinner at the private beach full of lights to enjoy the moments. You can even dance to some slow romantic music with your soulmate. On a full moon day, the reflection of the full moon befalling upon the couples creates a sense of rejuvenation. You can relish the night with the person you are very enamored with. Hotels in Andaman and Nicobar where you stay will decorate rooms and beds. There are picturesque places to visit that are beyond description. Even a blind can take beautiful photographs wherever he sets his tripod. The output of the photos he produces will still be perfect shots. Catch some lovely moments to make memories with the help of your guide. You can lazily lie on the golden beach on each other’s laps and spread unconditional love watching the panoramic sunset. There are hotels and homestays which provide decent facilities and services for a fair price. Select appropriate Andaman tour packages from our site to get away to this island group.

The rustic charm of Port Blair attracts every tourist to look into its beauty. Nature excursions, marine parks, and beaches make Port Blair the hot pick for honeymooners. You can celebrate your most wonderful moments in the middle of colorful coral reefs and fishes with vivid patterns. Water activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving will give the opportunities to do so. The evening show at Cellular Jail will set a nice mood. Lying on a hammock with your partner enjoying the sea view and napping are some of the sweet love memories that you can preserve for your future. Munda Pahar is the beach for a romantic walk with your partner admiring the golden lights emerging from the sun and the shades of the sky at the time of sunset.

Havelock Island is a kind of heaven with beautiful beaches. The blue sea water and the sunset view boost Havelock’s charm. Resorts on the beach side with private beaches and shacks make the honeymoon memorable. You can explore the tropical jungles covered with rice fields by bike.

Havelock beaches are famed for diverse coral reefs. You can enjoy scuba diving with your partner to get a view of underwater life. The moments underwater would offer you a special romance that is totally different from your other experiences. The moments when you discover underwater life with your partner holding hands will give immense pleasure and joy that are inexplicable. This unusual situation will increase your mutual confidence and love. Kayaking is an add-on to your romantic mood on your honeymoon days. While Kayaking, you will be alone with your partner, and the tranquility in the atmosphere helps to improve your communication with your partner and to be a good team as partners. If you plan your trip between November and February, you will get a chance to experience bioluminescence on your night kayaking. You feel like the sky has come down on earth with its stars while you move the paddle on the water. Kayaking at night is after sunset and the duration will be about 3 hours. While your stay in Havelock, go for a cruise ride where you can plan for a candlelit dinner which will be quite different from the dinner on the beach.

The biodiversity of Neil Island and its serene beaches are apt for your honeymoon days. Some of the forest portions have been reduced for rice cultivation. These rice fields in Neil Island offer you a nice sight to your eyes. Since this island is in a small area, you can go for a walk with your partner to see the whole island with a relaxing vibe. The four sandy beaches – Ramnagar, Lakshmanpur, Sitapur, and Bharatpur – are clean and have picturesque views. Beaches excluding Bharatpur are secluded, where you can spend quality time with your partner. These kinds of secluded beaches and calming aura of the islands drastically improved Andaman tourism. Bharatpur beach is famous for its colorful coral reefs, where you can do snorkeling. And also you can indulge yourself in glass floor boating, scuba diving, and sea walking. For watching marine turtles under the seawater, you should get a permit to visit Small Neil. Howrah Bridge in Neil – naturally bridge-shaped rock is a great attraction on Neil Island. Living corals formed this bridge shape best during the time of low tide. A photo with the background of this bridge will be an amazing one in your photo collections. By taxi, bicycle, 2- wheeler, or rickshaw, you can reach this bridge shape. The Bengalis who live in this area, entertain the visitors with their folk music and dances which show their culture. You can also participate in their dance. Nowadays Neil Island is also famous as a wedding destination with a background of turquoise sea water and silver sand. The sunset view and sunrise view with pink and red colors also offer great backgrounds for your wedding. During sunset, you can retake your wedding vows with your partner without any hindrance from the crowd.

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