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    Taking a break from the normal routine and travelling to an unknown place has now become a necessity in the present scenario. Or in other words, who does not like to travel to a beautiful destination and relax for a while and breathe in some fresh air? Delhiites do need to consider this as such an expedition could be an engaging thing for them. An exotic travel destination like Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a perfect solution for this. There are the sun-kissed beaches, turquoise blue ocean waters, lush greenery and various natural wonders. Even while you peek beneath the window panel of the flight that you are arriving at, you would feel astonished by its breath-taking visuals. They will look like a piece cut out from the scenery. Andaman and Nicobar Islands do possess various scenic locations, whether it is the most beautiful beach on Asia, Radhanagar beach or the lush greenery in the interiors of the island. Never miss witnessing that mesmerizing sunset from the stunning shoreline.

    Blessed with a spectacular formation of coral reefs, the underwater world beneath the Andaman is indeed fascinating. During particular months, the colourless or white coral will be looking flamboyant. Does that sound exciting to you? You don’t have to feel depressed, as you have reached the right place. By indulging in those popular water activities such as snorkelling, sea-walking and scuba-diving, you could closely watch these magnificent natural wonders much closely. While, the elders may opt for that rare glass bottom boat ride, through which those colourful fishes and coral reefs can be observed. If you are booking any Andaman tour packages with any recognised tour operators, you could avail your exciting activity at affordable prices.

    Being a tropical region, the time you are planning to visit the Andaman Islands is no concern. So you could plan your holiday at any times of the year. Yet choosing to visit the island during monsoon could be a bit adventurous as you are going to experience rough seas. Moreover, in the interiors of these islands are some dense jungles and other forest covers. So you could go trekking and make tents. Tourists from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore or any other humid places are going to have an altogether different experience on such thrilling activities.

    Never miss travelling up to Neil Island where you could get a bike on rent to take a tour of the entire island. Relax at any of those secluded beaches or you may roam around the agricultural fields of the island. Being a volcanic island, the land here is very fertile. Likewise, there are various activities you could get indulged in. To experience all of these things, pack your bags and set out for your expedition to the exotic Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Urtripadvisor had curated various exciting packages that would make your dream come true. You could avail the services at incredibly lower prices. The packages comprise of all requirements that any typical tourists would insist so that you are never let to endure the distress of travelling to a whole new destination.

    How to reach Andaman from Delhi most easily?

    There are majorly 4 ways to arrive at Andaman from the capital city of Delhi, namely airways, waterways, roadways and railways. However, the fastest way to board a direct flight from Delhi to Port Blair takes barely 5 hours. If you have got a lot of time kept aside for your vacations and wishes to save some money, you may travel up to Howrah Junction by any trains (that spares 17 hours of journey) and then opt for ferry service available once a month. The ferry would take around 3 to 4 days to reach the Andaman Islands. As an alternative and to reduce the duration of your long voyage, you may arrive at Chennai by train from Delhi (29 hours of journey) and continue your journey by ferry from Chennai Port. Meanwhile, if you wish to travel by road, then you may first arrive at Chennai, Vishakapatnam or Kolkata (taking 38 hours, 35 hours and 27 hours respectively) and resume similarly.

    Anyhow, the most recommended way is to book direct flight tickets to Andaman from Delhi and travel so to avoid all these unnecessary delaying. Moreover, your major aim is after all to spend the maximum days of your vacation in your holiday destination itself, rather than the time taken to reach there. This particular concept does apply to all kinds of trips and not only your honeymoon. Henceforth, to make your entire trip truly worthy, it is always wiser to book any engaging Andaman tour packages from Delhi.

    What are the best possible flights to reach Andaman from Delhi?

    As stated before, the best possible way to arrive at the Andaman Islands is to board a direct flight from Delhi, as it would only be taking 4 hours and 40 minutes on an average. The major airline companies providing direct flight services between these two locations are Indigo, Air India, Vistara and GoAir. However, booking such direct flight tickets to Andaman will be a difficult task during peak seasons. On the other hand, there are numerous connecting flights plying between Delhi (DEL) and Port Blair (IXZ) that are having layovers at Chennai, Kolkata or Bangalore. Although availing of tickets for these flights could be comparatively easy, nonetheless they are going to eat up your precious time and lots of money. So, it is also recommended to opt for direct flights over connecting flights, as they are going to make you less tired after the long hours of flying through unfamiliar locations, and that too during the pandemic.

    So if you are booking our Andaman tour packages from Delhi, we will let you know of the most appropriate flights according to your travel preferences. Such a provision is done other than arranging the packaged tour in Andaman with the inclusion of sightseeing to all the popular tourist places of the islands. Along with that, you could also get engaged in various exhilarating water activities, for which the islands are known. If you are planning to spend your honeymoon in these charming locations, we could also organize them most memorably.

    Is the Andaman Islands safe to be travelled by the tourists from Delhi?

    Yes, they are absolutely a safe place to be visited, lest you are cautious while travelling in a whole new tourist destination. The government of Andaman has been very particular about strictly following the covid-19 protocols and similarly ordering its peoples to obey them so that they are limiting the positive cases. So when you are travelling to these islands once booking your Andaman tour package, you do make a point to continue wearing your face masks and sanitising your hands every now and then. In addition to that, the visiting hours and the number of visitors allowed in the tourist spots of Andaman too had limited to avoid any sort of gatherings in those public places. Henceforth, it is the best time for you to plan your honeymoon peacefully in these exotic locations.

    Even during the initial months of the pandemic, the Andaman government had completely halted the flights plying in between the mainland and the islands. This was done to reduce the spread of the novel virus in these distant islands. Moreover, they had also succeeded in limiting the number of positive cases to a great extent. Nonetheless, with the resuming of tourism, there had been a sudden surge of tourist inflow to the islands, therefore, availing flight tickets to Andaman according to your preferences is a strenuous task. If you are contacting any reliable tour operators, they will let you know of the best flights you could fly in.

    Covid-19 Regulations in Andaman You Need to Know About

    Just like any other destination in the wake of the pandemic, you will be ordered to follow social distancing wherever you are travelling to. Wearing a face mask is a mandatory thing to do while you are holidaying here in Andaman. Besides that, washing your hands with soap and water after touching anything will be recommended if you are not carrying any hand sanitisers. After the advent of the virus, the opening hours of several tourist spots had been limited and some even require special permissions to enter. If you are booking our Andaman tour packages, we will let you know the details of these crucial things, prior to your travel to the distant islands.

    While arriving in Port Blair, you will be required to show the report of your RTPCR test to the concerned officials in the airport. You must also ensure that the negative covid test result is not more than 48 hours old. Moreover, they will only be considering test reports that are taken solely from ICMR approved labs. So, after booking your flight tickets to Andaman you should think of taking these covid tests from the city you are residing in or anywhere. Meanwhile, if you have been tested positive during any instances of your travel, you will be ordered to opt for institutional quarantine at the covid care centres allotted by the health department of Andaman and it never matters if you are on your family tour or honeymoon. Or else, if you want to stay in any hotels of your choice, you do need to get permission from your doctor and you must be above 60 years of age.


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