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November 2, 2022

Choose Andaman, over Goa for your very next vacation. And you will be appreciating yourselves for the decision that you took. Because, here while walking through the white-sanded shores of Andaman, you would feel that you are holidaying at some other popular beach destinations, acclaimed internationally. Something like Maldives or Fiji! Most of its secluded beaches are untouched and the sight of the waves lapping over its powdered white sand is a delight to behold. Come and visit the gorgeous beaches of this tropical paradise. Explained below are the best beaches in Andaman and Nicobar where you could drop into during your vacation.

Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island

This heavenly location and sought-after seashore are often regarded as one of the best tourist places in Andaman and Nicobar islands, owing to its ethereal natural beauty. This white-sanded shore had even been voted the most beautiful beach in Asia by TIME magazine in the year 2004. It boasts white powdery beaches surrounded by lush greenery that is caressed by crystal clear waters. You may get to this C-shaped beach by taking SH4 for around 11 kilometres from Havelock Ferry Ghat. Radhanagar Beach is located on Havelock Island’s north-western coast. Its underwater wonders may also be explored through fascinating water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, and even sea walking.

Elephant Beach on Havelock Island

Elephant beach is yet another appealing Havelock Island beach that may be visited after including them in your Andaman and Nicobar trip package. It was christened after an Elephant named Rajan, who used to swim in its calm ocean waters many years ago. It’s been called that since then. Most visitors now visit this gorgeous beachfront during their journey to Andaman to participate in those exhilarating water sports activities. Furthermore, the deep tropical woods that you will encounter immediately before opening out to a vast open sea provide a hard walking track for its tourists. After trekking through its swampy areas, visitors may unwind on one of the wooden chairs erected among the uprooted trees.

Bharatpur Beach in Neil Island

Tourists to Neil’s beautiful beach may swim in the Andaman’s crystal blue ocean waters for long periods of time. Bharatpur Beach is regarded as one of the finest swimming beaches in Andaman. So you do not have to look out for any Andaman water sports package to enjoy them completely. There are no hard corals or large boulders to get in your way. Furthermore, the depth of this coastline is ideal for swimming, with no extremes. After a refreshing swim, guests may relax in the shade of the lush tropical trees that line the shoreline. Travellers may go into the sea with only knee-deep seas at low tide, which is rather intriguing. Water currents are also relatively low along these shores.

Wandoor Island in Port Blair

Wandoor Beach is one of Andaman’s most picturesque beaches. And, as a result of the devastation caused by the 2004 Tsunami, the beach took on an entirely new appearance. Remarkably, the massive trees that had uprooted along the beaches of Wandoor are still lying there, providing some stunning scenery. It boasts the longest shoreline of any beach in the capital city, lasting for about 15 kilometres. You might spend some quality time with your loved ones on the huge stretch of land with ample white sand during your Andaman Nicobar tour. Since the areas surrounding Wandoor Beach are rich in biodiversity, you will have to hike through dense woods and rich foliage to get to the beach.

Laxmanpur Beach on Havelock Island

Laxmanpur Beach is a popular attraction for travellers who are on their Andaman and Nicobar tour. It L is divided into two sections that are connected and are known as Beach No.1 and Beach No.2. Furthermore, the iconic twin-rock sculpture can be seen at Laxmanpur Beach No.2. Because of its similarity to the Howrah Bridge in West Bengal, the early settlers of Neil Island named this natural rock formation ‘Howrah Bridge.’ When the shore is swept over by these crystal clear ocean waters, you may stroll across to Laxmanpur Beach No.1 without getting hit or protruded by any shells or hard rocks.

Corbyn’s Cove Beach in Port Blair

This crescent-shaped beach is bordered by a plethora of coconut palms. Corbyn’s Cove Beach is a popular tourist destination in Port Blair. It had been divided into two halves. On one side, tourists may unwind among the coconut groves, which represent an exquisite tropical location. Meanwhile, another section of the beach is reserved for exciting visitor activities such as water sports. You could ask your tour operator to add thrilling activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, jet-skiing, surfing, speed boat riding and many others in your Andaman and Nicobar holiday packages. Otherwise, visitors who reach out to them may swim in the sea and have a good time because the water currents are way safer here.

Kalapathar Beach on Havelock Island

Kalapathar Beach can be seen on the western coast of Havelock Island. As the name implies, there are black boulders all around this white-sanded beach. T the name ‘Kala Patthar’ means ‘black stone,’ and because of this appealing contrast, they have been recognized as one of the most attractive sites in all of Andaman. If you want to engage in aquatic sports by incorporating them into your beach tour packages, you must be particularly cautious not to get struck by these enormous boulders. Furthermore, the beach has some trees that were uprooted during the 2004 natural catastrophe. These uprooted trees now add a special charm to Kalapathar Beach.

