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    Who doesn’t like to visit a lovely location, chill for a while, and breathe in some fresh air? Delhi folks should think about this because such a trip could be fascinating for them. Andaman & Nicobar Islands, a unique tourist location, is the amazing pick for this. You would be astounded by the breathtaking pictures if you gazed behind the window panel of the flight you are about to board. The underwater environment under the Andaman is spectacular, thanks to the stunning formations of coral reefs. By participating in popular water activities like snorkelling, sea walking, and scuba diving, you may get a closer look at these wonderful natural treasures. Make it possible by booking our Andaman tour packages from Delhi.

    Different ways of travelling to Andaman from Delhi

    There are four different routes to get to Andaman from the capital city of Delhi: airlines, waterways, roads, and trains. The quickest route, however, is to take a direct aircraft from Delhi to Port Blair, which takes about 5 hours. For a completely different experience, you may take any train up to Howrah Junction (spending 17 hours of travel time) and then take the available ferry service. The ferry ride to the Andaman Islands will take around 3 to 4 days. You might alternatively take the train from Delhi to Chennai (29 hours) and continue your travel by boat from Chennai Port. Meanwhile, if you want to go by road, you may stop at Chennai, Vishakapatnam, or Kolkata before continuing on.

    Information about flights from Delhi to Andaman

    The quickest option to go to the Andaman Islands is to opt for a direct flight from Delhi, which takes about 4 hours and 40 minutes typically. Indigo, Spice Jet, Vistara, and GO FIRST are the major airlines that offer direct flights between these two places. Besides that, there are frequent connecting flights between Delhi (DEL) and Port Blair (IXZ) with layovers in Chennai, Kolkata, or Bangalore. Regardless, they will take up a lot of your valuable time and money. As a result, it is also advised to choose direct flights over connecting flights, as they will leave you less exhausted after long hours of flying.

    Is it safe for the tourists from Delhi to visit Andaman?

    Yes, they are certainly a safe location to explore if you are concerned about visiting a new tourist spot. Andaman’s government has been very concerned about closely adhering to the covid-19 guidelines and similarly demanding its citizens to adhere to them in order to reduce positive instances. Yet you should not miss using your face masks and sanitising your hands on a regular basis. Even during the early periods of the outbreak, the Andaman government suspended all flights between the mainland and the islands. Furthermore, they have been successful in significantly reducing the number of positive cases.

    Significant Covid-19 guidelines to be noted down when visiting Andaman

    There are a few points to remember after you arrive at Port Blair from Delhi such as presenting certificates showing that you are fully vaccinated. In the absence of this, you will be required to submit the negative RTPCR test results that are not more than 2 days old. However, such a rule is not applicable for kids below 2 years of age. Tourists will be expected to observe Covid-19 requirements such as the mandatory wearing of face masks and keeping social distance while they are out in the public.

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