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Details about Reservations
  • The first step to start your trip with Urtripadvisor is to pick up a package you prefer. Once you pick up the package you like, decide the dates of your travel. After you decide your dates, you need to inform the same to our tour consultant.
  • Our tour consultant will email you a secure link to make the initial payment. If you are making your payment via credit card/debit card then you will be charged an extra 2.5% of the total amount. Your booking will be confirmed and your booking status will be active once you make the payment. You can make the balance payment through Cash, DDs, Net Banking, Online Transfer, Debit Card, or Credit Cards.
  • Our trip consultants will notify you of the best accommodation options available in the list so that you will have enough options to pick out the best one. Hotel availability and pre-booking is a major part of your trip. So we will help you with picking the right accommodation.
  • A day before your visit, you will get a notification about the cab particulars who will pick you up from the Railway station/ Airport and drop you at the pre-booked resort. We the Urtripadvisor are open to all kinds of suggestions and recommendations that could give you the best travel experience.
  • We will make sure to give you all the necessary documents to have a smooth holiday with us.
Amendment and Cancellation Policy
For Amendment:

If you need any changes in the hotel bookings, we would love to make certain changes you are looking for without any extra charges. However, this process will solely depend upon the booking policies of the particular hotel you pre-booked. And, extra charges are imposed on programs that are not initially included in the itinerary.

Cancellation Policies:

Due to any kind of unavoidable circumstances, if you either cancel or postpone your travel plans, you will need to inform in prior via email. You can avoid our customer-friendly refund policy. The minimum cancellation charges will be around Rs. 1000.

Refund Policies:

Unlike other trip operators, we have customer-centered refund policies. All you need to do is to notify earlier to get more refund. Our refund amount will be based on how many days before we get the cancellation notification.

  • If you cancel the trip 30 days or more before the travel date- You will get 80% of the paid amount
  • If you cancel the trip before 8 to 29 days before the travel date- You will get 50 % of the paid amount
  • If there is a No Show or if it is less than 7 days- No Refund
How long is the waiting period to get a refund?

Once we get your cancellation mail, we will initiate your refund. However, it will take 2 weeks to initiate and process the refund.

In case of any unexpected situations, we will need to bind to refund the advance money on the grounds of unutilized services. In such instances, we will try our best to avoid disappointment. We will make efforts to give refund of your paid amount in all possible ways. However, we cannot assure you of a guaranteed reimbursement. As hotels, cruises, and other amenities are involved, we do not hold full responsibility.

Cancellation Policy Regarding Covid Pandemic

In accordance with the airline policy, the charges attributed for flight cancellations will be utilized as a credit shell by the company for a time period of one year. The cancellations could be due to a pandemic or any other situation.
For example, if you had done flight bookings for 10000 INR and on cancellations for valid reasons, you are refunded with 8000 INR. Then that amount will be included in your credit shell automatically and later on while you are booking any flights, you will be required to pay that much amount lesser.
However for package cancellation, such a procedure will not be valid during peak seasons, that is from December 15 to January 15 and from February 5 to 20.

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