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The exhilarating experience one gets from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is incredible. The environment of these islands is very different and lovely from your expectation about a village or any of the villages that you have seen before. The first thing that will call your attention is the tranquillity and purity of nature.

If you are coming from cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore, then it is certain that you will feel the far difference. When you visit this place, you feel happy, secure, content, and safe. You may not find any facilities on these islands, which you used to get in your daily life but despite all limitations, these islands’ peacefulness that one requires in his/her life will hold you tightly. Captivating sceneries, swaying palm groves, sandy beaches, monuments and museums, sun basking, swimming, and diving make them truly out of this world. The tropical forest looming near the seashore is the residence of tribes that have not had any contact with the outer world yet and exotic birds. These beautiful green islands have an excruciating history connected with the invasion of India.

Neil Island is one of the hidden gems of the Andaman Islands. It is renowned for its matchless biodiversity and the lush rain forests and its greenery that is well complemented by the sandy beaches with the vast turquoise-colored ocean. The miraculous look of this island amazes its visitors. The flat terrain of this island is suitable for cycling. Within 2 hours of walking, you can walk around this tiny island. 19 sq. km. is the area of this island and approximately 4000 is its population. You can witness the pure form of village life on this island. It is to note that there are neither petrol pumps nor any internet connectivity, nor any ATMs available here. A Primary Health Center with three doctors is there. Bus service is rare here. Cars, auto rickshaws, bikes, and cycles are there for transportation. The helipad and police station are there. Sitapur beach is one of the main breathtakingly beautiful beaches of Neil Island. The presence of lush forests, magnificent living things, and coral reefs make it worth visiting. In case you have any plans to tour to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you must add this beach to your itinerary and witness its marvelous beauty. Other than Sitapur beach, there are Bharatpur Beach, Laxmanpur Beach, and Natural Bridge too. You can do water sports activities such as snorkeling, glass bottom boat ride, and scuba diving to be amazed by the underwater living things. This is a natural paradise for the one who is looking for spending his/her vacation in the midst of nature, experience the village lifestyle, wander around the deserted beaches, and get away from the busy daily life.

Newly-wedded couples choose this Neil Island for their honeymoon because of the serenity and mesmerizing beauty that prevailed there they can fully rejoice in their starting days of married life. No night-time adventure is possible on this island. Bars in luxury hotels and resorts are open at any time. Other than that, every shop will be closed after 9 O’clock. You can choose this kind of hotel and resort to enjoy parties and music with your friends and family members. During the peak season time, the hotel organizes small parties either at the beachside or pool with music, cocktails, and mocktails. You can reserve your entry in advance and rejoice with others throughout the night. The weather in Neil Island is normally pleasant because of its geographical topography. However, the best time for andaman visit and Neil Island visit is on the days at the starting and ending three months of the year. Pick the andaman tour package with Neil Island to have a nice vacation on A & N Islands.

The Sitapur beach is nestled near the market of Neil Island. From there only 5 km travel is needed to reach this beach number 5.

This beach is also famous with the name of the sunrise beach because of its enchanting rising sight of the sun. At the time of sunrise, you can see the stunning view of color change in the sky. This shimmering of waves during this time is exquisite to watch. So get up early in the mornings on your vacation days and go for a walk at this Sitapur beach to witness this stunning view of the sky and its reflection on seawater. The shutterbugs become awestruck seeing the curved bays and the palm-tree fringed beach that render wonderful opportunities for clicking postcard-perfect pictures. The southern region of this beach has a raised coral patch and is very alluring to watch.

This beach is isolated from the beaches that are in the limelight, so the visitors to this beach are very few. The beach is clean and quite raw. This beach is likely to have higher tides most of the time and have stronger currents also. Therefore, this beach is not apt for swimming or any kind of recreational water activities. You can only splash around in this sea as at any time it is possible to raise the water level to form high tide. Limestone formation can be seen here at the time of low tide. These formations escalate the charm of the natural sceneries present here. The white sand stretches are endless seemingly and are covered with shades of palm trees. You can set up a hammock under the shadow and unwind and introspect on this uncrowded beach without any hindrance. Take your favorite book also and be engrossed in reading it in this undisturbed atmosphere.

