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November 1, 2022

Kovalam is 15 km distance from Thiruvananthapuram town. It is very easy to access Kovalam beach even by public transport. So Kovalam is one the places to visit in kerala on your visit. This is one of the main attractions in Kerala. Day travelers, tourists, and native people visit Kovalam to spend their vacation and relax with their families. Samudra Beach is another name for this beach.

Varieties of resorts, hotels, ayurvedic centers, and homestays are available to support tourism in this coastal town. As a surfing destination also, Kovalam is famous. Natives of this town make handicrafts and jewelry to get extra income from this tourism. Some of them make daily income by renting sun beds, surfboards, and umbrellas for visitors. Beaches are more fascinating tourist spots than any other attraction in a country. The tranquility experienced from the beach and the vision of the blue sea cannot be explained in one or two words. The nightlife in Kovalam is not very showy. A mix of music, dance, food, and drinks is included in the nightlife. You can enjoy the vision of the sea while having food and drinks from a seafront cafe.

The Travancore Maharaja Balarama led the public eye to this fishing village Kovalam at first. The guest of this family from foreign countries discovered the possibility of Kovalam as a family vacation destination.

In the 1980s, Bohemian tourists caused the fame of Kovalam to be increased. Afterward, realizing the potentiality of this place, Kerala Government proposed several tourism projects. Now, Kovalam is transformed drastically from a fishing village filled with groves of coconut trees and cultivation of coconut oil, and manufacturing of coir to a renowned tourist destination on the tourism map.

This little paradise with picturesque beaches and coconut trees always welcomes its visitors warm-heartedly. Kovalam has three beaches along the 17 km coastline namely, Samudra beach, Hawa beach, and Lighthouse beach. These are the three best beaches to visit in Kovalam.

There are rocky outcroppings between them to separate these three beaches. These beautiful beaches and tall and lush coconut trees will full-heartedly welcome you to its lap. There are a lot of curios selling shops near these beaches. The ornate sandalwood and rosewood statues and other handicrafts will present a nice memory of this place in the future. Silk sarongs and colorful lungis can be purchased from the shops. Exquisite ornaments and traditional ornaments can be bought from here.

Some shops sell authentic spices of Kerala, cardamom, saffron, and fenugreek.

Following are some of the places to visit on your vacation at Kovalam.

Lighthouse Beach

This is the most famous and largest beach among the three beaches. There is a lighthouse on the Kurumkal hill with a height of 35 m at the southern side of this beach painted in white and red. This is fully made out of stone. The lighthouse on the palm-covered hill is the landmark of this beach. Officially this is Vizhinjam lighthouse.

From the observation platform on the top of this lighthouse, you can get a panoramic view of the surroundings. In the year 1972, this lighthouse began to function. When it got modified in 2003, it became more convenient for tourists to climb the 142 steps to reach its top and get to see the arresting sight. The lighthouse remains open from morning 10 o’clock to evening 6 o’clock. On Mondays, it remains closed. The lighthouse beach is a crowded beach. People choose this beach to visit not only to view the scenic beauty but for enjoying the water activities also. Swimming, parasailing, and surfing can be enjoyed here. There is a surfing club at Kovalam which conducts the surfing competition on this lighthouse beach. This club also provides classes for those who like surfing. The surfers are mostly from fishing communities. Photographers like this place as it offers excellent snaps with palm fringes, glistening sand, azure water, rocking waves, and the lighthouse in a backdrop. The whole day, this beach is open for its visitors.

Things to do on this beach:

You can go to this lighthouse to get a view of its surroundings. You can play Volleyball on this beach. You enjoy surfing, swimming, and parasailing in the sea. Boogile boards for surfing are also available on this beach. This board makes it easy for surfing even for people with physical disabilities. Bicycle riding is another sports activity that you can do on this beach. Taste the seafood cuisines from the restaurants at the seashore.

Hawa Beach

This beach is on the north side of the lighthouse beach. Eve’s beach is another name for this beach surrounded by groves of palm trees.

This immaculate beach is renowned for its beautiful views and is apt for unwinding and pampering with your partner. To visit such a place that gives mental peace is the ultimate aim of every single person who lives in city life. This less crowded can be chosen for that. During the morning time, fishermen occupy this beach. Wooden fishing boats are common on this beach. However, it is good to watch the fishermen catch fish.

Due to the presence of a strong water current, swimming is not allowed here. At certain points, swimming is allowed. You can experience the dazzling view of the rising sun and the setting sun on this beach.

Things to do:

You can go for catamaran ride with a fisherman if you like adventures. This topsy-turvy catamaran ride will be a memorable journey.

In the evening time, you can play frisbee and volleyball on the beach with your friends and locals. You can stroll on the beach. If you are a fishing enthusiast, you can catch fish and ask the nearby restaurants to cook deliciously for you. Seafood dish is the main dish of regional cuisine. In the Ayurvedic therapy center at the nearby resorts, there are different treatment options viz, body purification therapy, anti-stress therapy, rheumatic therapy, and rejuvenation therapy. On monsoon days, there are special therapies for your cure. You can enjoy a relaxed evening on this beach.

