For enjoying the blissful and carefree moments of your marriage – honeymoon, where a cool and fresh air filled hillstation definitely is the most suitable place in earth for a couple. It is always said that hill stations are a place on earth which equals heaven which excels the beauty to the eyes of all. Most of the hill resorts in Munnar still keep their old-world charm and offer an opportunity to experience some of god's surprises such as bubbling rivers, mist-covered green deep valleys, misty woods, and a lot more that can amaze anyone on a hilly vacation. This 3-day Kerala Package is for newly-wedded couples to have some days with full of romance in the midst of wonderful nature.


With an equable climate, culturally and naturally rich Kerala has achieved an inevitable position on the tourism map. All the 14 districts of Kerala have something to show you and tell you as a tourist spot and have the magical power to make you revitalized. In this 4-night and 5-day Kerala package, we have included the most-frequented tourist spots having gurgling rivers, chattering cascades, gigantic waterfalls, misty hills, and silent backwaters. Don’t you like to indulge in these mystifying creations of the Almighty? Pack a backpack with the essentials like shoes of love, a pinch of empathy, a wardrobe of friends, and, an umbrella of your will and kick off your journey to Kerala.


In your day-today chorus of your busy business schedule, you and your family often do not get a chance to ease your pressures. Through this package, we can offer you an opportunity to refresh your mind and bring back josh to your family. Each day of your vacation will wait eagerly to write down your new stories with them to be kept in your heart. This 4-night and 5-day package will take you to the most stunning locations like Munnar, Thekkady, and Alleppey. If you have any doubts about this package, contact us to clear your doubts. We are happy to help you.


The lush greenery of Kerala is adequate for those who are keen to commune with Mother Nature. Jaw-dropping wildlife in Thekkady, the cooling climate of Munnar, house boating in Alleppey, gushing waterfalls of Athirapalli, palm fronds dipping into the Vembanad lake, sprawling pruned tea gardens of Munnar, and a lot more arresting factors are there in Kerala with which you fall head over heels with this wonderland. Wonders of this land include both man-made and God-given beauties. Go through the itinerary to know about this tailor-made 4-day package. We are happy to clear your doubts. Kerala offers great options for getaways...


Kerala is abundantly rich in vegetation. The whole region of this state is covered richly by trees and shrubs. Naturally, Kerala has achieved an inevitable position on the tourism map. This God’s own country has the magical power to make you resuscitated. This Kerala package for 4 days consists of the heart-throb of every tourist - Munnar. Strolling in the tea plantations and surroundings of forests and lakes offers you many more moments to create cherishing memories of your future life. We have included almost every main spot of Munnar in this package which can be reveled by all kinds of travelers.


Munnar has become a prominent tourist destination because of its misty mountains and luscious tea estates. The three mountain streams namely, Mudrapuzha, Kundala, and Nallathani gave the name “Munnar”. As it is located near Kochi International Airport, it can be accessed easily by foreign tourists. This is the main cause of foreign tourists’ influx to this hill station. Days in the winter months are the peak days of Munnar tourism. While touring this high range, one can see the meadow-like tea estates, forests, mesmerizing cascades, deep valleys, mythic ponds, greenery-filled remote areas, and the alluring hill chains closely and enjoy the salubrious climate to get refreshed. Our package is comprised of all these main spots of Munnar. In addition to Munnar, we have added the most exciting houseboat cruise in Alleppey.


Kerala is bestowed with abundant natural beauty. This green state has been unwilling to industrialization because it was concerned about the natural resources that it possesses. The retrograde mentality of Kerala has been reflected in its economic development. It has been trying to augment its income from its own nature. The natural tourist spots all over Kerala are literally countless. Among the most famed tourist spots, Munnar is the best appealing destination because of its topographical peculiarities. It is not just a sought-after hill station but it is the tea growing district also, locally called a High Range. The tourist influx in Munnar has escalated a lot in the past few years. Every nook and corner of this land has been exploited by tourism activities. From this pictorial hill station, you can hop on to the next destination Thekkady.


In the present busy schedule of your life at certain times you need to take a break by going on a vacation with your family or friends. It helps to rejuvenate your mind and body. Those memories will be fondly kept in the deepest layer of your heart to be opened in the latter years of your life to be cherished. Munnar is the location where every enjoyment of yours can be fulfilled. In case, you are planning a holiday and do wish to travel to Kerala, please feel free to call us as our executives will take care of all your needs and will help you to select places and arrange a stay in amicable places according to your budget. There are exciting packages, please contact us to clear all your doubts regarding the tour.


4 Day Kerala Package

December 21, 20220

Kerala is the most relaxed and family-friendly state in India which has enchanting and exotic sights. The beautiful landscapes filled with greenery, backwaters, and beaches allure millions of nature lovers to this land. In this 4-day package, we have included Munnar and Kochi at an affordable rate. As we know, Munnar has definite mountainous characteristics which are the reason for its salubrious and cool climate and thick forests. However, Kochi is popular as an International cultural center. It is also one of the fastest-growing cities in India and has a mixed culture of Indian and Chinese. Its erstwhile trading partners influenced Kochi a lot. You can see the remains of them while spending your vacation here. Each day of your vacation in Kerala, you will wait eagerly to have new experiences. Just scroll down to know about the detailed itinerary of this package.


The quest for an appropriate tour package to your dream location in Kerala ends here... Within your budget, we can plan including your stay. 130 kilometers is the distance from Cochin International Airport to Munnar and it will take about 4 hours to reach there by car. And the distance between Munnar and Alleppey is 173 kilometers and it takes approximately the time of 5 hours to reach there. You will never get bored of this 5 hours and 4 hours journey as the soothing sceneries alongside the road are excellent to be watched. Munnar, the hill station is decked up with valleys, misty hills, and tea plantations to welcome you, and Alleppey with its beautiful backwaters and beaches is also ready to greet you on your arrival. Go through the following itinerary to get an idea about the places you visit on your vacation spending here.

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