There are rocks that are formed from dead corals on this beach. Sitting on these rocks, sinking feet in the crystal clear water, enjoying the splashing waves, and feeling the zephyr, you can embrace nature but do not try to walk on these rocks as they are skiddy. While taking a stroll around this beach, try to track the sea creatures such as crabs, sea shells, oysters, and squids and collect the sea shells strewn on the beach. You can click photos without having any expertise in photography. Random clicks taken on this beach will be excellent with its vibrant colors of backgrounds. You can choose the golden rays of the sun to get some rare photos also. Till evening 5 O’ clock, this beach is open for visitors and no entry fee is needed to visit this place. Since the Sitapur beach is not visited by many, do not expect luxurious facilities near this beach. There is only tender coconuts are available to drink adjacent to this beach. The restaurant and resort are 100 meters away from this beach. You can also savor yummy seafood at the nearby restaurant. If you plan a picnic with your companions on this beach, please carry your food with you. The pleasant vibes reverberating from this peaceful nature will add extra pleasure during your picnic. Always keep an extra dress with you and use sunglasses and sunscreens to avoid sunburns if your visit is on summer days. There are any recorded documents regarding the history of Neil Island. Natives of this island claim that after 1960 immigrants from mainland India began to reside here. The population on this island is approximately 3000 inhabitants. Since they are from India, the languages they speak are Bengali, Tamil, Hindi, and English. Fishing and farming are the main sources of income for these people. Neil Island has soil with rich nutrients and is appropriate for organic farming. Without using any kind of pesticides or fertilizers these people reap a bumper harvest of vegetables and fruits every year. From this island, these fruits and vegetables are sent to the other parts of Andaman Island, so this island has another name “Vegetable Bowl”. Professional guides for this beach are not available for this location. However, no need to worry. There are local people who are always willing to help you and they like to interact with the tourists.

Time to visit:

As we know, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands have a tropical climate. All throughout the year, these islands have pleasant climate conditions. For beach tourism, the sunshine of the beach area is very much important and these islands have enough sunshine throughout the year. March, April, and May are the summer months. During these periods, A & N islands have the record of highest temperature.

From morning 11 O’clock and 3 O’clock, the temperature is at its peak and only a few tourists like to visit beaches. The excessive sunshine in these months is the main limiting factor of tourism in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. From the experience of tourists, it can say that the winter days are the best vacation days on these islands. Those days the environment is pleasant without much temperature. Normally tourists visits between 10 O’clock and 4 O’clock of the day time. If you want to witness the perfect vision of sunrise, you have to come early in the morning at 5 O’clock. Around 5.30 in the evening, you can see the setting sun sight also.

How to reach:

Sitapur Beach lies at the eastern tip of Neil Island. There is only a distance of 6 kilometers from the Jetty. From here, you can rent a cycle to easily reach this beach. If you are fond of walking, you can choose that option too. Rental taxis, bikes, and auto rickshaws are also available at this tourist spot. With the help of hotel staff, you can find out one of these rental options. From Port Blair, there are only 70 kilometers to reach this serene beach.

This travel is absolutely refreshing since the lush forests and paddy fields are there on the sides of the road. Catching a rental cab one way from this capital city is really hard, so catch a bike or auto rickshaw from here. Buses also do services between Port Blair and Sitapur Beach but not frequently. If you really like to enjoy nature and a little adventure, then choose to walk across the paddy fields.

Nearby Restaurants:

Du Gong, Gan Garden, Bon Barbeque, Hungry Stone, Garden View, Moon Shine, and Orgnaikhaa are some of the restaurants nearby this beach where you can savor the spicy gravy and dry dishes of seafood varieties using fresh spices.

Where to stay:

There are two government guest houses and some private hotels on the list of neil island hotels for your safe and comfortable stay. Resort Bharatpur, Cocon Hut Resort, Hotel Kingfisher, Tango Beach Resort, and Hotel Pearl Park are some private neil island resorts and hotels. They have padauk interiors and luxurious amenities for your comfort. Many resorts have villas with private beaches and beach-facing villas and suite rooms to get a view of the ocean during your stay there. The one who is in love with the ocean can choose one from them. You can indulge yourself in the luxury of these types of resorts.

Apart from them, there are eco huts in this Neil Island which cost only 500rs per day. Solo travelers usually select these huts without breaking their wallets.

These huts have rooms with beds, chairs, and attached bathrooms. Rooms with sharing bathrooms are also available with cheaper rent. Those who are willing to share bathrooms with other travelers can choose this option.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands’ unique natural beauties attract both Indian tourists and foreign tourists equally. Neil Island is one of the most frequently visited islands during Andaman tour because of its magnificence and brilliant panoramic views. In addition to Sitapur Beach, Neil Island has Laxmanpur beach and Bharatpur beach. The settlers of this island gave mythical characters’ names to these beaches. Bharatpur beach at half a kilometer distance from the jetty is ideal for swimming and coral watching. Most youngsters visit this place because of the water activity options. This sea is full of colorful corals and varieties of colored fishes. When compared with other beaches in Neil Island, Bharatpur beach is the best beach comprising picturesque sceneries and serenity. This beach is nestled at a distance of 500 m. from the Jetty and is perfect for spending time with companions. The presence of natural vegetation on the beach makes it joyful and live rendering a positive vibe in the atmosphere. Evergreen forests are there both inside and along the beach. Palm groves standing on the beach always dance according to the tune of zephyr from the sea. Tall trees are very much close to this beach. You can relax under the shade of these trees after your adventure and fun activities.