Samudra Beach

Of the massive promontories and disjointed fissures, this beach is isolated from the other two beaches. This is the less crowded and calmest beach in Kovalam. This serenity attracts tourists, especially honeymoon couples to spend some quality time with their partner, where they get complete privacy.

This coastline is mainly used by native fishermen. Kovalam has developed a lot because of tourism. However, this beach is still unnoticed by travelers because of the ridge that separates this beach from other coastlines. There are a lot of homestays available near this beach. They are very comfortable to stay in and offer an authentic Kerala home ambiance at reasonable rates. You can add this beach to the list of places to visit in december as during winter days it has a nice view and cooling atmosphere.

Things to do:

This public beach is open whole the day for its visitors. You can do yoga at the yoga spots on the beach. Transcendental meditation and yoga classes can be done at the health center present on the beachside. Traditional massages with herbal oils by experts are also available here. You can enjoy the waves and the shore in a serene atmosphere. Sun-setting sights are spectacular to watch. Open-air Kerala Kathakali performance in dim lights round off the perfect vacation at Kovalam.

Edakallu Sunset Viewpoint

This sunset point is at a ridge between Eve beach and Lighthouse beach. The breathtaking view of the sun setting attracts newly wedded couples to get to see this passionate view.

During the daytime, this is only a normal beach but the extraordinary beauty at night time is incredible. At the time of sunset, the crepuscular rays reflect on the ocean and sprawl over the sky and the beauty is beyond words to express.

Then you get the opportunity to witness all the colors in nature at a time.

Veli Tourist Village

This tourist village is the spot where Veli lake blends with the sea. The feel and view you get from this spot are extremely marvelous and unique.

This is the main weekend leisure spot of the natives of Thiruvananthapuram. You can do speed boating here to get a view of the natural beauty of this area. The person who likes bird watching acquires the chance to see different types of water birds here. You can amble on the manmade walkway next to the lagoon. Savouring the cool breeze from the lake will help you to get relaxed from your daily problems. There are a swimming pool and children’s park for children to play with their friends. From the floating cafe, you can have snacks, ice creams, and cool drinks.

Kovalam Art Gallery

This art gallery on Hawa beach is home to many sculptures, paintings, and artifacts of artists from all over the world. You can explore the Indian arts in their traditional form. The fresco artworks – wall paintings- can be seen here. Works of Svetlova, Nicolas Roerich, and Raja Ravi Varma are exhibited here for art lovers. The intricate ancient artworks showcased in this art gallery really amaze you. In day time from 10 to 4, you can visit here.

You can go around this gallery to witness the surrounding beauties. Lip-smacking food varieties can be tasted from the restaurants close to this gallery.

Halcyon Castle

This gorgeous mansion in Kovalam was made in 1932 by the Royal family of Thiruvananthapuram. The architecture of this castle astonishes its tourists. They are eager to know the heritage and historical past of this mansion. At any time, you can visit here. The visiting duration for the tourists is limited to up to 1 hour. There are some zones forbidden to visit. You can take photos of this castle. Some of the portions of this castle are part of the famous Leela luxury hotel. Cameras are allowed here to take pictures. The encircling beaches and greenery of this mansion are enough to make you awestruck.

This castle was given to Government and later it was converted into a luxury hotel. People can now use this hotel for a luxurious stay. You can also experience the same amidst nature.

Thiruvallam Backwaters

This backwater stretch close to Kovalam attracts many tourists. More than 2000-year-old Parasurama temple is a must-visit place here. The deity of this temple is Parashurama who was the founder of this green land. You can do canoe rides, kayaking, and houseboat cruises with your relatives and friends to obtain the natural feel of this backwater. You do fishing throughout your voyage. Those fish can be cooked for your meal. The houseboat ride caters to different entertaining programs to know more about the state of Kerala and to indulge the tourists. Thiruvallam is the joining point of two rivers – Karamana and Killi.

Valiyathura Pier

This fishing port is treated as one of the favorites of tourists with its breathtaking sights. The sun setting view in the evenings has many admirers among the locals also. Formerly, Valiyathura Pier was the port to transfer cargo to foreign countries. It had been active as the busiest and most prominent port till 1980. At present time, this place has the fame as a tourist place. The pier is made with steel and cement has an age of 60 and 214-m length. On your next kerala visit you can visit this pier to evaluate its beauty.  There are 127 pillars to support this pier. To know more about this marvelous example of human engineering skills, tourists visit here. You can swim in the sea and play with the sand on beaches. Playing volleyball on the beaches with locals can also be done here. The enthralling views of this place can be captured to keep as a memory of this alluring place. Watching the activities of the fishermen is an interesting thing to do at this place.

You can bargain and buy fresh fish from them.

