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The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, located along the northeast side of the Indian Ocean are a Union Territory of India. Nearly 300 islands are bestowed with coral reefs, in which fringing reefs are maximum in quantity and barrier reefs are few, possessing rich diversity of gorgonids, corals, giant clams, ornamental fish, echinoderms, and other rare marine species. Recent studies about the corals say that about 418 species of coral reefs and 45 mushroom corals are present in Andaman and Nicobar Island groups. The sites included in this study were famous tourist spots, so these sites are featured by anthropological influences. Dead and bleached coral reefs and clams were noticed in these sites. This happened because of climatic changes. Because of the El-Nino Effect, the sea temperature rises, influencing the climatic conditions of tropical regions. As a result of this effect, more than 23% of corals near these island groups were lost in 2016.

Havelock Island is the most popular island in Andaman and Nicobar, which is frequently visited by tourists from all over the world. Preserving the truest form of nature, this picturesque paradise has become a favorite of many. The northern and western coastline of this beautiful inhabited island is popular for its limitless and attractive beaches. With lovely and smooth waves, this coastline is filled with a plenitude of corals and other marine life. At the harbor of Havelock Island, we can see that the tourists flock to the pier for beholding fishes in the seawater with much excitement. From this, it is obvious that the tourists are very eager to learn about marine organisms. For exploring these mysteries underwater, scuba diving is an exact option. Two slots are there for scuba diving; one is early morning and the other is afternoon. The rate for each one is varied because the visibility and the chances of seeing breathing corals are high in the early morning slot. The early morning slot is between 6 and 7. Moreover, if you choose the morning slot, the seawater will not be so hot and you can finish it before noon to do other things on Havelock Island. The winter season is the right time to visit this island for diving because the temperature will be below 28 degrees Celsius. The temperature is humid and hot on these islands and the climate is sunny on most of the days throughout the dry season, presenting an impression of a genuine and clean environment. This is the main pull factor drawing tourists to this island. There is no need to pre-book your slot for diving because andaman tourism hotels in Havelock itself do it. In case, you would like to book a slot for scuba diving, you can choose diving centers like Bareroot, ScubaLov, or DiveIndia either. On Havelock Island, tourists can dive from shore and by boat. Diving centers are equipped with the necessary gear. Scuba diving needs special equipment for breathing underwater such as an air tank- through this equipment air comes, regulator- through this you breathe, weights – help not to float up in the water, and fins – help to move quickly in water.

There are mainly two kinds of divers among tourists. The first group is named try divers in which the majority have no experience in diving. The second group includes experienced divers. They visit Havelock Island in search of advanced diving sites that are far away from the coastline. These advanced diving sites are superb quality wise and the expectations of the visitors here are high. The majority of the diving sites in Havelock are try divers, which are close to the beach. Presently there are only 5 diving sites with advanced quality. The domestic tourists to this island come to “try dive”. The reason behind this is that the majority of Indians have no passport.

Nemo reef is the best scuba diving site in Havelock, which is also familiar as a beginner’s site. The shallow, sheltered water and light slope of the ocean bed make it easy and safe to dive for beginners. The maximum depth of this site is between 15 and 20 meters. You need not know how to swim to dive at this site because this diving is from the seashore itself. The northern coastline has this Nemo reef site. It has no current but clear visibility. The Nemo reef site has suitable conditions for newbies to have their introductory diving sections. With its swimming pool-like surrounding, this site has a baby reef and white sand and is near the shore. Then it divides into 2 fringing reefs. While diving here, you can see surgeonfish, parrotfish, rabbitfish, five species of anemonefish, bannerfish, snappers, queenfish with sweet lips, hunting trevallies, barracudas, needlefish, Sea moths, Seahorses, Devil scorpionfish, Angler flounder, Molluscs, Flying gurnards, Crinoids, Angler flounders, Honeycomb moray eel, and butterflyfish. Cephalopod varieties such as Cuttlefish, squid, and octopus are residents of this Nemo site. The file snake and sea kraits can be seen here, together with Kuhl’s sting ray. Crinoids, Molluscs, sponges polychaetes, crustaceans, and many more types of invertebrates are also visible here. The humphead parrotfish and Damselfish eating on corals are very beautiful to behold at this spot. The mangroves adjacent to this site have different types of marine organisms. An adventure junkie like you should definitely go diving at this spot. You can capture beautiful photos and videos of your adventure game. The presence of rocky shore and mangrove forest create difficulty to access the coral reefs in many parts of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This is the reason why Nemo reef has got this much popularity. Easily we can enter and exit from this site and swimming is not needed to reach this spot. And this spot is well protected from wind all along the year.

The physical features of this dive spot are perfect for beginners in scuba diving to get the most wonderful experience. Without thinking about NDL (no-decompression limits), you can spend an average of 60 minutes underwater at this spot to experience the maximum fun exploring marine life. High tide is the most appropriate time to dive at this site as the water will be clear and we can clearly see the topography of this coral reef. At the time of low tide, the water level is low and thus visibility is not good. At the Govindanagar Beach in Havelock, you can see some seldom Nemo reefs. Because of these Nemo reefs, this beach is also known as Nemo beach. Andaman nicobar best package includes this beach in its itinerary.

Scuba diving is a water sport you can choose to observe this awestruck view of underwater. Some of the marine organisms will shy away from divers, however, some others will pass near you. From the masters of diving, you can learn diving while you are on vacation at Andaman and Nicobar Islands. To avail of this opportunity, you can choose andaman tour package with scuba diving. For an adrenaline lover, Nemo Reef is an ideal one to experience an adrenaline rush. If you know swimming, you will be more comfortable underwater. The mouth is used to breathe in and out while diving. Once you go deep, you feel a little pain in your ears and tension. However, holding your nose and discharging air via ears will aid you to be painless. At the time of training, instructors will tell you about these techniques.

Before starting diving at this Nemo reef, you should do some formalities such as a medical check-up and dive certification from a licensed dive operator. Tourists with high hypertension and heart disease are not allowed to do scuba diving. Pregnant women are also not allowed to do scuba diving. You should wear a swimming mask and fins, weights to keep you underwater, and an oxygen cylinder. The training section is there before starting diving and a trained instructor will do this. He will teach you underwater signs to communicate with each other while diving. After training, you get the knowledge to use the gear. You will walk under the water for 25 minutes to get to see the inexplicable sights underwater. Up to 11 meters, you will go to do this adventure game. You should not touch anything under the seawater because it might be poisonous.

How to reach:

  • Havelock Island is 57 kilometers away from the capital city Port Blair.
  • A 3-hour journey through the sea will take you to this island. Ferries that connect Havelock and Port Blair leave many times a day during peak season.
  • You can choose either government or private depending on your budget and convenience. After reaching Havelock Jetty, you can catch an auto or taxi to arrive at Nemo Reef.
  • Nearby Hotels/Resorts:
  • El Dorado, The Kingdom Resort, Havelock Island Beach Resort, Green Valley Resort, Orient Legend Resort, Royal Palace, Gold Star Beach Resort, Taj Exotica, and Wild Orchid Beach Resort are some of the resorts/hotels near Nemo reef that provide the best stay in Havelock.
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