AndamanRoss Island

Despite being close to the capital city of Port Blair, the entire island has that abandoned look and has remained that way for many since the British abandoned it due to a massive earthquake. However, for tourists visiting Andaman Island, the ruins of the former British town are a must-see attraction, particularly the massive trees with massive roots spreading all over the old buildings. The old Penal Colony, a 100-year-old Presbyterian Church, and massive Japanese bunkers could all be seen. These may seem obvious, but the remains of large gardens, a secretariat, a printing press, ballrooms, a tennis court, and other government buildings are worth a look. All of this proves that the location was vital for all foreign invaders who came in search of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. History buffs will have a great time because they will be able to walk around those historic lanes with all of their thoughts in their heads, imagining how things would have been a century ago. A  Light and Sound show is conducted here in a former bakery turned small museum.

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