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    Kerala is not anymore a distant tropical south-Indian state but had turned out to be one of the most happening tourist destinations of the entire country, thanks to the bewitching natural beauty it does possess. Their beauty does lie in most simple things around you, be it their traditional meals served in a long plantain leaf or the view of the houseboat constructed with jute. Kerala can be explored more by sojourning either to its verdant hill stations or to its golden shorelines. You are going to be astonished by the large clouds formations touching the foremost point of the hills. And when you are trekking up to its top, you will indeed feel like you are walking across the sky. Sip your hot cup of tea made with the leaves plucked from the vast expanse of plantations, while you are chilled by the sudden weather change in these hill stations.

    Do all these exciting things are tempting you to plan your very next vacations here in this charming archipelago? If the answer to this question is yes, then you may take a look at our Kerala tour packages from Delhi. We had exclusively curated this travel pack in the most organised way that your tour would include maximum tourist locations of Kerala and that too in a limited span of time. It would encompass the sightseeing to most popular and worthy tourist destinations such as Munnar, Alleppey, Thekkady, Wayanad, Kovalam, Cochin, Kumarakom, Varkala and many more. Beyond that, you could get engaged in those exciting activities made available in these locations to make your trip further enjoyable. As mentioned earlier, the authentic flavours of Kerala cuisines are worthy enough to be savoured at least once. From then on, there will not be any looking back.

    At last, get yourself massaged at any Ayurveda Spa to refresh both your body and soul, as Kerala is known to have a long tradition in this ‘thousands of year-old’ healing system. With Urtripadvisor, you could make your holidays more enjoyable and meaningful by incorporating all these experiences in your eventful journey to Kerala at reasonable rates.

    The Fastest Way to Travel to Kerala from Delhi

    There are mainly two ways to travel to Kerala from Delhi, namely by airways and railways. However, the fastest way to reach your destination is to catch a direct flight to Kerala. Numerous flights are plying between the capital city of the country to God’s own country. On the other hand, if you are planning for a budget trip, then you may opt for train journeys. This journey would let you explore different cultures by travelling through different states such as Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and various others. Currently around 9 trains are plying from Delhi to Trivandrum via Kochi. They do have three different routes to arrive at Kochi and two to arrive at Trivandrum. However, they would spare you around 1 day and 15 hours of travel, and sometimes, while travelling via Chennai and Bengaluru, it would be longer.

    If you are travelling via tour packages with us, we will let you know more about this journey along with the best routes. Some of them would be with flight tickets and others without. When you are wishing to explore these many states by road trips, then you may opt for that. But it would turn out to be hectic, as it would take exactly 2 days to cover 2722 km. And it would not be recommended for a honeymoon trip to Kerala, or for travelling with kids. Henceforth, the most ideal way to traverse between these two distant destinations is by flight. However, you must ensure that it should not have layovers.

    Important Information about Flights from Delhi to Kerala

    As previously stated, direct flights from Delhi to Kerala would shorten your journey to barely 3 hours of journey. Then there would be slight variations depending on the stopover place you are choosing. If you are travelling to Kochi, then you could arrive at your destination after 3 hours and 15 minutes of flying. The aerial distances between the two are 2057km. Such services are provided by Air Asia Airlines, Indigo Airlines, Vistara and Go First Airlines. Otherwise, you may rely on connecting flights to Cochin International Airport (COK) with layovers at Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad or Mumbai.

    Then yet another option is to arrive at Trivandrum International Airport (TRV) from Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi (DEL) after 3 hours and 30 minutes of the journey. Indigo Airlines, Vistara Airlines and Air India do provide the services of these direct flights. Here also, there are innumerable flights to arrive at the capital city of Kerala. But you have to book your flight tickets as early as two months before your travel to avoid those last-minute hassles. They are also going to cost you more than usual. Anyhow, once you had booked your tour packages with us, you would be suggested to inform us about your flight timings, so that we could plan your travel itinerary accordingly. For the well-planned trips such as your honeymoon or family trips, this would turn out to be fruitful.

    Can Kerala be toured by travellers from Delhi?

    Kerala is indeed a safe destination to be visited by travellers from Delhi. Here the Health Department is much particular about the covid-19 protocol that has to be followed to control the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Since they had ordered to follow social distancing in every public space, not much crowd can be seen in Kerala, during the pandemic. When you are booking your tour packages with us, we would be creating your travel itinerary in such a way that, you are arriving at a destination in a not so crowded tourist spot and making you secure. Furthermore, the medical attention provided to the patients infected with the virus is truly commendable, as the death rate in Kerala is one of the lowest, yet the population density of its locations are pretty much higher.

    The tourism department of Kerala has been limiting the number of visitors at a time to avoid any kind of gatherings and crowd. So, when you are planning to spend your vacation trip in Kerala, you may get suggestions from our travel experts, about the best place to be toured during a particular place and deciding a place as per the traveller’s preferences. After finalising all of them, you may book your flight tickets to Kerala and travel on the decided date.

    What are the Covid-19 protocols to be followed by the tourists?

    You will be required to show the results of the RTPCR test that you had taken 48 hours before your travel to Kerala, to the concerned officials at the airport or railway station. Otherwise, you have to be fully vaccinated with both doses of vaccines. To prove that you are being vaccinated, you must be carrying a certificate of the same from Delhi. Furthermore, while you are holidaying in a crowded destination like Kerala, you must ensure that you are maintaining social distancing while you are in the public. Important covid-19 guidelines put forward by the Health Department of Kerala would also include mandatory use of face masks and use of hand sanitisers at definite intervals. The visiting hours of most of the tourist places in the state had been revised, just like limiting the number of visitors at a time in a place.

    However, on your arrival from Delhi, if you are found to be infected with the deadly virus, you may have to go for institutional quarantine with no contact with anyone. This is also applicable on your honeymoon trip to Kerala. However, before finalising your tour packages, you must decide which airport you will be arriving at so that you could avoid unnecessary layovers. Otherwise, our travel expert would suggest you with the best options to avert any sort of time laggings. Some of our travel packs are curated along with the inclusion of flight tickets, while others are not.

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