Munda Pahad Beach in Port Blair

Munda Pahad Beach is another tropical paradise that is a short walk from Chidiyatapu. You would most probably have planned of visiting Chidiya Tapu during your vacation in Andaman and Nicobar islands. So on your tour, Munda Pahad beach should be traced via a densely forested coastline forest. On one section of the beach, there may be several uprooted trees and a view of hills. On one section of the beach, there may be several uprooted trees and a view of hills. Nevertheless, the purple or orange sky and the setting sun behind the hills will provide viewers with a unique but enticing spectacle. Otherwise, the dark mountains of Munda Pahad are a sight to behold with your HD cameras.

Govind Nagar Beach on Havelock Island

The eastern shore of Havelock Island may be favoured for enjoying that lengthy stroll on this big and long beach. Because of the lush and diversified tropical trees found here, as well as the delicate waves, the peacefulness experienced when picnicking on Govindnagar beach is on another level. Even if not, the landscape of this beach will be too beautiful to pass up for any nature lover. Among the few visitors who visit this beach, this one is well worth their time. Nemo Reef, a charming scuba diving location, is only a short distance from Govind Nagar Beach.

Sitapur Beach on Neil Island

Sitapur beach is another serene and well-kept beach that should be included on your bucket list of places to visit. Several black stones are strewn across the shore. Undoubtedly, the sunrise on Sitapur beach is breathtaking and so is known as the sunrise beach of Andaman. At that moment, snapping a picture of the beach would seem like something out of a picture postcard. The enormous limestone section is the coast’s second most significant aspect. The next most enticing feature of Sitapur beach is the lovely green patches on the rocks. Since Neil Island is one of the most popular vacation islands in Andaman, you should make a point to drop into this alluring beach.

Merk Bay Beach

Merk Bay Beach on North Passage Island is a great spot that you may check out if you are on an Andaman and Nicobar Islands tour, especially near Long Island. The turquoise blue ocean waters and the white beach underneath them captivate the beholder’s gaze. The waves at this beach are mild enough to allow for the beautiful movement of colourful fish. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough, you will most certainly spot dolphins drifting across the stunning Andaman Sea.

Vijaynagar Beach

You may get to this picturesque beach by walking through the coconut plantations from Havelock Island’s main market. With fewer people reported in Vijay Nagar Beach, you may be able to completely own this seashore when touring them. Loosen up for as long as you want on its white-sanded beach. Among the other beaches listed here, Vijaynagar Beach is not frequently visited by visitors during their visit to Andaman due to its remoteness and lack of access roads. Yet, they are only 5.2 kilometres apart from the Havelock Ferry Ghat and must be accessed through both SH4 and SH5. So, you should make a point to consider them during your best beach trips on this happening island.

Ferar Beach

Many travellers that visit Ross Island in their Andaman tour are spotted wandering around its old buildings. Nonetheless, you should seek to explore its coastline, which is flanked by countless coconut palms, and its soft-loaded cliffs, as these will provide you with an unforgettable experience. By sitting on its side, you may appreciate the rustic beauty of those stronger waves pounding the golden beaches of Ferar Beach. You might also admire the uneven plain stones scattered around the beach, which make magnificent ripples in the pure seas when the waves touch them. Furthermore, if you like to go on an adventure at this coastline, you may trek along its soft trails.

Collinpur Beach

Collinpur beach is located on the outskirts of the city, so travellers can simply access it and enjoy their own space and solitude due to its tranquil beachfront. Instead of being a popular urban tourist spot, it has a distinct countryside appeal, something that you could thoroughly enjoy during your Andaman Nicobar travel. The coastline offers a beautiful mixture of azure ocean waters cascading over its wide stretch of golden sands and lush foliage adjoining it. Additionally, the beach’s geographical setting is the next intriguing element to take a gander out, since a major portion of its shore is loaded with countless uneven rocks. If you further explore the coastline, you may stumble upon several Japanese bunkers, revealing that the shore was historically significant even during the Colonial period.

Ramnagar Beach

They may not be as crowded as the Andaman Islands’ most famous tourist destinations, but you may prefer them for their isolation and ethereal beauty. Because few people frequent this remote beach during their Andaman and Nicobar travel, once they get to this secluded shore, you could have some alone time. Otherwise, you may build sandcastles and relax on the golden sand beach for as long as you wish for some delight. You could play and run away from waves, just like every other youngster on the beach.

Amkunj Beach

Do not expect an unrealistic white-sanded shore, when you had planned to visit Amkunj Beach during your Andaman and Nicobar Islands trip. Instead of that, it boasts a wide stretch of unusual black sand and tiny boulders that can be found nowhere else in the Archipelago. You may walk along the peaceful coastline without no one to disturb you and your tranquillity. You may spend as much time as you wanted in this area of Rangat Island.

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