Vizhinjam Village

This village is famous for its fishing harbor where you can see lots of fishing boats with different colors gathered. To avoid the disgusting smell of fish, you can see this place in the distance. If the smell is not a problem for you, you can take a close look into the fishing life of fishermen in this busiest harbor of Thiruvananthapuram. This natural port is functioning in its swing and plays a significant role to boost the commercial and trade activities of India.

Singapore, Dubai, and Colombo ports face competition from this harbor. It is evaluated that the movements of cargo to northern, western, and southern regions through this Vizhinjam gateway are more cost-effective than the other ports used in Salalah, Singapore, and Colombo. The sea depth at this port makes it easy to berth large ships. The wave power plant in this harbor is the first plant to produce electricity from waves. The marine aquarium in this village is another spot to visit. The enviable collection of marine creatures will enthrall you. This aquarium was opened to the public in 1997. Surgeonfish, clownfish, lionfish, squirrelfish, giant turtles, piranhas, butterflyfish, moon wrasse, sharks, and triggerfish are some of the varieties you can see here. A pearl production technique is used to create pearls in this aquarium within 3 months. Pearl images of Christ, Mary, and Hindu Gods are displayed there. The rock cave temple is a historic spot to visit. Vinadhera Dakshinamurthi is the deity of this temple. There are many semi-carved sculptures of Shiva and Parvathi present outside this temple. These are 18th-century sculptures. These are evident in the skill of people at that time. From 9 to 6 in the daytime, you can go there. Mondays are a holiday for this tourist spot. Scuba diving schools are present in Vizhinjam. Any time in a year you can go there to see this beautiful village. You can include Vizhinjam in your list of travel places in kerala without any second thought.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple

This temple of treasures has got more importance among tourists from all over the world after the treasure discovery in underground vaults in 2011. The Royal family only has the power to manage the financial affairs of the temple. This richest place of worship in Kerala is a great attraction to tourists from its outside view also. The outside architectural features have the mixed style of Dravidian and Chera. In the 8th century, this temple was constructed. Thiruvananthapuram is the city to visit chosen by many pilgrims because of this temple.  However, its present form was created in the 18th century. Wood and granite were used to construct this temple. Lord Vishnu’s divinity is worshipped here in the form of Anantha Shayana on Adishesha – King of serpents. The royal family considers the Lord Vishnu deity is the protector of their family and the Thiruvananthapuram. This temple has a gopura and high walls on its premises. Various festivals namely; Pallivetta, Arattu, Bhadradeepam, Velakali, Lakshadeepam, Alpashy festival, Panguni festival, and Seeveli are performed in this temple. These festivals are one of the main factors of attraction among tourists. From old times, Kerala temples attract pilgrims from various states of India with their divine power and architectural beauty. In religious tourism, this temple has the 1st position and is the backbone. The architectural beauty of this temple will allure you. You can explore its surroundings also with great devotion.

Hotels and resorts to visit and stay comfortably in Kovalam:

The Leela:

One of the luxurious resorts in Kovalam is the Leela. As this is situated on the cliff, you obtain a nice and beautiful view of the surrounding beach. A total of 183 rooms are there in this resort. The bewitching garden view and the beach view make you comfortable and pleasant during your stay. The Health spa in this resort presents you with a rejuvenation and serenity feel after the spa.

The swimming pool in the resort is extra leisure for its guests. Living and dining in such a luxurious resort will be really memorable. Indoor games and outdoor activities are possible here.

Ayurvedic treatment offered by the resort is a must-try during your stay there. The seafood varieties and mouth-watering dishes are included in your gourmet food. Enjoying the view of the sea, you can taste these dishes. Poolside, indoor, and outdoor seating are available in restaurants. In-house bars are also present to hang out.

Green Cove Resort: 

The coastal landscape encircled by this resort will take you to the wonderland of yours. There are 59 cottages available there. Hillside cottages and the landscape will offer you a tranquil feel to refresh and revitalize your mind and soul. The resort has the facility to take you on a boat ride in the lagoon nearby. Moonlit dinner under the sky with the sound of waves as background music is another attraction of this resort that should be experienced by you with your lover. The romantic feel of the ambiance will make you fall in love with your partner. The 10-acre landscape consists of a garden and pool which are superb to see.

The delicacies of their restaurant include seafood varieties.

Turtle on the beach:

Beach-facing cottages of this resort allure its guest to stay more. Keralite hospitality is always enjoyed by tourists. The ritzy ambiance is enough to relax with your family. Ayurvedic therapies at the spa will provide you with a rejuvenated mind and soul to start a new version of life after your vacation in this resort. Fresh fish from the day’s catch is the main specialty of the restaurant in this resort. You can decide how to add ingredients, how much, and how to cook. The chef will help you to improve the taste of the dishes. The cozy, spacious, and elegant rooms with sea views are enough to start a fresh day with fresh thoughts. For enjoying days with your partner, this resort is an absolutely fine option.

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