This is an internationally acclaimed beach destination that has everything to satisfy every sort of travellers. Of the various beaches that they possess the most popular one is Lighthouse Beach. It obviously has a 35 meters tall lighthouse painted in white and red colours. They are perched on the top of a hillock, which looks magnificent when photographed. Other popular beaches in the region are Hawa Beach, Samudra Beach, Ashoka Beach and Black Beach. Vacation in Kovalam can be spiced up more by getting engaged in Windsurfing, parasailing, scuba diving or snorkelling. In fact, Kovalam is the sole beach destination that offers such diverse water activities. So never skip that of your Kerala tour. Meanwhile, at Samudra Beach, tourists could get to unwind and watch those lively waves lapping over to its golden shores. One could also get to glance at the local fishermen living their simple and rustic life. Vellayani Lake is a serene lake with freshwater, that flows close to Kovalam. And an enjoyable visit to them will never be regretted. Travellers may explore this hidden treasure amid an enthralling beach vacation at Kovalam.

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