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January 11, 20230

Ross and North Bay Islands are small in size when compared to other islands of the Andaman and Nicobar Island Group, but they have many wonders in their store to excite you. Both are located close to the capital city Port Blair. If you like to enjoy your unhurried holidays and the serenity of these islands, one day trip is enough to explore these two islands. From Rajiv Gandhi Complex, you can board the boat to these islands. Tickets can be bought from the counter at the entrance. Moreover, from your hotel, you can book your tickets, since the agents are in touch with the hotels’ and resorts’ management to get travelers to these islands. It is better to book your activity tickets for the water activities also beforehand if you would like to do them on North Bay Island as well. As North Bay Island is renowned for colorful fishes and coral reefs, there are a lot of aquatic sports activities such as sea walks, scuba diving, snorkeling, and glass bottom boat ride. Do you know that coral reefs are powerful enough to lower the strength of tsunamis? In case you opt out of those activities for which you have bought tickets, then the money will be refunded. If you have come with your kids, glass bottom boating is the suitable one for you. This offers you a wonderful ride with amazing underwater views of the sea without providing any disturbance to underwater organisms or getting wet. Through the lengthy glass with an inch of thickness at the center of the boat, you can behold the exciting sights underwater. You should pay INR1000 for this glass boat ride.

North Bay Island is the best place for scuba diving in Andaman and Nicobar Islands when we consider the factors to have the best diving experience. Some of the factors for the best diving experience are water clarity, depth of water, safety, water current, and the population of corals and fishes.

INR3500 is the normal rate for scuba diving. Throughout your diving, an instructor will be with you to give guidance. For sea walk, you have to walk on the seabed for 25 minutes. Via the helmet you wear throughout your walk, you shall get air to breathe.

INR3000 is the price for one person to do a sea walk on this island. Swimming is not needed for this water activity. To get the magical feeling of wow, you can do snorkeling. Watching coral reefs at a close range will present you the exact feeling of wow. INR3000 is the rate for one person for snorkeling. Shops and eateries are there adjacent to this beach so that after doing water activities, you can simply eat and unwind at the beach itself. First, some boats will go to Ross Island and some others will go to North Bay Island. In both cases, you can visit both of these islands. You can also witness the light and sound show that illustrates this North bay Island’s history thru graphics and light effects. The white sand beach of this island has the pressure of heavy footfalls, but it is still clean. To maintain this island clean, there is an entry fee of 20INR. There is a tall lighthouse on the beachside. Tourists always take photos with the backdrop of this lighthouse because this lighthouse is truly rather popular than this island. 20 rupees Indian currency note has made this lighthouse this much famous.

Ross Island is well known for its historical significance. The historical buildings encircled by emerald water are beautiful visuals to be watched. With Smith Island, Ross Island shares a captivating sand bar. During the era of British people, this island had become a township with an Administrative Headquarters and Market Place. When you get down at Jetty, you have to sign the book for visitors because this island is still under the control of the Navy. You can avail of the facility of an electric vehicle to wander around this island if you do not like to walk. With direction boards and a well-led route, you can easily find what you want inside this island. You can see the ruins of once thrived colonial settlements on this Ross Island. The dilapidated buildings on this island were built by Britishers which were to punish the people during the 1857 rebellion. These buildings blend with the greenery surrounding them – wild vines, trunks, and roots – are worth a watch and the camera stills will be unique to keep. The church on the top of a hill is worth watching. At the time of the British era, they built huts for Andamanese and at the present time, these huts are known as Andaman Houses. The other ruins include a post office, bungalow, swimming pool, tennis court, printing press, ballrooms, and many other structures. There is a sanctuary on the island. Peacocks and deers are protected under the administration of Andaman. Happily moving deers are a unique sight. Deers are very friendly with the tourists who visit there. You can feed them and take photos with them. Man caves used to escape Britishers during the time of an attack are still here. The green pond –used by Britishers – on the island is another attraction. The chirp of varieties of birds is the ambiance that you will miss in your city life. Shades are there to take a rest while roaming around. This island has small shops selling refreshments and readymade snacks. A museum name Smritika has a collection of photographs and antiques about the past. A public washroom is also there. Swimming is not permitted around Ross Island. It will take almost 2 hours to explore this island. Morning 9 to evening 3 is the visiting time here. There are no hotels on this island, so you have to return to Port Blair after your tour. Only a 3.5-kilometer distance is there between Ross and North Bay Islands and only 10 minutes are needed to reach North Bay Island. To create unique and remarkable experiences while touring these islands, choose one of our Andaman tour packages.

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