Be cautious when you go close to the cruises and boats anchored near the beach because it is possible to be unstable due to the waves. The availability of street food adjacent to this beach makes it perfect for visiting this place. There are enough restaurants to have mouth-water food varieties. Furthermore, there are handicraft shops where you can do shopping also. Up to 500 meters inside the sea is shallow and you can enjoy the sea and its waves simply going halfway without getting wet completely. This sea is perfect for swimming because there are no dead coral structures or rocks inside the sea. And it has low waves and low water currents. It is pretty good to watch the sunrise view of this sea. The slowly rising sun reflects attractive colors on the crystal clear water and it sparkles. The sunset view is also good here. Try to witness these tremendous sights if you are having your vacation on Neil Island. The ocean after the shallow water is deep and encompasses plentiful marine life. To explore the underwater marine life you can do scuba diving, glass bottom boat rides, and snorkeling. Scuba diving areas are near the shallow sea area and by boat, you can reach there. Certified instructors will accompany you for giving instructions to experience the best diving. The soft and hard corals can be seen here. In this clear water of this ocean, the visibility is good here and is enough to make the diving amazing. Near this beach, there are many diving centers present and you can register for neil island scuba diving beforehand. Around 3000rs is the price for a normal dive and it will last for 30 minutes. Here you can experience the best scuba diving in andaman. Snorkeling is also a recreational activity used to explore underwater marine life. As the water close to the beach is so shallow and you have to go to deeper sea for a good spot. A guide will follow you to have the most wonderful snorkeling experience. Without getting wet, you can inspect the underwater life of this ocean by using glass-bottom boats. Thru the glass bottom of the boat, you can see the marine life closely. Normally, the cost for this activity is 500rs, and lasts for 15 minutes. You can find out a ticket seller for this ride easily on the beach and should negotiate if you feel the rate is too high. Jet Skiing can be done here to see the beauty of the vast ocean. This exhilarating ride will allow you to travel around the open sea. You need to know about swimming. A normal ride lasts for 10 minutes and the cost is 500rs. You can reserve it before your visit here online. Otherwise, you can find one near the beach itself. On Neil Island, Bharatpur beach is the only beach where you can do these recreational water activities. This is the best beach in andaman.

Laxmanpur beach is located in the village named Laxmanpur. This beach can be easily accessed from the Jetty as there is only a 2-kilometer distance to this beach. It is needed only 15 minutes to reach here. This beach has mesmerizing sceneries with its white sandy beach bordered by tropical trees and dense forest. The crystal clear and deep waters of the ocean create a marvelous sight for anyone who looks at the sea. The small waves crash on the shore and the sea surface appears turquoise in color. The strong water current in this sea makes it unsafe for swimming. During the time of low tide, you can swim here. Sun basking can be done on the white-shell sandy beach. The shallow sea provides good snorkeling. This beach has two parts. Part I is renowned for its stunning sunset view and part II is famous for the presence of natural Howrah bridges. At the time of low tide, you can see plenty of marine life and coral reefs on the seashore. Wearing proper footwear you can walk over the rocks and dead corals on the part II beach. Sea urchins, sea cucumbers, starfish, clownfish, sea anemones, and octopuses are some of the marine creatures you can see at the time of low tide and are really a treat to your eyes. Tourists with a scientific temper like to visit this beach. To feel the sheer charm of this part is highly recommended. Because of the ceaseless lashing of waves, there is a large hole in one of the Howrah bridges which stick out from the wall that is formed from dead corals.

This bridge offers a nice backdrop for your photo. This innate beauty is accessible only at low-tide times. This is one of the most frequently visited places in Andaman. From part I beach, you can trek to reach part II appreciating the beauty of Mother Nature.

Natives of Laxmanpur villages are aware of the timings of low tide and high tide. You can ask them about it and visit at low tide time to see the full-fledged sight of this Howrah Bridge. This part II is inundated at the time of high tide. The Beach quality of these beaches is the best in Andaman which is one of the factors that determine the satisfaction of tourists and increase the demand for andaman islands tourism.

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